Probation to build a New Childrens Prison

Peace be with you

“The Nazis’ desire to create a perfect and ‘pure’ ‘national community’ meant the exclusion not only of the ‘racially alien’, but also of a heterogeneous group of people — largely of German ethnicity — who were described as ‘asocial’ or ‘socially unfit’. . . Asocials were portrayed as the dregs of society, whose inferiority was marked by traits such as ‘weakness of character’, ‘lack of restraint’, ‘loose morals’, ‘disinterest in contemporary events’, ‘idleness’ and ‘poverty of mind’. The term was applied in an elastic manner also, to include gypsies, vagabonds, persons of no fixed abode, prostitutes, alcoholics, unmarried mothers, homosexuals, large, ‘inferior’ families, criminals, ‘idlers’, ‘good for nothings’, ‘wastrels’, ‘grumblers’ and ‘grousers’, as well as anyone else who did not, could not or would not perform their duties to the national community. Persecution of such groups was relatively easy, since they were in any case the objects of popular disapproval.”
Hashude – An Experiment in Nazi Asocial Behaviour

The Humboldt County Probation Department is trying to build a prison!  Not a prison for hardened criminals, but one to hold children.  The probation department wants to rebuild our juvenile hall, and double its size.  It will eventually cost Humboldt County directly about 3 million dollars, and tax payers in general about 16 million. On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, the Humboldt County Board of Supes WILL vote to start this police state measure.

I really question why Juvenile Hall and the Juvenile Probation are run by the same mother fuckers.  It seems that control of the children’s probation and the children’s jail by the same department convolute the idea of rehabilitation, which Doug Rasines, Chief Probation Officer stated “must be a core component of the operational philosophy of the facility” in his report to the Supes. They get paid to round up and incarcerate children. No wonder they can know they’ll need twice as many beds by 2010.

Doug Rasines is asking the Supes to approve $41,000 to write a grant to partially pay for the new kinder prison. The $41,000 is coming out of something called, and I shit you not, “the juvenile trust.” Not only is the only trust in our children the county government has a money trust, but it was filled to half a million dollars by “foster care reveneus.”

Then the County has to pay it off with bonds. What happens if you don’t pay back the bonds? Does the state then turn it over to a private corporation to run our probation industry?

As with all jails, schools, houseless services, alzheimer services, and the poor in general, one must consider Phil Crandall’s antipsychotic pushing industry. He claims 80% of all kids in jail, or in foster care “need mental health services,” which according to CalMAP means drugs. If we double the number of children we allow to be locked up, then we’re really condemning twice as many to the slow, torturous death of zyprexa.

It is amazing how much we will spend to contain a problem, and how little we will spend to solve it.  Remember this is similar to homelessness in that hundreds of thousands of people learned in the last year that homelessness could happen to them – because it did.  If you allow Rasines to double the size of the jail for children, then your doubling the chance your child goes to jail.

love eternal


8 Responses to “Probation to build a New Childrens Prison”

  1. fig Says:

    Sunday, OCT. 26 (2008)


    A nice detailed post yet again. ….police state measure….
    is a damn good word to use to jolt all the dunces out there out of their
    drug stupor………………………
    here’s what is going on:
    looks like FINALLY the years of cheating, double-talking,
    chicanery, crookery, and out and out financial rape of the
    tax paying saps is gonna blow up royally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dollars turning into crap, by huge numbers of citizens
    NOT spending because they fear the loss of their jobs !!!!!!!
    Sunday, October 26, 2008 PAGE ONE
    Fresh Tumult as Signs of Recession Go Global
    In rich countries and poor countries alike, markets are plunging,
    companies are scrambling for credit and consumers are keeping cash in their pockets.

    One of the few places of market optimism on Friday was Zimbabwe, an economically troubled part of Africa. The Zimbabwe Industrial Index gained 249.90% on Friday in a bizarre response to the country’s hyperinflation. Many vendors prefer to barter
    rather than accept near worthless cash,
    so residents with extra money are piling it into the stock market,
    hoping for gains once the country’s violent political situation is resolved.

