good cop, bad cop

Peace be with you

The annual mockery we call elections is once again coming around.  Most people realize that both the 2000 and the 2004 presidential elections were shams in which the loser was actually called the winner.  Almost everyone I know calls these contests “the choice of the lesser of two evils,” I however, prefer to call them “the choice between good cop and bad cop.” 

The first thing one must realize about the good cop/bad cop paradigm is THEY ARE BOTH COPS! The good cop doesn’t want to fuck you any less then the bad cop. In fact most of the times it is the good cop who puts you in jail. We tend to resist the bad cop, and forget that the the good cop is really just another bad cop.

All the so-called liberals scream that only by voting for Obama will we be safe from the agenda of McCain. Ignoring the obvious election malfeasance of the last two presidential selections, I really can’t tell any substantial difference between the two platforms. Both advocate prolonging the wars, both seek to further enrich the rich, both believe in the war on terror within the US, both believe in maintaining the patriot act, both reject universal health care, and both believe in bailing out billionaires while expecting us to pay the debt, et al.

As you prepare to cast your vote in resistance to the far right right remember your other option is just the far right left.

As far as voting on “measures” goes never, ever, give up any rights (even if you never plan on using them, cause they have ways of turning it against you later), and don’t ever vote to raise taxes! The city of Eureka has Measures “D” and “E”, and the Arcata has Measure “G.” “D” is an 1%, and “G” a 3/4% sales tax increase, and “E” is an 1% hotel tax increase. Most of that “tax” money is going to pay for the growing police state. It cost a lot of money to oppress people, and now the cops are the biggest part of both Eureka and A-town’s city budgets. With cops being the biggest threat to public safety in Humboldt County, more cops are not in anyone’s best interest.

love eternal


3 Responses to “good cop, bad cop”

  1. fig Says:

    Sat. October 18 (2008),

    1% is 0.01
    3/4% is 0.0075,
    move the decimal SIX places when dealing with MILLIONS.
    move the decimal Seven places when dealing with $ tens of millions,
    move the decimal Eight places when dealing with $hundreds of millions,
    what good is a Constitution, when the police do whatever they want
    BEHIND CLOSED doors. IT’s frightening……..what good is a
    law written on a piece of paper, when the police do whatever they want
    BEHInd closed doors fearing nothing, absolutely nothing.

    Other than of course, that bogeyman red-herring about police
    work being a dangerous occupation, don’t make me laugh…..
    unionized street cops acting with impunity and contempt
    is nearly impossibly to stop……………..

  2. The Noble Lie Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I hope people especially catch your point about the good cop being the one that usually busts you in the end. The bad cop does his job to shepherd you toward the good cop; it’s the good cop that does the sorcery. The good cop is more intelligent, methodical, and more skilled at breaking you down mentally and presenting you with the only option for salvation (confession, surrender, the desired plea, etc). The good cop is usually a better liar, too. He can do more with threats than another can do with a truncheon.

  3. streetDan89 Says:


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