Who watched the board of supes this week?

Peace be with you

I ask that question because I left before public comment was finished 9/3/08 9/2/08.  While I spoke the supes were busy doing something else.  You might of seen me ask the supes if they were paying attention, but what you didn’t see is Neely, Geist, and Woolley jerk there heads up and all nod like they had been caught.  We all know that yes dear I was listening look.  Also while I was still talking Woolley started passing notes down the line of supes to Crandall, and back up to Woolley. This continued through the next two speakers.  What I want to know is if Crandall spoke at the end of public comment.  They are not allowed to “introduce” any kind of “item” in response to public comment.  If a department head spoke in defense of anything said in public comment then wouldn’t an item have been placed on the calendar illegally?  Especially if Woolley requested he do so?  It was weird and all the supes acted the way they do when they think they are out smarting you.

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love eternal


2 Responses to “Who watched the board of supes this week?”

  1. Samoasoftball Says:

    Tad: You mean John Woolley right? You one upped them at this meeting if you went 9/3/08. That is tomorrow. What question did/will you ask/or asked? Department heads will sometimes address public comments as they come in. It is not out of order if they ask the chair if it is order. Good for you on going to the BOS meeting. Many of the public can not. I wish their public comments were at 5pm. Maybe two part.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Samoa

    I didn’t ask any questions (they never answer them so why ask). I was more interested in why they played pass the note. Wooley was on one end so he handed the note to Geist, who handed it to Neely, who handed it to Rodoni, who handed it to Nickolaus, who handed ot to Crandall, who returned it to Nickolaus, who handed it to Rodoni, etc. ect.

    It felt like maybe they were going to do another refute tad thing, but I had to leave before public comment was over. I would like to know before I go spend five bucks on the disk.

    I too wish government would become a little more accessible. I believe you can have statements read into the record, but I don’t know how to go about it. Arcata a couple of years put public comment at the beginning of the meeting and had so many discontented come to speak, they decided to move it back until it was so late that any working people could not stay out that late.

    They don’t want you addressing them, because then they might have to change. When you have 30 people show up to a meeting, even if they all disagree with one another they share information. When you hear the real information, then their bullshit appears as just that.

    love eternal

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