Stop Hoover’s Sucking! – Boycott the Arcata Eye!

Peace be with you

Kevin “baby cain” Hoover has been on a personal refer madness crusade of late.  This photo is of Kevin Hoover advocating to Scott Burns (deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy).

From left to right: Kevin “baby cain” Hoover, cop, cop, cop, DA, Arcata city attorney,  Arcata city planner, don’t know, bald guy, and Scott Burns.

Boy, talk about sucking, it looks like a meeting between Hoover and the DEA to me. Did they kiss?

Hoover sent out “‘Dear Property Owner’ letters to suspected grow house owners.”  In this opinion piece (Yea I know everything in the LEye is a an opinion piece) he justifies these “witch hunts and vigilantism” by claiming it worked in one instance, and we really have to believe Hoover to believed it “worked” then.

Baby cain attacks the blogs claiming they claimed,

“we’re being paid to post accusations on people’s doors, turning people in to the police, publishing grow house addresses, etc. – all made up. As usual, the threshold for myth belief is quite low, especially online.”

I can find no evidence there is anyone accusing anything like he insinuates, but plenty of evidence that he did lead a LA Times camera crew around by the nose, thus drawing federal occupation, in the forms of a “northern sweep” component of “operation southern sweep,” and the wrath of Burns.

He claims one “message” said he “SUCKS!”  I bet more than one person feels that way.  Though I believe he really SUCKS!, I also believe its bullshit for children to be threaten him, if as he claims he truly was.  So, you kids stop making baby cain cry.  Leave him alone, and he will self-destruct of his own accord (his suckiness). Don’t cooperate with him, don’t think he’s funny, and don’t buy his fucking paper, and you will do more to destroy his ilk, then becoming like him. He is only “liked” because he does the bidding of the privileged elite, so once his paper folds he is a nobody, with nothing. He can’t gain the praise of those expecting favors, and he can’t gain the praise of those he hurt when he was sucking.  He’ll be reduced to nothing but a blog troll.

To put the proverbial nail in his coffin BOYCOTT THE ARCATA EYE!  If you have not read what Burns wishes for Humboldt County, then read it now!  Hoover is the person to blame for all this, he brought the press, which in turn brought goons.  Our clinics, our patients, our 215 laws, and our very culture is being threatened because of Hoover’s yellow journalism.

Hoover does not know how to write a neutral article.  His bigotry and narcissism stains any attempt at objective reporting.  News certainly would not be what is lost by not buying his tabloid.  You think the DEA will all subscribe to keep him afloat?

I don’t know why baby cain is so hell bent on sending our neighbors and children to prison, but do know why a lot of people are pissed about it.   Hoover boasts that “if there’s any newspaper the marijuana fans are reading these days, it’s got to be this one.”  I say “if there’s any newspaper the marijuana fans should not be  reading these days, it has really got to be [the Arcata Eye].”  This is America, here we vote with our purchases – or lack there of.

Boycott the Arcata Eye!

love eternal


20 Responses to “Stop Hoover’s Sucking! – Boycott the Arcata Eye!”

  1. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Tad Tad Tad…

    I guess you’ll never get over it that we busted you for trying to bilk the City out of $4,960. You remember – for all the wet garbage at your campsite at the Marsh you said was someone else’s, then sent the City a bill?

    A memory refresher:

    October 6, 2003
    Tad (AKA Theodore Lewis Robinson): Financial Claim of the Week:’Love Eternal’ – and $4,960, please

    August 30, 2003
    City of Arcata;
    On March 12, 2003, members of the Arcata Police Dept., including Rangers Murphy and Chase, and including officer Drake Goodall and others, removed all my possessions from a protest I was attending concerning the City of Arcata’s camping policy. The protest was on city owned (public) property located north of the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife sanctuary. I had all my earthy [sic] possessions with me at this time. Although I was not cited for any wrong doing, all of my possessions were seized without my consent, leaving me in a life threatening and emotionally distressful situation. The city of Arcata violated its own procedure for the care and treatment of seized property and did not treat my property in the same degree and care that they extend to the property of others. I was able to recover some of my property from a dumpster at the city’s corporation yard where it was “stored” under tons of ordinary garbage and huge chunks of concrete. Having no alternative, myself and other protesters took to the plaza to make our plight known to the public. I was given a camping ticket the following morning, which has been subsequently dismissed due to officer Bence’s failure to appear at my trial. A charge of maintaining a public nuisance, brought by officer Murphy for the same protest, was dismissed by the Humboldt County Prosecutor, who said that we “agree with the defendant that he was engaged in a First Amendment demonstration and that his tent was a prop in this demonstration.” Arcata police officer, Robert Murphy, was in court when the forgoing statement was read by the prosecuting attorney. A charge of littering was hastily substituted for the public nuisance charge. I was acquitted of this charge by Judge Reinholtsen.

