Whistle blower exposes Humboldt Mental Health again!

Peace with be you

At this afternoon’s public comment, during the Humboldt County Board of Supes meeting, John Webb exposed the county’s mental health advocacy as the sham is really is.  While you read John’s statement pay attention to the references to abuse, barriers, over-medication and due process denials.  Also those who watch me on television have heard me repeatedly ask the supe to not play their game of three card monte by shipping our mental victims all over California, where friends, family, advocates, and even lawyers can’t contact them.  John’s statement give us a good look at the stress and isolation that happens to our loved ones when they are shipped to the many out of county institutions Phillip Crandall has signed “agreements” with.

I hope John will not change his tune once HCDHHS offers him another jobe in their poverty pimp franchise like others before him have.  But until he does thank-you John and, here’s your statement in it’s entirety:

My name is John Webb and I live in Trinidad. I am here to tell you about serious legal jeopardy that the County Mental Health Department has involved itself in. As the governing board of the DHHS Mental Health Branch you have the responsibility to be aware of this problem and to implement a solution.

Until July 31 I was contracted by the Humboldt County DHHS Mental Health Branch as a Patient’s Rights Advocate. Unexpectedly, my contract was not renewed, I believe due to the fact that I did my job too well.

It is the job of an advocate to ensure that the Constitutional and statutory rights of all mental health patients, including Mental Health Branch patients, are in conformance with state law.

The position of county Patients’ Rights Advocate is statutorily required. Advocates are empowered to protect patients by advising and educating Mental Health Branch staff; representing patients at legal hearings and investigating patient complaints of abuse or neglect by any agency or facility, public or private, that provides services to mental patients. This is common practice in other counties throughout the State.

As my contract for those services has expired, I speak today as a concerned citizen with experience as a Patient’s Rights Advocate.

Shortly after I became an advocate Karolyn Stein was named Director of the Mental Health Branch and, as such, my supervisor. She immediately implemented policies that are still in a place that deny and endanger the legal rights of mental health patients by undermining the ability of mental health patients to fully access the services of the Patient’s Rights Advocates.

In contravention of State law, specifically various sections of the Welfare and Institutions Code, [sections 5520, 5530(a)] we, the Advocates, were instructed by Director Stein that we were not to have any discussions with any entities outside the Mental Health Branch without her explicit approval in each case. This meant that we would need her prior approval to investigate patient complaints involving the Public Guardian, the Public Defender, nursing homes in which mental patients reside, or any non Mental Health Branch agency or facility, public or private, that serves mental health patients.

There were numerous times when I requested permission to contact an outside agency on behalf of a patient only to have it denied by Ms. Stein.

We were also explicitly instructed not to advocate, without prior approval, for out-of-county mental health patients at Eureka Crestwood.

In Eureka at Crestwood Behavioral Health on Buhne St. there are 47 persons who are being held against their will, behind locked doors, who have various degrees of mental illness and who, consequently, have very limited access to the outside world. Most patients in Crestwood are placed there by courts and agencies of other counties. They frequently have very legitimate concerns (including issues of health and safety) that they need to communicate to their Public Guardians, Public Defenders, medical professionals and others who are responsible for serving and representing them. Those agencies are often hundreds of miles away from their clients and only infrequently make in-person visits to Crestwood. The patient’s ability to engage in phone communication with Public Guardians and others is challenged not only by their illness but also, due to the overly controlling and illegal action of Director Stein, who has chosen to erect an additional barrier for the mentally ill.

The policies that Director Stein instructed us to operate under are not supported by, and are in direct violation, of the Welfare and Institutions Code. Advocates, under that statute are empowered to investigate complaints from any mental health patient in any mental health facility, service or program in Humboldt County. There is no limiting language that empowers the Branch Director to give prior clearance to contacts the advocates make in pursuit of an investigation. Nor is their any language limiting advocate services only to those patients who are DHHS Mental Health branch patients.

