A brief history of Humboldt’s Mental Health Operation

Peace be with you

John Webb’s extraordinary statement to the Humboldt County Board of Supes has been foremost on my mind since I met that fine brother. I was hoping to get more information from him, but my guess is they (Crandall et alii) got to him first. I am trying to write an essay on the entire Humboldt County Mental Health machine, from when I first noticed it to present. My computer is not really up to doing the type of referencing and down loading I would like.   Also where do you omit the vast interlocking agreements, memorandums of agreements, implied consent, and out and out bribery and deception? So I decided to just tell you the story as I’ve seen it unfold. I’ll link where it is convenient for me to do so. You will find a lot of the information in the agenda packets for the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Though no one else spoke out against the building of Humboldt’s mental health machine, it would be a better bet then not, that I had.

My story happened one day in early 2005 when I was alerted that the cops were jacking up a homeless person who was sleeping. I was only about a block from the situation and was there quicker then the first of two “back up” cops. The details of this bizarre encounter were chronicled here. Witnessing this round-up set my spider senses on alert.

In February of 2005 I, along with 2 other, homeless representatives were appointed to the Arcata Emergency Shelter, and Homeless Services Task Force. During one of the meetings an ex-poverty pimp from the local soup kitchen, Sandi Paris, submitted a letter to the Task Force which stated that 50% of the homeless were “mentally ill.” Being a homeless rights advocate I already knew that in report after report the number of “chronic homeless mentally ill” was 4% of the total homeless population. Sandi Paris was no longer director of the Arcata Endeavor, due to a disagreement between her wanting to police the towns homeless by deciding who gets fed and who doesn’t. We knew she didn’t have the best interest of the homeless in mind when she submitted her letter.

As the Task Force went on we saw the terms homeless, transient, and chronic homeless used interchangeably. All homeless were beginning to be painted with the broad brush of psychiatric labeling. Though the homeless representatives objected to this convolution of stereotyping, we were too busy dealing with other task force members who believed jails and running homeless out of town were the “emergency shelter and homeless services” we were there to inflict upon the homeless. Though we eventually stopped the task force from proposing an oppressive plan the City of Arcata would accept, the City went ahead on their own which called for case managers and mental health testing for all homeless people.

As all this was going on The Houseless Coalition followed the homeless poverty pimps to a Prop 63 (Mental Health Services Act) “stake holders” meeting at the Arcata Community Center. It reminded me of the old “Lets Make A Deal” show. Local poverty pimps were jumping up and down asking poignant questions like “when will we see the money,” “how much money will I get” and the like. I felt something was terribly wrong and decided to find out more.

I had already heard that Prop 63 was a farce designed to not bankrupt California’s Medicare like George Bush Jr. did to Texas’ with his Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP). I knew it was supported by the Pharmaceutical Corporations, which both provided experts to create Bush’s TMAP, and was the major supporter of the so-call patients advocacy group NAMI.

By October of 2005 Phil Crandall the head of Health and Human Services, had written the Humboldt County Mental Services Act Plan (hereafter referred to as “the plan”), I noticed that under homelessness he wrote that 80% of all Humboldt County homeless are mentally ill, and 90% were substance abusers. Using various known percentages of co-occurring mentally ill and substance abuse numbers, I could never make Crandall’s numbers equal 100% or less of the homeless. I addressed this concern at another stakeholder meeting in Eureka at the Warfinger Building. At this meeting Phillip Crandall replied to the question “how did you get these numbers,” that they “guessed.”

I warned the Arcata City Council about this anomaly, and sent a copy to the Humboldt County Board of Supes. I also went and spoke about this again every time it was brought before the Supes for approval. Nobody even cared enough to even attempt to explain how these guesses could have been made, let alone so obviously inflated. With complete silence from everybody concerned made me suspect these numbers were fraudulent and might be connected with a grant whoring campaign to bring millions of dollars of funds to the Humboldt County Mental Health machine.

I realized the connection between now President George Bush Jr’s “new freedom initiative” and his “chronic homeless initiative” when I heard his “homeless czar,” Philip F. Mangano speak at the Warfinger building. Having already known about the deadly, and sexual dysfunctional side effects of antipsychotics, and having studied the eugenics movement which now practiced what they called “crypto-eugenics,” I made the connection between the “new freedom initiative” and what Robert Jay Lifton called “the psychology of genocide” in his book “The Nazi Doctors,” when Mangano answered my question about Crandall’s fraudulent number padding with “antipsychotics are the best thing to happen to homeless policy.” I knew that anti-psychotics were Auschwitz in a pill when he followed up that statement with “after the homeless are put on antipsychotics they want us to give them work.”

