Noel Adamson passed on

Peace be with you

Yesterday, October 30th, Noel Adamson died.  Noel had been struggling with cancer for several years, and had gotten noticeably worse in the last year.  Noel, a Vietnam vet, had been a outspoken critic of war ever since.  I could easily write a book of all the ways Noel was a supporter of many grassroots movements in Humboldt county, and the community as a whole.

I wish to publicly thank Noel for all he has done to help and support our community.  Blessed are you Noel for being who you were, and blessed are we who called you our friend. You’re missed.

love eternal


10 Responses to “Noel Adamson passed on”

  1. Hank Sims Says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. Noel was a good guy.

  2. jason Says:

    Noel was a good guy who wasn’t afraid to fight for what he believed in.
    I would like to 2nd tad’s sentiments.

  3. Heraldo Says:

    I was sorry to hear this news. Noel stood for what he believed in with thoughtfulness, intelligence and compassion.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That included police review, Heraldo, whose website Noel maintained.

    Maybe out of respect for the dead you’d quit hating on us for a while.

  5. KB Says:

    I am also deeply saddened by Noels passing.I ran across his website a while back and when I went to leave feedback lo and behold it was run by Noel.He lived for many years here in the Redway/Briceland area
    Here’s to Noel sitting in way green grass in a beautiful forest with white light and love everywhere

  6. streetDan89 Says:

    I was sniffing around on the web about hate crimes and came across Noels website that I found to be so right and true.I didn’t know him but would of Loved him I’m sure.Are their any great activist actions anyone wants to share that Noel was involved in?
    Peace to the family

  7. Bill Lee Says:

    I was saddened tonight to read of Noel’s passing. I served in the Navy with him. I never saw him again after the Navy but reconnected with him a number of years ago and we corresponded frequently. Although, our “politics” were quite different, I always admired him for standing true to his beliefs and know that he really cared for his fellow travelers on this planet…especially the less fortunate of the Humbolt/Eureka area. To paraphrase Jesus, ” If you have done it for the least of these, you have done it for me,” and I believe that Noel understood that, whether he would admit it or not…it was truely from the heart. Rest in peace my friend…see you on the “other side” one day. Peace and blessings to you, Ian.

  8. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Ian

    Noel was the most gentle man I ever knew. He was truly loved, and is sorely missed. I honestly believe that anyone who knew Noel was blessed, and anyone who listened to his sage advice was doubly so.

    I am sure that if your politics were counter to Noel’s they’re counter to mine, but thank you for the kind words.

    love eternal

  9. Herb Says:

    I am very sad to hear that Noel Died. I first met Noel in 1975, he was my room mate at Bandon Oregon. we kept in contact over the years, I had been wondered why he had not appeared on line in my IM for a while. I surly do miss my friend of 34 years.

  10. Verbena Says:

    !Viva Noel!

    The kindest person I’ve ever known.
    May we continue to learn from him.

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