    [No Safe Haven]
    Write to Kelly Evans at, Joellen Perry
    at, Yumiko Ono at and John Lyons at

    p.s. some trivia: Economics is often called POLITICAL ECONOMY
    at overseas degree-granting colleges and
    A trillion Marks/dollars for a loaf of bread a la 1930’s Germany.
    tell me why it can’t happen here: why? because
    we have such nice, smart politicians looking out for us
    little people. don’t make me gag on my tootbrush.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you fig

    It’s always been police state measures. The closer the building gets to being completed the easier it is to imagine what it looks like.

    love eternal

  3. stan Says:

    Nice job as usual Tad. You call it like you see it! and in this situation, you see a lot of Good Old Boys in the halls of County Government doing a lot of hugging and kissing of each others ass. Crandall and his Cronies sitting in those seats each week rake in the bucks at the expense of every citizen in Humboldt County. I’m just amazed Joe Public has not woke up and trashed this insiders club from the newspaper to the entire County and City Governments. They are not only riping off the tax payers, but committing crimes against humanity itself. Thank you for keeping up the battle for justice, and what’s right for the people of Humboldt County.


  4. Rusty Cage Says:

    Sorry, the new facility will not be built. Increasing the size of the facility does not ‘double your chances’ your kid will be there, either. Have you seen the current facility? It’s old, outdated, and depressing, being built in the 1970’s. Our kids deserve better. And do you really believe kids on felony arrests (murder, armed robbery, rape, arson, child molest, etc.) should roam free without input? Does mental health intervention and/or treatment help in these matters? Do criminal and sociopathic kids grow up to be criminal and sociopathic adults without help? Get your head– and pre-conceived notions and stereotypes–out of the gutter and the 1970’s and take a look at proven options for the 20th century, Tad. It’s all a conspiracy, right? Good grief, your reasoning and name-calling is absurd.

  5. transient Says:

    “Rusty Cage”: can you provide some stats? I would love to learn more about your perspective, if possible. For example, how many of these kids are locked up for “murder, armed robbery, rape, arson, child molest,” as you state, and how many are locked up for drugs, theft, burglary, and big-kid horseplay? If you work in the field, perhaps you can help us all learn a little bit more.

    Or you can just sling some more bullshit from atop your high-horse, which is what I expect will most likely follow.

    As for your “conspiracy” red-baiting, well, look up the legal definition of “conspire.” But no need – it’s INSTITUIONAL, which is just as hideous and threatening. Oh, but YOU surely don’t need to be afraid. After all, you’ve been so good. You’ve always done what your told. And always will. Why would the cops and federal agents and surveillance specialists and anti-terrorism secret commandos and private “security” forces and prison guards and executioners ever want to ever harm you? It’s just those bad guys, and bad kids that they want to lock up in their dungeons, right? They’re all so very guilty, right?

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Today is a day full of ironies. What do you call it when the nazi calls the nazi-resister a nazi? It seems there should be a word.

    Of course it is a conspiracy. Most things are. Did you mean criminal conspiracy? Then like Transient said “tell me more.” But maybe you mean a conspiracy between the juvenile probation department and the juvenile correctional facility. Fucking A, that’s exactly what I think!

    And if what your asking by that “grow up to be” crap is, do I think people fucked over as children have a less than average chance of being able to avail themselves to the situations that would raise them above being fodder for the militarized prison industry?, then again fucking-A.

    What do the cops have to do with all this raping and murdering? They gun people down, they beat people to death, they fuck with whom ever they please, we even have a heroin pusher among them.

    I talk to a lot of people who have been, or are currently going through your kiddy prison and/or probation. Mostly they are really good people, not the murders, armed robbers, rapists, arsonists, child molesters, or the etcers you speak of. A funny thing about humans is that they tend to always find the faults they are looking for. Just like a kid gets it beat into his head that he’s a criminal (some times literally), the cop’s fucked up belief system allows him/her to view good people as “perps.” And that’s infinitely more fucked up because you cops got the guns, badges and the false image that the worse shit gets, the better job you claim to be doing.

    I’m sure it’s depressing, but it is not the building that makes it depressing. It’s the motherfuckers that run the building that cause the depression. I’m all in favor of demolishing it. We would be better off without it. It is the “policing” we do, whether here or around the earth, that has sent us to the poor house. We went from nothing to half our “crime fighting” moneys going to fight selective “drug use,” and with each increase in budget there was a corresponding increase in use. Though pot is not a gateway to heroin, it seems obvious that cops are a flood gate to crime. And “police forces” have always been that way.

    love eternal

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    One last thought; if there are 25,430 children in Humboldt county, and if there are 60 jail beds for children, and if the probation department and cops keep the children’s jail full, and they do!, then the probabilities that one of those children will end up in one of those beds is 424 to 1. If you increase the number of beds to 120 then the odds become 212 to 1. 424 just happens to be exactly twice 212, or twice as likely not to happen.

    love eternal

  8. transient Says:

    the “herion pusher” link doesn’t seem to be working.

    also, “Rusty Cage” seems to be not-transmitting. oh well.

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