I remembered the saying written on the wall of the Holocaust Museum in Washington:
“When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy. When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn’t a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak.” I decided that this was too important not to have a dissenting voice. I began to speak at the County Board of Supes meetings during public comment. Soon I am seeing weekly agenda items hiring, and financing all sort of mental health jobs.

Also I began helping a local attorney in exchange for help on local homeless cases we were fighting in court. This attorney had a client who kept losing track of her adult daughter because mental health would ship her somewhere new every time she was located by her mom. This explained why so many “agreements” needed to be signed with mental institutions in Santa Cruz, Redding, Merced, Napa and other California cities. I remember a person who was picked up off the streets of Arcata who couldn’t be located in police custody and turned out to have been shipped out of the area to a mental detainment institution in another county, and came back crippled.

Also I started to notice a lot of “memorandums of understanding” between the Mental Health department and other local agencies. Crandall was signing MOUs with the probation department, the county jail, the office of education, children’s health care programs and even one with St. Vincent de Pauls. Mostly they were to “perform mental health services,” though typically the grants that would parallel the MUDs included “preventative mental health screening.”

While watching the hiring of new psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric technicians, mental health case mangers and many other mental health related positions, I studied the whole aspect of drugging people with mental health diagnoses. What I found out was that the drugs were being grossly over-prescribed, didn’t work any better than placebos, caused many deadly and many more merely uncomfortable side effects. That they were prescribed to the poor and especially peoples of color way out of proportion to the general population, and the courts were being used more frequently to force those who resisted the drugs.

Sometime during all of this Humboldt, along with Kern County had become experimental CalMAP counties. CalMAP (California Medication Algorithm Project) means that if you required (require is different then want or even need) mental health services, and the government is the payee, then the first, second, and third courses of treatment you will receive is automatically atypical-antipsychotics, antipsychotics, and other mental health drugs respectively.

Crandall kept coming up with numbers of mentally ill that had absolutely no relationship with accurate reality. Besides 80% of the homeless, he claimed that 30,000 Humboldt county residents, 80% of all foster youth, 50% of all children on youth probation “field supervision” and 80-100% of those in placement (jail) need mental health services. Not to mention all the areas that become suspect because of his obvious belief that poor people are crazy; like the Alzheimer center, the healthy kids initiative, school classrooms and other agencies he has MOUs with.

And the real deviousness showed when Dr. Theodore Utecht made the claim that he was instructed to take people who were brought into Sempervirens, the county 5150 ward, who were intoxicated, and falsely label them duel diagnose. Why would they want to create made-up wing-nuts when they already believed a quarter of the population is already crazy?

Recently Crandall obtained a Mobile Drugging Unit (MDU). The MDU is a van designed to perform “mental health CalMAP services” anywhere. Crandall is trying to call it the ROSE van, but in all fairness, because he tried to slip it by the people by disguising it as simply Unit 1179-477 who ever names it first gets to name it. I name it the MDU in remembrance of those who died in Nazi MDUs. This is a way to get those poor that have been able to thus far hide. A van equipped with a “psychiatric nurse” who unlike their counter part in real medicine can diagnose and prescribe medication in what they view as “emergency situations.” I would imagine a couple of cops, or more likely cop wanna bees, will also be in the van to act as driver, and goon squad as they see fit. The van would most likely work in close conjunction with the real cops also. Remember there are only 11,945 people “at or below 200% of the federal poverty level,” and Crandall is gunning for 30,000.  (Note: What they are really trying to say is “people who earn twice the federal poverty level, because it is insane to believe 200% of anything exists)

It wasn’t until John Webb’s statement “most patients in Crestwood are placed there by courts and agencies of other counties,” that I truly understood the entirety of the operation. Prior to Mr. Webb I figured that because we were building a local mental health eugenics program we needed room else where. But now, I realize we are in a State wide game of three card monte. Watch closely and tell me where your loved one is. If we are doing this patient shuffle to the tune of 25% of our population, is the rest of the state doing likewise? If so I don’t think prop 63 is going to stop the bankruptcy of our medical. Then what will they do then – fire up the gas chambers to save money?

We need oversight of our mental health facilities and programs. Obvious abuses, fabricated admittances, over-medicating, public guardian fraud, denial of due process, forced confinement and drugging, the hiding of patients through an organized state wide program, and lack of access to an Advocate are just some of the reasons that we need a review board to guarantee the rights and safety of mental health patients and detainees. Since we have already been through four Heads of the Mental Health Department in the last year or so (Stein is the first not a psychiatrist to be head, maybe even psychiatrists are smarter then that), I think we should look to the boss of the head. That responsible party would be Phillip Crandall. It is past time to replace him, and begin to put our mental ill dollars in programs that improve the “mentally ill” person’s life and not the life of the rich bothered person. And with the millions we have left over we should invest in proactive policies, like nutrition, education, shelter, living wages, and other policies which lead to a more egalitarian and sustainable society.

