odd ends again

Peace be with you

I’ve been lax in my writing the last couple of weeks and these are a few of the issues brought to my attention by others that have not been so lax in theirs. Please read, your life may depend on it.

First from Stan’s blog news of a campaign to end forced electroshock outpatient treatment in Minnesota. Yes they do still do blood letting rituals in America. And yes they do it against the will of the victims.

Next Jes Dewitt e-mailed me this article on the Wyeth vs. Levine case which was scheduled to go before the supreme court on November 3, 2008. Diana Levine is a Vermont sister who lost her arm due to the drug Phenergan made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The case has significance because if big pharma won then they can claim they warned you even if they didn’t warn you.

And lastly our friend at The Noble Lie gives us not only this good look at the dangers of vaccines, but also shows how locally in Humboldt County health care providers are being coerced into taking vaccines against their will, and best interest I might add.

Check out the links and educate yourselves.

love eternal


2 Responses to “odd ends again”

  1. The Noble Lie Says:

    The sad thing about the declination form bullshit is that I believe it is nationwide. At least, to anybody who listens to the CDC. I probably didn’t make it clear that this declination form is a document straight from the CDC’s website. It’s terrifying to watch the propaganda get more and more insistent each year, more demanding, one degree hotter.

    I’m glad some form of free speech is still alive at the moment.

    Condolences for Noel, and all the best.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Noble

    I believe it is probably a national plan. I also agree they will not only increase the propaganda, but turn it against you, and threaten you with it eventually. They want people to have something in that shot very badly.

    I too am glad that you had a forum to inform us about this, and I am even more glad you had the courage to stand against them. I fear soon employers who aren’t medical will require you to get a shot while pissing in their cup as a condition of hire.

    love eternal

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