So Hum Houseless are Being Swept Up

Peace be with you

This from Verbena about recent sweeps in Southern Humboldt.  Activists for the houseless from So Hum spoke to the Human Rights Committee Saturday. We learned, a vigilante was working with the So Hum sheriffs to destroy property and threaten houseless persons. I have video from the human rights committee meeting and as soon as I can figure how to get it off the camera I will give it to you.

love eternal


Beginning about 7am this morning (Friday, October 10th), Sheriff’s Deputies began a multiple officer raid on people sleeping in various rural area of Southern Humboldt, Redway/Garberville area. By 10am, three people had been arrested!!

Sheriff’s are videotaping and photographing people. “Criminals” for sleeping.

Please call the County, call the radio stations, etc. Express your outrage.

I have seen these SoHum “sweeps”, and you would think, the way the cops caravan with multiple vehicles and officers that they are looking for a lost child or a killer hiding in the woods. But, NO- the cops are hunting people for the crime of SLEEPING. “Wake them up so that ‘we’ are protected…” Paleeeeeese!

Please call KMUD: (707) 923-3911
Call whomever you can.
Go down there with a camera.
Defend Homeless People.

(707) 618-9185 pager


9 Responses to “So Hum Houseless are Being Swept Up”

  1. fig Says:

    OCT. 20 MONDAY, 2008…
    Find out what’s going on people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So why is Verbena telling homeless people not to come forward with witness statements to local civil rights organizations? Does she think she owns the homeless or something?

  3. transient Says:

    i believe that it has to do with lack of trust with current ACLU members….but you should definitely ask HER.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    I am pretty sure Verbena is not telling people to not come forward. I believe your confusion lies in the fact that Verbena believes that the local ACLU is not very good at protecting our civil rights. These civil rights violations are being documented in So. Hum., Eureka, and Arcata. The houseless need help and Verbena and many other of us are working to get the legal help the ACLU is not giving us. If you are really worried that the violation of houseless’ peoples civil rights are not being heard why don’t you do something more productive then the red herring you’re bringing up hear?

    love eternal

  5. streetDan89 Says:

    I believe the reason shes not giving anything up is that there is nobody to trust in this county over this issue.The cops are corrupt, the supervisor we had in so.hum was corrupt.I wouldn’t give any evidence I had to anyone in this county.Garr Neilson stood and said that it’s not EPD job to deal with the homeless, then why are they slashing tents, throwing their stuff all around and going out to hassel them after this statement was said???
    Thats why shes not giving up anything,They are all dirty, even that D.A. that we worked so hard to not have him recalled, or REALLY STUPID!!!
    I HAVE SEEN THE H.C.S.D. HARASS the houseless over and over in this county. Then when they get done with them they have come after the advocates, they have showed up on a persons
    front door that applied for freedom of information trying to intimitate them, they detained another advocate,threatened to jail another advocate, and jailed one of the advocates son. THATS WHY!!!!!!!

  6. streetDan89 Says:

    Whats going on? you want to know? We have a history of treating our houseless folks with no respect in So.hum.We have murdered them here.But in the last 2 years the heat has been turned up on them.We have this fella by the name of John Casali that used his hate for garbage transfer to his hate for the houseless folks.2 years ago we only had 2 complaints about any garbage until he arrived on the scene.I believe he inherited some piece of property on the river.Well he started a petition in town to run the people out of town.Every business signed it! This gave the sheriffs dept. all they needed to go after people.John called 22 agencies including code enforcement on evryone of his river neighbors.
    This year he started another petition that has several names on it.He got in bed with the pigs and the supervisor Rogar Rodini and they started hassling everyone.This year they have done 3 sweeps,Taking pictures of the houseless folks,jailing them for sleeping.John contacted every property owner and threatened them, if they didn’t let him clean up their property.The HCSD “contracted” (Their words) with John Casali After every sweep John would come behind and take the people survival gear,and EVERYTHING they owned and take it to the landfill.He has a sleezy crew of crimnals that work for him, they crawl all over our town at night and look for stuff to steal, oh excuse me throw away!! John and his crew havn’t been on the river in a year or so.They have been in the hills hunting the houseless folks.This last raid the new owners of palco was out with the pigs when they were arresting 4 people for sleeping at 7am. They were the ones that held the sign under each person while the pigs took pictures.The HCSD didn’t take the folks possesion AGAIN and john came right behind them and took everyones stuff to the dump AGAIN!!
    There is no place for these folks to go! John has run them out of every place.Some of these camps they have lived in for years and years.We have no public bathroom, they have removed every bench, no shelter.I tell people if you are coming to So.hum bring your own bathroom, bench and bail money!! Is there anyone out there that can help?? Does anyone give a damn that living ,breathing people are loosing their rights here?? If you don’t have shelter ,you have no rights?? Now all the houseless folks tell me they have Po-Po anxiety. po-po being the cops.Everyone of them are aflicted with this PTSD,as if their lives weren’t hard enough??
    Come on Humboldt!! Lets Help the People!!

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Dan

    Thanks for the run down. Yes there are some people who give a damn about the houseless peoples human rights. Doug McClure was ticketed for sleeping in So Hum and we’re here fighting his case here in Eureka. We were made aware of John “the vigilante” Casali at the Human Rights committee meeting in Arcata back in October. He’s a man who is looking to get sued big time.

    Your right about PTSD, but I believe it is done on purpose. If they make live so hard it drives the houseless crazy then they can came in with their new rope-em and dope-em mobile and end their lives with forced mental health drugs. I’d call it the new homeless plan, but Hitler used the same plan only Hitler used lethal injections and had to get rid of the bodies. Crandall uses anti-psychotics and except when they commit suicide in his parking lot just chalks it up to the counties high suicide rate.

    Inform everyone to ask for receipts for their belongings. Then file complaints with the sheriff’s department when they lose their stuff during an arrest. I believe Debra is documenting this stuff in Garberville. Go see her and document what happened and what you did about it.

    We’ve been dealing with the same bullshit up here in Northern Humboldt for a long time. Stand up and fight your charges. I can help with legal if email me a Good luck and your not alone.

    love etenal

  8. streetDan89 Says:

    As I read the front page of the Sub standard I don’t find my self shocked that gunderson The top of Blue Lakes police dept, however you pronounce his name. gets probation due to special cirmustances, what that he’s a cop.Bruce Watson Struggled with this call.Are you kidding me??I have seen people get more than this guy got for drunk in public.We need to really open our eyes on what is going on in Humboldt!! These cops are not above the law.We have to start demanding that our system work!! Our broken justice sysytem!!

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