love eternal


11 Responses to “A brief history of Humboldt’s Mental Health Operation”

  1. Stan Says:

    Dearest Tad:

    Nice piece of work Tad; Crandall and big Pharma are the just the ugly head of the monster beast here. The whole system is abusive and ineffective. The board of supervisors have played Dumb Monkey (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) for long enough (just follow the money and influence). It’s time for heads to roll, and a clearing house to happen in this so called health and human services division, and the mental health departments crimes propagated upon those in Humboldt County and around this nation as a whole.
    Holistic mental health services and models have proven time and time again to be far more effective and more humane, than the Failed Medical Model Big Pharma and the APA bow down knees bent before on their stacks of Benjamin’s, the piles of corpses, and endless lines of broken spirits of suffering and pain they have left behind for our society to clean up after their greed mongering ways.
    If Humboldt County ever decided to get off this out of control train of abuse and truly help those in need; then they can finally send a message through their votes and action that they can truly be the gem of the west coast, and caring human beings.
    Until that day comes, the county government and those that fulfill these inhumane and corrupt policies will continue to be the enemy of the people they are solemnly swore to represent. At some point the people always rise up and say enough is enough! Then they act with little mercy toward those that have abused them! This is both the historic and American way of change.
    If Hell is truly a just end for those of evil deed and intent, then each supervisor, Philip Crandall, and his cronies will have a special burning mental hospital room set aside full of horrific pharmaceuticals especially designed just for them and unending torment eternally.
    Take notice egocentric puppet master Mr. Crandall; we are watching, investigating, and moving forth against you each and every day! Humboldt County may pay in huge mountains of dollars through the courts, but you will pay also. Each time you look around we are watching; so you should be very paranoid!! Your days of reign are numbered in Humboldt County as these very words touch this page. Every dirty little secret private and public will be seen by all soon enough. And since you are a public figure it’s all fair game.

    Yours truly

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Stan

    thank-you Stan.

    I agree with almost everything you said. I only disagree with your visions of even allowing our enemy to be exposed to those drugs. No; life, plus a day, is all I need see happen to Crandall. I would also like to add my perspective to a couple of points you made.

    First you accuse the deaf, dumb, and blind board of monkeys as the ones in charge. The supes make less than $80,000 a year, Crandall makes more than $160,000 a year. Who do you really think is in charge here.

    Next, we are to blame also. A brother killed himself in the Mental Health parking lot. If he had of been a Korean farmer we would of known it was against GMO crops, but because it was a Humboldt mental health diagnosis, we don’t have a fucking clue as to why he picked that spot. Suicide is more prevalent in Humboldt then death by cop.

    Next, holistic healing, not only is more effective, but actually cure, or effective deal with the “abnormality.” Isn’t that what crazy is, “not within the norm as set forth in the DSM?”

    Humboldt County is the “gem of the west” when it comes to accomplishing its goals. Its goal just happens to be change the behavior of 30,000 people. The new HSU department of Behavioral and Social Sciences came with Rolex Richmond, who happens to be both a member of the comos club, and an expert geneticist on fruit flies and malathion. Fruit flies and malathion experiments were what led these pseudo-scientists to believe that they could change behavior with drugs. Exactly what is happening is what is suppose to happen. It depends on which greedy mother fucker is looking at the gem.

    Politicians start out the enemy of the people. What makes them “good” or not is how long they can hide it. Remember Crandall’s in charge, and he is doing exactly what he is supposed to do.

    Some day people will rise up, but it just happens to be that 25% on the bottom. Remember those they are trying to drug! It takes spirit to rise up, and I feel I don’t talk about the worst, and probably the most common side effect of anti-psychotics, and that is they kill spirit.

    Hell is for children! Life is for the living. You don’t scare anyone into doing the right thing. Karma will certainly get Crandall. If nothing else he wont be able to answer that last question in his last instance.

    Yes we are watching, and what more as Crandall tries to do what he is doing, more and more people are going to say “what the fuck,” and speak out. What was whispered in the closet will be shouted from the roof tops. Unfortunately for Germany during the National Socialist’s genocide it took outside intervention.

    Thanks again for you sagacious words.

    love eternal

  3. Hope Says:

    You expect treatment in a mental health facility. Hope

  4. fig Says:

    1 SEPTEMBER, 2008 (labor day Monday).



    “…..change behavior….?”:

    a lot of people think (thanks to
    marketing saturation non-stop, tv,
    radio, mags., newspapers, what have you…)

    if they take “pills(psychiatric and otherwise)”
    because some m.d.(lusting for a 2009 S500 Mercedes
    and a $2-$5 million House) says you are……

    mood unstable,
    or a million other
    made-up “200%” crap……..

    then you’re gonna get straight A’s,
    listen to your mother, father,
    not scream and yell “all the time,”
    not be a bum……

    It doesn’t work, people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “psychiatric drugs”
    induce suicide and worse
    mass killings, a la COLUMBINE, Virgina Tech,
    on and on and on …………………


    Does drugs work for anything ?

