Human Rights Commission to pretend to give a damn about Homelessness

Peace be with you

So where we are now is that a whole country of people believe I’m a ‘nigger,’ and I don’t, and the battle’s on! . . . Because if I am not what I’ve been told I am, then it means that you’re not what you thought you were either! And that is the crisis.” -James A. Baldwin

I have been invited to speak before the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission “question and answer series” on homelessness. Though I am not on the official “speakers list,” I received an invite via email. I have included the “speakers list,” the “invite letter,” and my reply to it in this post. I have seen this kind of railroading before when I served on the Arcata “Emergency Shelter, and Homeless Services, Task Force.”

To pretend to investigate Human Rights abuses, and ignore the very people getting their Human Rights violated is reminiscent of the all white panels who investigated civil rights abuses in the 1960’s. And it begs the question: Who will protect the houseless’ human rights from the Human Rights Commission.

Please watch out for human rights abuses against the houseless in the next few weeks, as employees of those on “the list” will do everything in their power to keep the oppressed from participating in their own supposed salvation.

love eternal

The List

“Humboldt County Human Rights Commission Homeless Panel Speaker List”

Pat Wiggins, State Senator SB2
Michael Richardson, Humboldt County Planning Dept
Paula Mushrush, Community Development Misc. Planning
Brabara Lahaie, Health and Human Services 10 Year Plan
Jan Turner, Redwood Legal, Legal aspects
Peter Lavallee, Redwood Community Action (RCAA)
Garr Neilsen, City of Eureka, chief of police
Randy Mendosa, City of Arcata, chief of police
John Shelter, Arcata Service Center, Homeless services
Maureen Chase, Eureka City Schools Homeless Coordinator
Sally Hewitt, Mobile Medical Office
Kermit Theobaben, Mobile Medical, LCSW
Billl Rodstorm, RCAA
Fox Olson, HUD Housing For All
Bruce LaBel, World Shelters
Sean Armstrong, Danco Builders
Charlotte McDonald, Eureka Main Street
Jennifer Coopman, Arcata Main Street
Scott Cunningham, Alcohol and Drug Care Services
Maurenn Lawlor, St. Joseph’s Hospital, discharge practices
Pamalynn Milsap, Humboldt County Mental Health
Gary Phelps, Humboldt County Jail, discharge practices
Simone Taylor, RCAA Creative Solutions
John Feeney, Judge, Homeless Court

The Invite


Humboldt County Human Rights Commission would like to invite your participation at a question and answer series on homelessness in Humboldt County. We plan on holding an information gathering meeting on Saturday October 11, 2008 at the Unitarian Church in Bayside. The meeting will begin at 9 AM and will end at 5 PM with an hour for potluck lunch.

We would like you to present your point of view of homelessness in your capacity as an employee and/or volunteer or as a homeless person. Each person will have about 15 minutes each to speak and answer our questions. Please arrange your presentation by identifying the following:

Problems of homeless
Creative solutions to homelessness
Impediments to your creative solutions.

I would also ask that you prepare to state whether or not you believe The Human Rights of Homeless Persons are being violated and if so, in what manner?

You have a choice of morning or afternoon, so please let me know of your preference as soon as possible so we can prepare our schedule for that day. Once the schedule is prepared I will send a copy to you. This was going to be a “private” meeting open to invitees only, however, I have been told that the Commission works under the “Brown Act” and that we can not close any public meetings. If you want to stay for the entire time you are welcome but please do plan on bring a potluck dish.

Thank you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

Nita Brake-MIlls
Human Rights Commissioner

The Response

Peace be with you Nita

I will plan on attending the entire meeting, so any time would be fine for me to speak. I must be honest and say I am extremely uncomfortable with the methodology with which the Humans Rights Commission has chosen to investigate the Human Rights Abuses daily perpetrated against the houseless population of Humboldt County. We have been through these kinds of superficial straw-man inquiries before. In fact every time the Rights of the houseless are inquired into, it is basically a list very similar to yours that is considered “the experts.” Most of the people on your list are the one’s violating the Human Rights of the houseless. All but a couple are willing participants in the very “policies,” “plans,” and “procedures” which exasperate the Human Rights Abuses against the houseless.