Imagine, if you will, that you are an out of county patient who has an important upcoming court appearance that could mean your release after two years at Crestwood.

Your calls the Public Defender haven’t been returned. You see a poster advising you that you can have the services of a Patient’s Rights Advocate to assist you in legal issues. The Advocate supplies you with a phone number of the Public Defender from your county. You have no money for the pay phone. You have to make an appointment to talk to your case manager to use the institution’s phone. The case manager is out sick for the first appointment. Two days later he gets back to work but he’s too busy because of his backlog to help you with your call. A week later (after much difficulty because you can’t push the phones buttons due to the shakes the meds are giving you) you finally get to make a call to the Public Defender’s office but they can’t understand you because, due to over medication, you can’t focus clearly enough to get a coherent sentence out of your mouth.

As a Patient’s Rights Advocate it should be my responsibility to assist you. Even to make the phone calls for you, but, since you are an out of county patient my instructions from Director Stein are to deny you any assistance. You are in danger of not having adequate representation in court and may not be able to be released from Crestwood as you had expected.

As a Patient’s Rights Advocate I was specifically contracted to advise the Department “to make changes necessary to insure that Humboldt County meets its statutory patient’s right obligations”. When Director Stein first instituted this policy I advised her that her policy was neither in compliance with State law or the practices of other counties. She instructed me to have the State Office of Patient’s Rights contact her, and, if they would confirm my viewpoint she would consider changing the policy. This I did. I later confirmed that she had this conversation with the attorney for the State Office of Patient’s Rights who validated my interpretation to her. Nevertheless Ms Stein persisted in her policy of limiting and undermining the effectiveness of PRAs. There was no improvement of patient’s access to advocates or the ability of advocates to conduct investigations on behalf of patients.

When I asked Ms. Stein for direction on what I should say to out-of-county mental patients in Crestwood who asked for my services. She said to give them the phone number of an agency in their home county and “walk away.” When I pointed out that many patients could not, due to their mental illness, operate a phone or make themselves understood she replied, “Tough. They’ll just have to wait until they get out to make their phone call.”

This Board of Supervisors is the governing board of the Mental Health Branch and is empowered to direct administration to implement policies that are in compliance with State law. It is clearly the case that mental health patients in Humboldt County, particularly those in locked facilities, are being deprived of their statutory right to receive services from Patient’s Right’s Advocates.

It gives me no satisfaction to point out that Director Stein in complicit in this situation. If the Board takes appropriate action you can correct her poorly implemented restrictions on mental patients access to Patient’s Rights Advocates. I am available to communicate farther with you on this matter.

Please take effective action. The welfare of those in Humboldt County who face the challenges of mental illness depend on your understanding and promptness.

Statement by John Webb to Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, August 26, 2008


22 Responses to “Whistle blower exposes Humboldt Mental Health again!”

  1. sherry moser Says:

    The world needs more “good guys” John Webb!

    It takes courage to go up against the powers that be, but if we want the world to be a better place, we need to follow John’s lead.

    Please visit stopguardianabuse.org to become acquainted with guardianship horror stories regarding the Public Guardian’s Office as well as private guardians and help us to put an end to this unforgivable abuse of the vulnerable.

  2. Kim Manire Says:

    John Webb you are a stand up guy!!!!!!! This is not only a problem in CA, though, it is a growing epidemic in the US, in every state in America.

    Google “guardianship abuse”, and you will find more than one web site to look into and read more horor stories of people who the courts, doctors and other people who are supposed to be protecting our elderly and mentally disabled loved ones from ABUSE, NEGLECT, and EXPLOITATION.

    In fact you will see how the families and friends have fought to protect them, and all the courts and others have done is stolen lives, and their life savings from them.

    They say the people are incapacitated, so they want to keep people locked up and drugged so that they can take every penny they have. While in fact they are not mentaly ill or incapacitated. THESE PEOPLE LIE TO STEAL FROM OUR LOVED ONES.

