Crandall now says up to 80% of Foster Youth are crazy!

Peace be with you

Sorry I’ve been lax in my updating posts the last couple of weeks. I had ’puter problems, but we’re up and running once again – sorta.

I would like to take you back to August 5th’s Humboldt County Board of Supes meeting if I may. Though I could probably write a short book about my busyness with the supes, the dozen cops called on me, and the quisling homeland security, and FEMA deals being made on your behalf, I will limit this discussion to Item-16 on the consent calendar.

Connie Stewart, the Homeless hating ex-city council member from Arcata, said Patty Berg sent her to speak in favor of Item 16. How Berg knew I would pull item-16 from the consent calendar is beyond me. Of course there is the possibility that Stewart still hasn’t learned to tell the truth and just made that shit up on the spot.

Item-16, also titled “Mental Health Services Act and Mental Health Foster Care Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment Entitlement Staffing Request,” is a staffing request that would have made the racist eugenicist Madison Grant piss his pants with eugenics envy. It hires 22 ½ new mental health “workers.” I wonder if they called them “workers” when they were killing “undesirables” in Nazi Germany.

Here’s the list of new hires:

2 full time (f/t) senior program managers

7 f/t psychiatric nurses

1 f/t assistant director of psychiatric nursing

5 half time (h/t) mental health aides

2 f/t mental health aides

3 f/t mental health case mangers

3 f/t mental health clinicians

2 f/t mental health maintenance custodians

These 22 ½ professional ropers and dopers cost tax payers a grand total of $1,079,795, and they plan on costing 80% of all Humboldt foster kids their lives! Where did I get the number 80%? Why, from that over paid county dope pusher himself, Phillip Crandall.

Crandall went on to talk about “the plan,” though Jill Geist tries her best to prevent me from talking about “the plan” in my objection to these army building hiring’s. Crandall also said that “when we increase mental health services we see a decrease of the ‘at risk youths.’” It seems to me that as he increases the number of rope-‘em and dope-‘em goons the number of youths at risk of being harmed increase dramatically. He talked about “performance management” and “quality improvement” like either one of those concepts relates to the suicidility, and life shortening health problems guaranteed to come from mass doping of our county’s citizens.

What Crandall didn’t talk about, and what he never talks about, is the drugs. He pretends like it is all based on huggy-feelly counseling, when in fact it is all based on Bush’s drugs-before-hugs California Medication Algorithm Program (CalMAP).

Paranoia is no longer a mental illness; it’s now the reality of every person earning less then 200% of poverty level incomes. They said they’re out to get you, and they are building a “enforcement unit” to prove it. Don’t think just because your sane your safe, ‘cause they got that worked out too.

love eternal


7 Responses to “Crandall now says up to 80% of Foster Youth are crazy!”

  1. The Noble Lie Says:

    Yes, I do believe they were called “social workers” (or the German equivelant) back in Nazi Germany.

    Here’s a good feature from the Winston-Salem Journal for those who want more understanding that the US was and is the bastion of eugenics and predatory psychology.

    Only one state was more brutal in forcibly sterilizing people than the US, and that’s California (what with all those Indians and Mexicans having babies unchecked), the “liberal” and “open-minded” state. I don’t see any features from a California paper on this issue.

    I’ll be reading up on CALMap now, thanks for the tips.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Noble

    Try researching “TexMAP.” It started in Texas under then Governor George Bush. Also check out laura’s law which says that they only have to accuse you of being crazy three times and you can be legally drugged for life. These anti psychotics are Auschwitz in a pill.

    love eternal

  3. fig Says:


    “psychiatric drugs” and it’s equivalent chemical
    compounds are found in a wide, wide range of
    pharmaceuticals. Just a few examples:

    “psychiatric drugs” are sold as;
    (1) mood stabilizing drug,
    (2) ADHD, ADD, whatever else they’ve come up with
    (3) for “Fibromyalgia ”
    (4) for “Autism”, “autism spectrum”, whatever else they’ve come up with.
    (5) if you have jock itch,
    (6) if you have butt itch,
    (7) if you don’t refer to 9/11 as “9/11 terrorist attack”
    (8) anti-anxiety drug,
    (9) you will get ALL A’S if you take “psychiatric drugs.”
    (10) the only people who need to take
    “psychiatric drugs” and self-immolate themselves, chemically,
    are m.d.’s, lawyers, and politicians. So America can
    have a fresh start………………………..
    _______________________________ 20-Aug-2008, Wed.

  4. The Noble Lie Says:

    Thanks for pointing me that direction. Makes sense, I think the Bushes were the ones going on about how every American should be given regular psychological testing, because you could be a thought criminal and not even know it.

    I’m unplugged from local issues but I see the bigger agenda and have read books written by the blue blooded Oxford elites (and a UN advisor or two) on their plans to domesticate the “wild animal” known as human, using drugs, hormones, “health care” systems, along with propaganda, mass media, “education” systems, and so on. They even talk a little about using the food supply, water supply, etc, to get these hormones and chemicals into people.

    I’ve also watched people dear to me try to recover from the effects the “happy” pill-dispensing industry put upon them, which were far worse than whatever mental distress they suffered in the first place.

    It’s good to see people fighting the monster where its head pops up here. It is past time for people to start saying no, and stand up for others saying no.

  5. The Noble Lie Says:

    Re Bush and psych screening (sorry this should have been one comment):

    Of course you can’t even get out of a damn doctor visit anymore without them drilling you with “Have you been feeling depressed? Any anxiety? Any domestic violence or abusive partners? Any voices, strange thoughts, blah blah blah blah blah,” no matter what you are coming in for.

    I have gotten to the point where I don’t want to go to the doc unless I have my lawyer present. Shit, I don’t have a lawyer.

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace Noble

    I also have studied the “big picture,” and realized that only locally could any changes be brought to bare. Many “liberal” ideas are really “fascist ideas” in in sheep’s clothing. “think globally, act locally” is one of those ideas. I can’t change a war five thousand miles from here, but I can stop a recruiter from taking my neighbor over there to war. Think locally, act locally is the only way to protect myself and those I love. We can see the monster when it rears its head against us, and we can stand against it here and now.

    On a side note tape recorders are better then lawyers.

    gotta go see if I can scrounge some “memory” for my crashing computer. Good luck and god’s speed.

    I would like to encourage everyone to check out Noble’s “The Noble Lie Blog.”

    love eternal

  7. The Noble Lie Says:

    National politics is a circus; if this election cycle doesn’t prove it, nothing will. You’re right, the local fight is the one worth fighting and I am looking locally now. And your blog was right there staring me in the face. 🙂 Besides I’m learning that there’s more than enough corruption and inujstice right here at home to keep one plenty busy.

    No more comments outta me today, I have a day job to attend to. Thanks for the plug and I’ll be linking your blog too.

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