Who said you can’t boycott a free paper?

Peace be with you

I guess my boycott of the Eureka Distorter worked, or did it?

There’s one thing I forgot to mention about good cop/bad cop politico game, and that is that not only political parties play in the game.  It is incorrect for me to call it “a game,” as game congers up visions of at least a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning.  Make no mistake about it in the good cop/bad cop paradigm winning is not an option.  It would be more correct to call it a “stratagem.”  For those who don’t know, a stratagem is “trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy.”

This brings me to the subject at hand – the collapse of the Eureka Reporter, but . . . The but is that they will print an op-ed page twice a week in the Times Standard.  Not only is the op-ed page the slimiest of the Distorter’s  ex-pages, but it will be printed in the coupon and comics editions of the Slanderer, the busiest two paper selling days.

This propaganda rag has been out for last five years of Bush presidency and folds two days after a new president wins the election.  Arkley pulled the county of Humboldt far to the right in a stratagem his father call “taking Humboldt back from the hippies.” If you remember during that re-call election even Arkley I and Arkley II played good cop/bad cop.

It seems that only the news and puzzles are disappearing.  The propaganda arm has special (perhaps excessive or preferential would be better words) letter to the editor privileges at the county’s leading paper.  I can’t get a letter printed because I don’t have an address and a phone, but Rob Arkley gets two mother fucking pages week?

First the Times Slanderer should clearly indicate that the page is PAID ADVERTISING.  And next stop buying the Wednesday and Sunday Times Standard until they make Arkley submit his letters just like everyone else.  I know you crossword junkies and coupon clippers will be jonesing big time, but I doubt it takes the Standard long to realize their mistake.   Boycotting the Standard is easier then boycotting a paper that is free and thrown in you drive way whether you want it or not.

love eternal

One Response to “Who said you can’t boycott a free paper?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty lame Tad. The Times-Standard endorsed Bush too, and Schwarzenegger as well. They don’t care if you’re all rounded up and drugged either, so long as the local political elite say it’s ok. Just because the Republicrat paper is gone doesn’t mean we should support on ANY DAY OF THE WEEK the lame-ass Times-Standard.

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