Dr. “Forced Fluoridation” Lindsay strikes again.

Peace be with you

Ann Lindsay, Humboldt County Public Health Officer has gone beyond trying to fluoride everyone’s water to trying to insure everyone has to drink it. The evil doctor has made a “first of its kind” Health Impact Assessment for our 20 year planning update plan. I have read a lot of junk science in my days, but never one more obvious and convoluted then this one. Ms. Lindsay would have us believe that living in the city is “healthier” then living in the country. Besides the intuitive sense that her HIA report is bullshit, trying to recreate her leaps of assumption and comparing of complete opposites is imposable for any intelligent person. But regardless of what is apparent to anybody who studies this fabrication, Lindsay is now trying to prevent people from being country folk in Humboldt County, and all of us who have to buy bottled water, and shower fluoride filters know, Lindsay is a relentless little propaganda minister.

Lindsay “invited” 300 people to be her focus group representing all 130,000 Humboldt residents. She sure as hell didn’t invite me, how about you? Out of these few special invites she ended up with 80 who were her group. This six, ten-thousandth of the population is suppose to cover the required “public participation” in the making of the HIA.

Next Lindsay took 35 “indicators” from a list of 112, which she claims in her report were only 60, from a San Francisco urban Healthy Development Measurement Tool. These indicators were designed for SF to develop its urban areas. Lindsay then used them to develop Humboldt’s rural areas. As you read the HIA it becomes clear that Lindsay picked 35 indicators that would best support her choice of “Alternative A;” the crowding of everyone into polluted, over populated, urban slums, as a way to make people healthier.

To debunk this 244 page report would properly require at least 244 pages. So I will pick and chose which junk science I will refute, but suggest everyone read the HIA for themselves to see the enormity of the bullshit being spread.

Let us start with transportation though 70% of all pedestrian/vehicle crashes in Humboldt happened in Eureka or Arcata, both urban areas, Lindsay say you will be healthier living in these environments. The number of unsubstantiated claims in this section is great, and contrary to what really happens. She for instance, claims more people would have to walk to a bus stop or walk to work if they lived in urban areas. Can we be sure that people who would of lived in the country and drove to work, would now live in the city and not drive to work? She claims that the less miles would be less greenhouse gasses, but neither takes into consideration the difference between freeway driving and stop and go driving, nor the health effects of biking and walking next to high volume gas and diesel traffic.

In Housing she claims that housing costs are cheaper and mean more affordable housing. The infrastructures are here and affordable housing is not being built now. If her theory were true then it would already be showing signs of affordability, but its not. She claims more affordable housing would decrease homelessness thus reducing the ill health effects of homelessness. In reality there is way more to the ill effects to the unhoused then just housing. We could increase access to healthy food and feed the houseless more then five meals a week. Access to medical care would probably go much farther towards improving the health of houseless individuals then hoping that some day affordable rents and employment opportunities will be created out of a “plan.” She doesn’t even consider the effects of bigoted police and citizens when they harm and even kill houseless individuals. Lastly in the housing category she tells us that crowding us like sardines would make schools, jobes, and grocery stores miraculously appear and make our neighborhoods “complete.”

My favorite spin comes under the title “infrastructure.” In this section she makes her biggest concessions with the truth. For instance she claims people who live close to a city park and a Safeway are going to be healthier then those who live in the country. First of all Ms. Lindsay, the country is just a really big park; and second, do you think fruits and vegetables are grown in Safeway? As far as being “close to schools” goes, I see no net health benefit from children being sent to compulsory schools. Besides the fact they are being taught to be stupid in those places, the odds of being forced on some type of “mental health drug” increases, the food is crap, and government introduced illegal drugs run rampant. Its always been my observation that homeschooled country children are much healthier then those institutionalized in public indoctrination schools.

I leave the rest for the reader to research, but basically what Lindsay presented to the local governments is another of her pet projects – namely mandated high density urban growth. The report makes some really good points about what needs to be done to improve already existing urban centers, but is convoluted by the “don’t let anyone else live in the country” of the rural living author. It really does smack of what many call “I’ve got mine, so fuck you, you can’t get yours” altitude of the social engineers. All these “plans” that the local governments are spending millions on are really just “tools” to be used to control behavior and free up our counties resources for exploitation of multi-national corporatists. I don’t know what kind of “doctor” Ann Lindsay is, but spin really seems to fit her like a glove.

