Update: Toxic Psychiatry

Peace be with you

“German Eugenics in Practice,” by Eliot Slater, Eugenics Review (vol. 27:4), ambivalent review of sterilization and marriage laws.

Here is a link to last Sunday’s archived Freak Radio show about the  rope ’em and dope ’em mental health policies of the country.

Also Dr. Theodore Utecht posted a conformation on A Brief History of Humboldt’s Mental Health Operation. Hopefully we can get an interview and find out more then we know about fraudulent activities at Sempervirens. Already we have learned from his comment that “all the psychiatrists working in HCMH at the time,” were told to fabricate mental illness diagnosis. Dr. Utecht insinuates that if you eat too much ganja food and end up in Sempervirens then you will likely be forced drugged for life.  Who says marijuana isn’t dangerous?   Smoke a joint and die from Zyprexa poisoning.

Psychiatric labels last a lifetime! The best you can ever hope for again is to be mentally ill in remission. Having a mental disorder is not the stigmatizing aspect of the label, its the reemergence of the whole “useless feeders” concept that is slowly creeping back into this society. Today’s mental health rhetoric is exactly the same as the early Nazi mental health rhetoric with the only difference being the preferred method of murder/sterilization.

Dr. Utecht is probably correct that here locally it is about the money, but you can bet your ass that to those making 20, 50, 100 billion dollars a year its about something else entirely.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Update: Toxic Psychiatry”

  1. transient Says:

    very excited to read Utecht MD comment (https://theplazoid.wordpress.com/2008/08/31/a-brief-history-of-humboldts-mental-health-operation/#comment-2135) from yesterday.

    I hope that he does get in touch with you and soon.

  2. The Noble Lie Says:

    America needs a Eugenics memorial… and not just the Nazi one at the Holocaust Museum. I’m talkin’ Cold Springs Harbor.

    America has forgotten its own past, and this issue can never be forgotten..

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