    All of these people have to be stopped!!!!!! Both of my in-laws were abused by the very people who were supposed to be protecting them. These people accused the family of abuseing, but we never would have locked them up and started drugging them just to keep them calm, because they wanted to go outside, or to see their family.

    These people only check up on the “mentaly ill maybe once a month if that.

  3. Stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Patience rights advocates should be an independent body with the sole purpose of looking out for the rights and well being of the patients in this broken system. Humboldt Mental Health has a good old boys attitude and total disregard for even the most basic laws, which shows in the care provided, and policies implemented. This has class action law suit written all over it. Good luck finding an attorney that isn’t part of the insiders club in this county though.
    I watched and sat in on some of these so called hearing, and was amazed how little the advocate did or was able to do to protect the rights of the patience. Not only is this system broken; but its controlled top to bottom by Philip Crandall’s handpicked assassins (which includes K. Stein and many others). I’m not surprised at all that anyone that is willing to speak up is gone in a heartbeat. The RN’s and mental health administrators are trained in how to win these hearing whether it’s in the patients best interest or not. “Just follow the money as they say!” The county is in bed with big pharma, and I can tell you from the inside out that it isn’t about treatment, providing humane, and safe care for individuals with mental health issues.
    Tad you might remember me as a psych tech the county fired for being assaulted on the job! If you wish, go to my blog and read about it. The tax payers of this county deserve to know how their dollars are being flushed down the toilet by a corrupt system top to bottom. Philip Crandall should be public target/public enemy number one with many of his cronies to follow. Patients and employees civil rights are being violated each and every day by Humboldt County Mental Health. With those you know and a few patients stepping forward to speak out; we can end this madness. I know the state of California and guidelines behind the ADA (America’s with Disabilities act) do apply here as they do other places. The time is now for change, and I have seen you stand in front of the board of supervisors being ignored, and put to the side as a regular dissenter without any progress or the supervisors even listening time and time again. John Webb and the patient’s he was supposed to represent need to take legal class action against this county and put them on their knees financially. We all need to take a shovel and start moving this mountain of corruption from our mist for good.

    Yours truly

  4. fig Says:

    27-Aug-2008, Wed.

    If for whatever reason, you end
    up in a “psychiatric unit,” you are
    in big, big trouble !!!!!

    I was forcibly drugged with a unknown
    psychiatric drug via buttock.

    FOR NO REASON, other

    than I was completely scared out of my wits, after
    being beaten up by — santa clarita sheriff, dirty cop terrorists
    with “police powers”—- and landing up at
    Henry mayo newhall memorial hospital “psych unit”
    (aka “behavioral health unit,” which has been changed to
    “behavioral health services”) The “law”
    says you can be forcibly drugged only if you
    “are completely out of control” and a threat……..

    THE LAW is a complete joke if PEOPLE won’t follow it

    The “law” can’t help you if you have NORTH KOREAN
    government thug types behIND closed doors, doing
    whatever they want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What good is an advocate, what good is it when you’re
    dead…… THE key is to not even end up in ANY “psychiatric
    unit.” WATCH OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    America ONLY works if people behind closed doors will
    stand up for what is right. When I was forcibly drugged (with
    an unknown psych. drug) at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
    “psych unit” it might as well been NORTH KOREA. The impunity
    and contempt that these power-mad, hellacious thugs showed
    almost killed me in MAY, 2003.


    27 WED., AUG. 27, 2008.

    from: m.reddit.com

    A woman is knocked to the ground when she did not
    move back fast enough after the Denver police
    made an arrest during a DNC protest. Sounds like
    the cop calls her the b word as well…

    209 points | 203 comments | submitted 18 hours ago by keg to reddit.com from rockymountainnews.com


  5. fig Says:

    _________________________ 27 Wed., Aug. 27, 2008 …

    A dirty cop terrorist with “police powers”
    going crazy. Is this cop on ‘roids, or worse
    yet some kind of psychiatric drugs, maybe autistic, bipolar,
    tripolar, quadpolar, or maybe just has jock itch,

    maybe he should’ve entered Olympic wrestling match.

