Peace be with you

I haven’t posted for a while. Not because I had nothing to say, but more because I really didn’t think you wanted to hear. There comes a point as a car is racing off a cliff when even if you slam on the brakes it’s too late anyway. We ain’t attempting to stop this cosmic wreaking ball, and there’s nowhere to get out of its way. What can be done? Wouldn’t explaining things this late in the game just be me saying “I told you so?”

We need to realize that capitalism in general, and the ownership of land as private property in particular, is the cause of all our woes, and the worlds woes too I might add. We need to realize there is another way. And we need to choose that other way and choose it very very quickly. Otherwise we’re doomed.

Having a few bosses, who own everything, including the law, is only in the best interest of those few.  Even their quislings are offered up to the alter whenever it suits them.  Why would anyone give life and death power to someone else?  Fear? Greed? Or just plane old evil?

A system based on lies is a lie!  No matter what you do you have to keep on lying in order not to expose the original lie.  When 90% of a society actively participates in the mass “freedom, justice, and democracy” lie cover up, then either we have the most ignorant populace in the world, or we have a bunch of really scared people in this society.  I haven’t forgotten the brainwashing, but if you haven’t been exposed to the information you need to see your own brainwashing then your not reading this fucking blog anyway.

Watch the movie and think about it.  Many animals graze in security knowing that members of their flock, herd, covey, or society are on alert and will sound the warning of approaching danger.  Well cock a fucking doodle do, you’ve been warned.

love eternal


3 Responses to “Capitalism”

  1. The Noble Lie Says:


    The lack of understanding or even caring about what is happening is very, very frustrating. I really think 20,000 troops on US soil for riot control purposes would state it as plainly as anything possibly could.. it’s amazing how few even care, or who say something like — well, that makes me feel safer about the terrorists.

    I run out of steam often with my site. Emotionally, I could walk away from my site tomorrow. I only post now when I feel compelled to.

    Hang in there.

  2. fig Says:

    Merry CHRISTMAS,
    HAPPY New Year — 2009

    …………………………. drugged up America.
    going off the cliff, maybe the car can fly…………
    DEC. 20, SAT…. 2008.

  3. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Sometimes I feel like we’re the clean up crew for parties we were too young to attend. I too have waited too long to post on my own blog.

    Hang in there! It’s gonna get worse and the closer you are to the bottom, the less you have to fall.

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