    If you’re bleeding from a wound, and you’re
    a hemophiliac, then I believe there is a
    drug that will stop the bleeding. other than
    that, can’t think of any other drugs.


    p.s. that line about ” ….there can’t be
    200% of anything, it’ more accurately twice the
    fed. poverty level……… ” [paraphrase]
    is pretty funny.
    ____________________________ the end……………..

  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you fig

    But its true. 100% = the whole. 200% is pseudo-science. And if its made up crap, like the “disorders” in the DSM, then 100% crap means all of it. Also notice that the “Diagnosis and Statistics Manual” doesn’t have any statistics in it. Penicillin was a pretty good drug until everyone started drinking all that antibiotic laced milk.

    Drugs work at making huge profits, and causing more ailments that need more drugs and make more huge profits. Zyprexa causes diabetes and ely lily’s second and third biggest sellers are diabetes drugs.

    love eternal

  6. transient Says:

    good work tying it all together.

    i would like to know more about the BSS building and what goes on there…

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you transient

    So would I, so would I. I really feel that several “unconnected” new happenings are really well connected. As recent attempts to control peoples behavior have unfolded I’ve noticed a new level of sophistication. Does Peter Hannaford and Rollin Richmond have any connection? What about Phillip Crandall? What about so-called liberals which work so hard at pushing oppressive Bush policies? I read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” and was jolted by the method of training an entire generation of neo-liberal economists. It seems to be that at least part of the “experiment” going on in the BS-squared building is indoctrinating the next generation of “social worker.”

    I really think my days are numbered, and I sure hope someone picks up once I am eliminated. Soon cool Humboldt County will be replaced with a gestapo/mental hygiene atmosphere. They are building the Mental Health Department 22 new hires at a time now instead of one or two. A friend was arrested last night for refusing to tell a cop where she was going. Where are all those who said Humboldt was worth saving? Neutralized or just giving up?

    But in the words of Jerry “we will survive.”

    love eternal

  8. Stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    I saw you on the idiot box at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisers meeting this morning. It saddens me that they will not even respond to these serious concerns you have brought before thier attention. I sat there feeling insulted and sickened by thier dead uncaring silence. I would have liked to have been there, but I’m still not functioning at full capacity yet unfortunately. But I want you to know I was there in spirit cheering you on. You are a true free voice speaking out for those that cannot speak. That makes you a very special person Tad. Please keep up the good work! Believe it or not; I think some people are starting to listen finally.

    Yours Truly

  9. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Stam

    Thankyou. If you think they are non-responsive on tv, but when you watch their faces I guarantee you they are responding. I’m the eternal optimist, and I always think people get it. Plus as MH grows they begin to have to many potential whistle blowers.

    I really think it is time to expose Ann Lyndsey’s made HIA. It is the most blatant piece of junk science I ever heard of. Crap like people who live in the country are unhealthy because they don’t have a park. Or people who live more then two miles from a grocery store are five pound heaver. She picked 35 indicators to prove her junk-science, and ignored others that disproved her case. Half a dozen people died in Eureka in the last couple of years at the hands of the cops. That seems like a pretty serious “indicator.” Or how much does exposure to massive traffic congestion.

    This was the woman who got fluoride put in our water. You do of course realize that chlorine and fluoride are the two leading ingredients in both our public water and prozac. Coincident, not likely.

    love eternal

  10. Theodore Utecht, MD Says:

    “And the real deviousness showed when Dr. Theodore Utecht made the claim that he was instructed to take people who were brought into Sempervirens, the county 5150 ward, who were intoxicated, and falsely label them duel diagnose. Why would they want to create made-up wing-nuts when they already believed a quarter of the population is already crazy?”

    This was a direct order from the acting medical director, Dr. David Aryanpur, at a medical staff meeting, directed to all the psychiatrists working in HCMH at the time. It was anyone/everyone intoxicated on alcohol, methamphetamine, and/or marijuana to be given a “psychiatric” diagnosis because HCMH is NOT licensed as a drug detox center and could not BILL for services if intoxicated at time of admission. It is all about MONEY.

    Theodore Utecht, MD (yes, this is the REAL one)

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Theodore

    First, thank you, thank you, thank you! We were wondering where you complaint went. Do you have any information? This is a very serious situation which effects a lot of people in our county.

    I’m not 100% convinced it is only about money. Maybe to Aryanpur, Crandall and the board of supervisors it is, but to the people this seems like forced medication as a means of control. Can I interview you? You can email me off the record at theplazoid@yahoo.com.

    Thanks again your a hero.

    love eternal

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