Nazis to buy Bridgeville?

Peace be with you

Today the Times Standard ran a story of about the town of Bridgeville going into escrow again.  It seems some poverty pimps from Pomona, the Nabahood Community Development, Inc., want to turn Bridgeville into a “homeless rehabilitation camp.”

Homelessness is predominantly an economic problem and the economy is shrinking, so just what exactly are these grant whores planning to rehabilitate.  Insinuating that homelessness is somehow synonymous with “in need of rehabilitation” is as scary today as it was in preparation of the 1936 Olympics.   Notice how the separation of the sexes, the shipping in out of area homeless, and the “dormitory-like facilities” are not only similar with the Auschwitz model, but also used by such renowned child abusers as the Straight Program.

The plan is to capture homeless, ship them thousands of miles, incarcerate them for two years, force them to work for free or reduced wages and then kick them out into a declining job market. It’s bullshit to claim rehabilitation when really what we’re talking is internment.

love eternal


9 Responses to “Nazis to buy Bridgeville?”

  1. The Noble Lie Says:

    The old British model at work:

    Wretched economy -> Debt bondage -> Debtor’s Prison -> Poor house -> Hard labor and disease-inducing conditions until you die

    Average survival time in a poor house: six months.

    They didn’t have to execute a single person. And the “middle class” public supported them because they were disposing of the poor which nobody wanted to support.. because they had to save their pennies to support the King/Queen. This was Thomas Malthus and Jeremy Bentham’s brilliant solution to the problem of decreased infant mortality in developed nations.

  2. Rose Says:

    Oh, Tad, it’s just some guys from da nabahood, dontcha know? –

    Just kidding – I think you’re right, I haven’t heard a single person who thinks this is a good idea. Not one.

    Aren’t ya gonna give Mark and Clif a brief honeymoon period?

    That Straight link is pretty scary – Lord of the Flies meets Jonestown.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Aren’t ya gonna give Mark and Clif a brief honeymoon period?

    I did they were sworn in on Monday – the honeymoon is over!

    Yes Straight is really scary. Also they are still involuntary electroshocking people. Ray Sandford was scheduled for another forced electroshock last Wednesday, 7 January 2009. Ray has had more than three dozen of these involuntary outpatient electroshocks.

    Saturday, 10 January 2009, at 11 am click on: to hear :SPECIAL “ZAP BACK” FORCED ELECTROSHOCK PROGRAM!” featuring Mary Maddock, Louise Bouta, and John Breeding.

    If you don’t think this shit is going on you should check the show out.


    Economic Slavery dispositioned by Isolation Camps is what this idea is. Very sick minded greed.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  5. transient Says:

    holy fucking shit…

    …oh by the way, has the news of the police murder of Oscar Grant at a bay-area BART station made the news there yet? It happened new years day, or there-abouts. I just read about it two days ago…

  6. Jeff Muskrat Says:

    Thank you for your work Tad. It’s getting pretty scary out there…

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Yes, the Oscar Grant murder is national news. I believe if those people the cops told to “put away their cell phones” at Martin Cotton’s murder hadn’t put away their cell phones we would have had the same effect nationally. Cops are the most dangerous people in this society hands down. Being a cop is one of the safest jobs in America.

    As the economy shrinks only cops, probation cops, and mental health cops are growing. It’s not even slightly complicated at this point – cops, cops, and more cops. I know you get it, but what I want to know is what are you going to do about it?

    love eternal

  8. transient Says:

    what am i going to do? well, i’m going to recycle my disposable plastic containers, and then write a letter to my senator, of course.

  9. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you transient

    I really thought you might just vote for someone named Barak Hussein. It seems Obama only has one name not associated with murderous world leaders – for now.

    Thanks for recycling.

    love eternal

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