The Greedy Supervisors want another Big Fat Raise

Peace be with you

As the County, State, and Federal governments go broke, and as everyday people must buy more inflated items on less and less income, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors wants a second raise this year.

This obviously isn’t a merit raise. It isn’t to retain “qualified” help. It isn’t to make up for years of no raises in the past. It is only to make the fucking quisling supes richer.

I don’t see how these special interest panderers can justify the amount of pay they get now let alone an extra $20,000 dollars by 2010. It is high time we stop this bullshit money grab. While hiring freezes, voluntary furloughs, and no raises for the working county employees continue, the Supes are givin raises every year.

Good government obviously doesn’t come form more money. People who care about our communities would do the work for cost, but oligarchies must pay the dictators more and more and more.

The supes make the decisions they are told to make by “department heads” who receive grants to push Bush’s agenda here locally. They just show up and vote, and occasionally “defend” their votes with rather poorly thought out arguments.

How many people in Humboldt County are there that don’t even make $20,000 a year, and could support a $20,000 raise for those working to keep their wages so low. The raise will be voted on on Tuesday, September 16, at 9:00 am, at the Humboldt County Court House. Stop the greedy bastards, before the greedy bastards stop you.

love eternal


4 Responses to “The Greedy Supervisors want another Big Fat Raise”

  1. Richard Marks Says:

    I covered this on my blog today also. The BOS for Humboldt County average $30,000 more dollars wages in a year than ANY other county of comparable size RIGHT NOW! Is it need or greed? Let us go eat cake now.

  2. fig Says:

    __________________________________ MONDAY, SEPT. 15 — 2008,

    GREEEEEEDY is a nice way to put it.

    COMPLETELY CLUEless, corrupt, cockroaches living in la-la land.
    Government employees looking for never-ending TAXPAYER dollars
    to flow continuously—or so they dream.

    I say to them: IF THE Roman Empire can disintegrate, why
    can’t a superpower like the U.S. also disintegrate into
    a third-world basket case, eventually. I argue that the
    disintegration is well under way. AMERICA is NOT
    invincible. I fear that the tipping point has happened,
    and from here on out,………………………

    What can happen when nobody cares about anything but the
    almighty dollar. There is a slow, insidious CORROSION that
    holds a society together— that being the 200-year-old+ American
    ideal of helping thy neighbor, if he needs it, and also
    that neighbor reciprocating.

    Far too few people vote.
    Far too many don’t read.
    Far too many don’t give a shit. (other than is my after-tax
    paycheck here)

    Far too many are popping all manner of pharma. drugs.
    Far too many people JUST DON’T CARE what happens.


    F.Y.I. ________________

    cash money is not the salvation,
    nor is pharmaceutical drugs……………

    JUST HOPE you have 2/3 square meals a day.

  3. indybay Says:

    Geronimo arrested

  4. Peasant Dreams Says:

    The supes got a big pay raise because whores are usually well paid.

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