Its the Economy Stupid?

Peace be with you

As the year ends the economic collapse of capitalism has been the mainstay of media’s attention. 850 billion dollars for the banks, 17 1/2 billion for the auto makers, record unemployment and underemployment, massive layoffs, and thousands of houses foreclosed on all make for a pretty bleak scenario. The economy is a problem, but really money is just a marker of an agreement between whomever that we were born into, and have very little control over. Its an idea, a thought, a phantom. How could a thought become the cause of our fear, our desperation, and our hunger?

I see the problem as one with the very thought process that allows people to believe that only by doing it “their way,” and we all know “their way” is what got us into this mess in the first place, is the correct way of approaching today’s problems. I see this thought process as the direct result of a moral crisis. Not the bullshit christian “look what we made up today” type moral crisis, but a true crisis of spirit.

We have been feed tailored religion, along with a carefully designed atheism, for so long we have been changed, and changed for the worst. Most people are spiritually numb. Either they repeat dogma they don’t really believe in or they subscribe to an ideology that puts intelligence as the supreme and sole recorder of the human experience. Somehow neither of those feel right, and it is that feeling, that emotion, that intuition, that something unexplained that lets me know I exist.

Your intuition is always correct, your interpretation of that intuition is most often flawed. When I think “this is going to fuck me” and I sign on the dotted line anyway, somehow or another its going to fuck me.

I can’t tell you how to over come your interpretation problems, but can say your willingness to lie is directly proportional to your lack of ability in beholding the truth. When one lies it compromises them and makes it harder to expose lies in others. This seems to work on us eternally. When joe tells a fish story, we think back to our last fish story and then except what joe says lest we should expose our own lies.

Greed seems to be another issue that is clouding our ability to see clearly. Faced with such inequitable capital base in a capitalist system one would think unity and pooling of resources would be the prudent move of the majority of the Earth’s population, but in reality everyone hoards what they get and hope that as a tiny island they will have favor with the big corporate continents. You will – until they want what you got.

The last moral deprivation I wish to mention is ego. That silly belief that we are so fucking smart. A quick look around me proves that none of us are very smart. We spend on our grandchildren’s credit knowing damn well they will never be able to pay it back. We pollute the air, water and land knowing damn well we can never clean it up. We drive those cars knowing all the while that they will be the death of this planet, and by default us. We spend hundreds of billions making war, yet have next to nothing to spend on feeding people and ensuring them clean drinking water. We dope people with man made chemicals when they go crazy from all the exposure to man made chemicals. Ain’t we fucking cleaver?

Hopefully anthropologists will be around to look back on the 10,000 years of society surviving through a social acceptance of screwing one another. It is high time we stop doing the exact same thing that got us in this mess to start with. It is always the same whether today or when the Babylonians tried to rule the world – they fuck it up and we bail them out so they can fuck it up again.

We don’t condone this type of behavior from a person, but seem to be all about condoning, and even bailing out, corporate personhoods, again and again and again. There is a saying that goes if you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results it might be time to try something else.

Our money is backed by nothing but our government’s ability to get loans. Which in reality means our money is worth nothing as soon as the lenders want it to be worth nothing. Every time they suck these outrageous profits out of the “system,” everybody who is not doing the sucking loses some of their standard of living. For those on the bottom this often means the difference between surviving or not. The world is not less capable of producing food then it was before the crash. It is just that the economy prevents it from happening. I guess Clinton was right when he said “its the economy stupid.” My question now that we know it is the economy, how do we make it go away?

love eternal


3 Responses to “Its the Economy Stupid?”

  1. fig Says:

    _______________________ FRIDAY, 12-26-2008.


    THE “high-income” supposedly can take care of themselves,
    and so can the “low-income, no-income,” the question is
    what happens to a society when the largest group, the
    “middle-income” tax paying saps have not a nickel more,
    not a penny more to sheep-like submit to the tax collectors
    aka government under threat of FORCE……..
    GET A clue you smarmy, know-it-all, too-clever-by-half
    government types:

    EVEN if you set “interest rates” to zero, if
    people are SCARED Shitless of losing income via
    a W-2 after-tax job, NOBODY (all at the same time)
    CREDIBILITY, honesty, and trust in the economy
    once destroyed via WALL STREET AND GOVERNMENT
    crooks is gonna take a long, long, long, long
    time to recover. MERRY CHRISTMAS,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR — 2009,

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you fig

    My point exactly. But why should we even think about such a corrupt and unfair system recovering? Its worthless, its broken and its dying, so why not do it differently. I mean most of us just want what we need, not what they want us to want. Parents don’t get paid for taking care of their children and that system seems to work fairly well. Isn’t it conceivable that I could work, live and be satisfied helping to raise my community? Time to rethink this economy thing and throw it out with the bankers.

    love eternal

  3. Moviedad Says:

    But not everybody is doing badly. When I hear the defenders of injustice and oppression go on and on about how it is the poor’s fault for being poor. I figure they must be doing pretty good for themselves to be so heartless towards those who are suffering with no remedy.
    When I drive I see all these super-fancy trucks and bikes and cars, I realize a lot of it is credit. but there is a huge segment of society that has cashed in on the socialism of the past, GI bill, First time home buyers assistance. union jobs, a still functioning manufacturing base. a whole generation cashed in, and then took it all away from the next generation coming up.

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