I guess when the idea of the American dream is completely squashed maybe some of you will finally wake up. But it would really be much easier to throw all the plan making politicians out on their ass, and get people in there who will restore our sovereignty, our way of life, and our social and economic egalitarianism. Lindsay’s plan is bullshit and can not be supported with any real science.

love eternal


5 Responses to “Dr. “Forced Fluoridation” Lindsay strikes again.”

  1. transient Says:

    unrelated to topic above – sorry – but i read that ICE raided Sun Valley for “illegal immigrants” based on a “tip” that they received… just wondering if Sun Vallley tipped off ICE to their own employees…

    anyhow, i’ll read the post now….

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I wont read today’s paper until tomorrow. You can go to “the e-mail” and check out many links in a e-mail there. You should know more about their bigotries then I. I think it is a crack down on Humboldt county by DEA, FBI, and now ICE.

    On another completely unrelated note (or maybe none of it is really unrelated): Remember how I told you Rolex’s area of expertise was malathion’s effects on fruit flie behavior? Well according to Rolex in an interview in today’s lumberjack it was anti-psychotics effect on fruit flies. Who would of thought that graduate from the Rockefeller Institute of Eugenics was really an anti-psychotic eugenicist. Oh yea, we would.

    We pray for all our brothers and sisters rounded up in the recent ICE raids, and all occupational US assaults, even the one;s carried out by local out of area cops.
    love eternal

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is well thought out and presented in a manner that I find of quality. Why Lindsay buys this line of s*%t is beyond me. Tad your clear insight on this issue and over the use of script drugs make your views on some other issues seem as bipolar as Lindsay does on the flouride issue. No disrespect intended. I just find you way off base on many issues.

  4. fig Says:

    5 September, Friday (2008)

    I take zero pharma. pills.
    Pharma. drugs make things worse, and can
    often lead to DEATH.
    PHARMA. drugs aren’t benign like M & M’s




    FDA orders stronger warnings for 4 arthritis drugs
    From the Associated Press

    September 5, 2008

    WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration ordered stronger warnings Thursday on four medications widely used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other serious illnesses, saying they can raise the risk of possibly fatal fungal infections.

    The drugs — Enbrel, Remicade, Humira and Cimzia — work by suppressing the immune system to keep it from attacking the body. For patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment provides relief from swollen and painful joints, but it’s “a double-edged sword,” said the FDA’s Dr. Jeffrey Siegel. That’s because the drugs also lower the body’s defenses to various infections.

    Siegel, who heads the office that oversees arthritis drugs, said the FDA became concerned after discovering that doctors seemed to be overlooking a particular kind of fungal infection called histoplasmosis. Of 240 cases reported to the FDA in which patients taking one of the four drugs developed this infection, a total of 45 died — about 20%.

    The infection, which mimics the flu, can have grave consequences if it isn’t caught early and spreads beyond the respiratory system to other organs of the body.

    Siegel said the investigation began with a woman taking one of the drugs who died of histoplasmosis. Doctors at the FDA found that the woman had been sick with the fungal infection for a long time. “This case led us to be concerned that there may be other situations in which physicians may not recognize histoplasmosis,” Siegel said.

    Siegel said the FDA’s order Thursday meant the risk of histoplasmosis would be flagged in a “black box,” the strongest warning information in a drug’s prescribing literature. The four medications already have black box warnings about infection risk, but the language varies from drug to drug.

    Three of the drugs, Enbrel, Humira and Remicade, are considered blockbusters, with sales of more than $1 billion annually for each. Cimzia is newer and less widely used.

    Humira is made by Abbott Laboratories Inc., Cimzia by UCB, Enbrel by Amgen Inc. and Wyeth, and Remicade by Centocor, a unit of Johnson & Johnson.

  5. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you Anonymous

    What you agree with you call “of quality.” What you disagree with you label some type of “mental disorder.” Bipolar is the new age term for manic depressive. That implies that sometimes I am happy as a dog with two dicks and other times I as sad as can be. It is wrong to psychiatric label people. Those labels ruin peoples lives (even to the point of death).

    I don’t consider Lindsay bipolar either. She is a tool for the new world order. Agenda 21 is an international attempt to corral people into “free market zones,” and preserve all resources for the exclusive use of big corporations. It goes hand and hand with the international “container port” development. Like fluoride and chlorine her goal is total control of people. You do of course know that prozac is mostly fluoride and chlorine, and prozac like all anti-psychotics are drug designed to control behavior.

    Like the family farm, new world orders want to take away everyone’s land and rights to land. Then charge us for food and other commodities that they sell us. Land should be redistributed so everyone has earth to sustain themselves with.

    love eternal

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