Peace be with you

Here’s a copwatch report, well, from copwatch.

love eternal


[We are using the name “Joe” here because we are unable to contact the victim to ask permission to use his name]

A couple of days ago, Arcata Police Officer BRIAN HOFFMAN brutalized a young black man, Joe, whom we believe lives outside. We have been told that Officer Hoffman, near the Co-op in Arcata, slammed Joe’s face into the cop car and ground his face into the cement. We were told that skin on Joe’s cheek ripped off, and there was a puddle of blood on the sidewalk (about a foot wide in diameter) where the cop had attacked. Although the cops tried to wipe up the blood, a civilian later took a photo of the large stain on the sidewalk.

A witness complained to the Arcata Police Department about the abuse he saw Officer Hoffman inflict. The cop at APD told the witness that in the past, Joe had SPAT BLOOD ON AN OFFICER. Spat blood? Does that mean a cop had beat Joe until he had blood in his mouth?!! Does that mean Officer Brian Hoffman was retaliating for something from the past?!!!

When several folks on the street heard of Joe being beat so bad, they immediately guessed that OFFICER BRIAN HOFFMAN had done it. Hoffman has been described as “a big, white guy with a bald head,” and according to these folks, “Hoffman has it out for Joe.”

Moments after we learned of this incident, a fellow CopWatcher called in to say that she had just encountered a woman who had gone to court as support for her friend, Joe. The woman was quite upset, explaining that she saw Joe, and he has a broken arm and broken leg- JAILED IN A WHEELCHAIR WITH A SLING ON HIS ARM!

A few days prior to the incident, we shared food and sunshine with Joe at the People Project Grub-n-Grab.

If anyone knows more about what happened to Joe [again, not his real name] please email or call CopWatch. Please get involved. We need more folks WATCHING .
(707) 633-4493




  1. fig Says:


    Sunday, AUG. 31, 2008,
    tommorow is MONDAY, Sept. 1, 2008…

    Are we still allowed to use such words as:

    “NO” “riseup” “dirty cop terrorist with ‘police powers'”
    “fight back” “police thugs”
    “governmental terrorists”
    “civil disobedience”
    “police killings” (of unarmed civilians)
    “police gangs”
    “police corruption”
    “armed police immunity”
    “armed police checkpoints”
    “police state”
    “police union tactics”
    “police tax corruption”
    “out-of-control armed police beating” (unprovoked)
    “police malfeasance”
    “armed police impunity” (against unarmed, often naive
    citizens, especially here
    in America)
    “armed police contempt” (for the law, for the unarmed
    roll-over-and-die types.)
    “armed police rampant abuses”
    “armed police union thugs with shaved heads”
    “police powers” (I wonder how many Americans even
    understand what this is: concept of,
    and otherwise.)

    the end ________________________________________

  2. anonymous Says:

    I was attacked in front of Don’s donuts by a vicious drunk panhandling thug in a trenchcoat and filed a complaint with APD. Officer Hoffman took the complaint. He was very courteous and respectful of my situation and took interest in my story of the uninvited incident. Within a half-hour, APD officers confronted and arrested the man for being drunk in public. I was very grateful that APD took my complaint seriously. Sometimes it’s time to take out the trash. If you endanger or hit a cop in the line of duty, prepare to get your ass beat.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I am so glad to hear you had an encounter with Hoffman and didn’t get hurt. It is scary to have to deal with the cops, and makes one grateful when you come away from it unharmed. I remember when there were enough kids downtown to prevent some swag ass punk from disrupting the scene like your trench coated attacker. Now alls we have is cops to keep the order and they are brutal to the poor and homeless. Be glad you had your platinum card in your pocket, because those cops aren’t always so courteous and respectful.

    I would really liked to have seen a video of the alleged attack. Did you get hit, pushed, or maybe a gun or a knife, maybe raped? How long were you in the hospital for? I mean ATTACK is not the kind of description of someone just telling you to kiss his ass. Why don’t you give me your name and I’ll go look at the police report.

    love eternal

  4. fig Says:

    ___________________ Mon. Sept. 1, Labor day, 2008

    MY QUESTION: above post #2,
    Isn’t using “……the uninviteed incident.”
    verbose, doesn’t sound right or true.
    my gut feeling………………
    california, Monday. 2008- Sept. 1.

  5. Ally Says:

    Update (and correction) re Injuries by Arcata Cops last week
    Posted September 1st, 2008 by copwatch

    This message is from Redwood Curtain CopWatch:

    Saturday I spoke very briefly with the man who’s face was smashed by Arcata
    Police Officer, Brian Hoffman. He is out of jail and is NOT (as we
    initially thought) the same man who is locked up with a broken arm and
    leg, apparently due to police violence. I was relieved to hear “Joe” say
    that he was out of jail and his legs and arms were fine.

    While Joe’s limbs are fine, he sustains injuries to his face; and we now
    understand that there is an additional man (whom our comrade heard about
    Friday, Aug 30th) who is in jail and who’s leg and arm were broken by the police
    in that week.

    In close proximity and within a short period of time, the local cops have
    attacked and injured TWO black men- Joe and the above-mentioned man with
    whom we have yet to speak.

    Abusive local cops and historically racist policing…

    Our comrade will be following up to investigate further details about the
    man who suffers the broken bones.

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