I have been studying the Human Rights Abuses against the houseless since 1999; and in Humboldt County since 2002. It took me a few years of talking to thousands and thousands of people experiencing homelessness before I knew the correct questions to inquire of those on your list. I find it hard to believe that you, who admittedly know little of the oppression, civil rights violations, and exploitation happing in Humboldt County, will be prepared to ask the questions that would lead to a recommendation that would help end the Human Rights Abuses.

I will generally break down why I think your list is counter to your mission for now, but I will go into it in more detail in further communications. The Houseless Coalition recorded the entirety of the Arcata Emergency Shelter and Homeless Services Plan, Task Force meetings, and I will make them available to the Commission.

I think John Shelter is the nearest to being able to represent an actual houseless experience scenario on your list. Though John goes home every night, and relaxes in peace, without Garr’s or Randy’, or Gary’s “personal” hunting him down for sleeping. That holds doubly true for the Homeless judge’s who sentences houseless people to 5 hrs forced labor for every time they get caught sleeping.

Downtown Business Owners Associations were formed to gentrify downtown areas. They claimed this would be off set by programs like the Arcata Endeavor, but even at a cost $560,000 of tax dollars earmarked for Homelessness, the City of Arcata voted to have it closed in October. Even this theft of what rightly belongs to the hungry and houseless, slips through as a prudent “business decision” by the council and its Downtown Business Owners Association sitting Council persons.

You are asking groups that profit off homelessness to give you “creative solutions,” but they are going to give you solutions that are heavily financed through grants. Many of the non-profits you are inviting employ many more dollars worth of “professionals” then actually provide services to end Homelessness. As a rule these people stereotype houseless people as “chronic homeless,” and exaggerate their disability as “mental health,” and tend to favor compulsory or coercive implementation. The Federal numbers and Humboldt County’s numbers are divergent on a level of 4000%.

I understand that you are not knowledgeable on the intricacies of homelessness, but it seems disingenuous when you believe the cops and merchants will give you accurate information about the fate of the houseless they campaign against. I urge you to rethink your methodology. It would make sense to invite the oppressed to testify to what they are experiencing. It is after all the houseless who know what is happening to them, and the people on your list should be called to answer why it’s happening.

love eternal


3 Responses to “Human Rights Commission to pretend to give a damn about Homelessness”

  1. transient Says:

    i wonder how many of the people on the list will actually attend.

    also, who is the humboldt county human rights commission? is it a gov’t agency? a non-prophet?

    i think that it’s good to let the cops speak…they will reveal their own crimes in their own words. but they definitely should not be the only voice. i hope that you do speak.

    will the meeting be recorded? i hope that it will. if not officially, maybe an independent videographer or university student?

    ok. got to go now.

  2. fig Says:

    Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008.

    ………………The Federal numbers and Humboldt
    County’s numbers are divergent on a level of 4000%…………..

    Question: ….you slipped up here using this “4000%”
    maybe you meant double, triple, quadruple,……


    watch out! The more you participate with
    these dunces (the “commission.”) the more of
    the mind-set of a bureaucrat you will unknowingly
    be trapped into……

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry about the “houseless”
    too much, other than being killed by “dirty cop terrorists”
    with “police powers.” IF IT is too cold outside,
    the “houseless” will find a way (WITHOUT anyone’s “help”).
    If too hungry, the “houseless” will find a way
    (without anyone’s “help”)……

    Of course, one area most houseless and most
    “middle class” people have NO F’IN IDEA how
    to navigate is the “court system.” If it’s your
    unlucky day, the “court system” can turn even
    MOTHER TERESA into a “child molester.”

    So attending the commission “meeting” might be useful
    in the sense of ferreting out the tricks and more
    devious tricks (that government employees use)
    bamboozling the INNOCENT American too-naive types.
    OTHER than that, completely useless. In my view.
    Sunday, tommorrow is Monday.
    Sun. – SEPT. 14- 2008.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Fig

    The federal numbers say 2% of houseless are “mentally ill,” the Humboldt County “plan” says 80% of the homeless are “mentally ill. You are correct it would be more correct to say 40 times the federal number. Here is a link that explains it more.

    love eternal

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