    Just your average (dirty cop terrorist) going
    berserk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    via m.reddit.com
    250 pound male cop slams 100 pound female protester to the ground, then arrests her before she can talk to the press.

  6. Kim Manire Says:


  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Kim

    If you don’t put any words the machine thinks your spam. If computers are so smart why don’t they do what I want, not what I ask? My dog does.

    love eternal

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  10. lionas Says:

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  11. transient Says:

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  12. sandrar Says:

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  13. Redy Says:

    A whistleblower is a person who raises a concern about wrong doing occurring in an organization or body of people.

  14. Joan Collier Says:

    It is not just adults but also children with mental health issues that receive no services or are denied services by Humboldt County Mental Health. The State and Federal governments give Humboldt County Mental Health the funds to provide these services but some how there is less and less service and more and more administration. Some clever bookkeeping. Try getting them to order a simple blood test or worse yet an EEG to help diagnosis problems. Stan put his finger on the problem and everyone knows it.

  15. Abuse by Mental Health in Humboldt Says:

    If you work for Humboldt county mental health and try to do the right thing for your patients, you will probably be fired.The abuse in Humboldt County Mental Health System needs to be exposed.Forced drugging, involentary commitment, solitary confinment and restaints, are just a few things that go on behind closed doors at local faucilitys. They even kill people and get away with it.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    That is why some of the users’ account can multiply 2-3x in a week. It does depend on favorable trend though.

  17. Henry Willey Says:

    I personally gave a copy of the state law regarding mental health board to every member of the board of supervisors. They didn’t know what it was. They had never even seen it. I got a nasty response from Virginia Bass. Mark Lovelace was positive and said he would look into it and change things. That was about a year ago. The mental health board is not the property of HHS or Mental Health Dept. It belongs to the County Supervisors and its mandates are totally ignored. Phil Crandall keeps a tight grips on his crones and things are not likely to change.

    The Mental Health Directors and Phil Crandall run it. To some extent it is the fault also of the board chairman. Phil doesn’t need to be there. The mental health director doesn’t need to be there. It is supposed to be an independent board reporting to the BOS. It has not ever so far as I know done this. I resigned after 8 years on the board and several as Chair and Vice Chair. I personally appeared before the BOS and made sure they had the legislation. They don’t care. No one cares about the poor client of the system.

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  20. Henry Willey Says:

    John, I realize a lot of water is under the bridge but people like you and I and a few others who have tried to bring accountability to the system are not listened to. Mark Lovelace did check into some things but it is my opinion that the board has been run in the same way for so long that it will never be run accourding to the Welfare and Institutions Codes, The Mental Health Services Act, etc.
    I represented 17 rural northern Ca. to the state board CNMHC and I can tell you that there are so many layers of beaurocracy in the mental health system that the care and followup of clients is very low on the totem pole. It is a self-perpetuating bunch of individuals making lots of money and generating lots of un-necessary paperwork while the client is without protections and proper care.
    My earlier entry still stands as well. They have burnt up most of us who have butted our head against the wall and seen zero results.
    I doubt it will ever change. They had the W&I codes printed copies put in front of them at an official supervisors meeting-progress none.

  21. Annette Says:

    Hello my name is annette castro my daughters name is Jasmine castro which she is at Crestwood mental hospital in sanjose ca she’s being held there against her will the staff there are having non stop intercoarse with her and she has been there for 8 months and she has been given shoes with huge holes in thm by the staff and she is very constipated by the grilled chesse they eat daily her hygeines are not getting met and they won’t release her back to us and there is no legal grounds to by tulare county to have her over there this is not by legal grounds this is only mental health here in. Visalia ca only please help her and help her to return to her family that want her back and love her. Thanks mrs.castro. (559)668-3147

  22. dani Says:

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