    At a second demonstration on July 22 to July 25, 2003, at the same city owned property north of the Marsh, I was repeatedly threatened, ticketed and ultimately arrested for legally demonstrating on public land. Arcata police officers R. Murphy, J. Sanchez, J. Florkes, E. Cashman, E. Wilson, D. Brown, R. Mendosa, M. Andre, S. Tyler, D. Hauser and others participated in these actions. Once again, my property was seized along with that of my fellow demonstrators. This time the property was stored with care in a storage locker. However, several personal items were missing including but not limited to protest literature and documentation of police misconduct contained in notebooks and cameras and tape recorders.

    I am asking for a sum of $4,960 from the city of Arcata to pay for the items of camping equipment and personal belongings of myself, and my extended family, for which I had assumed responsibility. I am further making a claim as an unlimited civil case for false arrest. I am further making a claim as an unlimited civil case for the pain, suffering and emotional distress caused by the city of Arcata’s police force in seizing all of my survival gear, three times. Finally, I am making a claim as an unlimited civil case for violations of my civil rights, in which the city of Arcata, and its employees did conspire to stop, and did in fact stop me from carrying on constitutionally protected demonstrations on public land, within the city of Arcata, and did further conspire to target me as the leader of several demonstrations.

    Love Eternal
    (AKA Theodore Lewis Robinson)
    Tad’s itemized bill:
    Date March 12, 2003
    Rain Suit
    Sleeping Bags (6) (1 All natural fabric)
    Backpacks (2)
    Cooking Utensils
    Books (includes personal Bible, Plato’s Republic)
    Family Heirlooms and Keepsakes (including P-38 and Indian Head Bottle opener)
    Protest signs and materials
    Misc. Clothing
    Blankets (10)

    Date March 13, 2003
    Tents (3)
    Blankets (6)
    Protest signs and materials
    Rain Ponchos (11)
    Date July 25, 2003
    Cooking untensils
    Gerber Utility tool
    Protest materials
    Total $4,960

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hoover

    I thought I spam blocked your ass. It’s nice of you to reopen that part of history, even if you spin it. I guess the City of Arcata is lucky I didn’t sue, because it appears I filed a complaint in time. Actually I replaced everyone’s shit twice during that protest, leaving me to recoup my loss from the city. It was only “wet garbage,” because of the way the Arcata pigs, took a dozen homeless people’s food, tents, and blankets, during the worst storm of 2003, and threw it in a forty-yard dumpster, with no top, for “safe keeping.” Then just to make sure it was safe those throw-backs to the KKK era dumped rotten meat and huge chunks of concrete on top of it. Then “allowed” me to retrieve it with the help of an ACLU board member. That’s why we move our protest to “your precious” plaza in the first place.

    It’s a stroke of genius that I incorporated the whole “alice’s restaurant” court thing in my letter. I was sick that day and running a high fever. The DA dismissed the protesting charge, because he said it was a protesting charge, and then charged me with littering. Hahahahahaha, I laughed my ass off. Put Murphy on the stand, and got him to say my belongs were “spreading to a central location.” Hahahahahahahaha. I showed the judge the video shot by the cops to “prove I was a criminal” and the judge ruled I was NOT GUILTY! Hahahahahahaha I don’t think a DA has ever looked so stupid as the one the city of Arcata got to prosecute me. Hahahahahahahaha I bet I am the only person in Humboldt county to be tried by the DA for a ticket. Hahahahahahaha, what a funny fuck you are.

    FYI the next time we protested and the city of Arcata confiscated all our stuff, it was neatly put in a storage locker for “safe keeping.” Even though you are way too big of an ignorant fuck to know right from wrong, the cops got my message loud and clear.

    Thanks for the look at history asswipe. Sorry about your tabloid, but its your own fault. US out of Humboldt County – and Hoover too!

    love eternal

  3. Kevin Hoover Says:


    Did you ever get treatment for Grizz’s ear?


  4. Kym Says:

    Being from Southern Humboldt I don’t read the Arcata Eye so I can’t speak to the quality of Kevin’s regular reporting. But I did listen to most of the Burns’ interview and read the whole thing. I, and most of the other people who have that I am aware of, were impressed with Kevin’s hard hitting questions. Here is Pete Guither of DrugWarRant on Salon who calls Hoover’s work “a masterful job.” I’m still working out how I feel about some of Kevin’s tactics in Arcata but his interview with Burns was extremely well done and exposed a frightening view, in my opinion, of what the federal government is planning for Humboldt County. Kevin did the community a huge service.

  5. Kevin Hoover Says:

    It’s always fun sparring with him, but Tad rather obviously has a lot of anger.

    His is a demon-haunted world – the local government, grassroots media, other activists are all knaves and “Nazis,” by his lights. It appears he’s trying to leverage this issue to work his old grudges. It’s just what he does, and we in Arcata have been living with it for years.

    The fact is, every legitimate actor in the cannabis crisis, from NORML to Americans for Safe Access to my sweet pals who are medical cannabis patients are perfectly fine with my work.

    The black-market big-money people and grifters like Tad, not so much.

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Kym

    One just has to read baby cain’s posts here to see what an ass he is. He claims NORML, ASA, “are perfectly fine with [his] work.” If they approve of Hoover’s cop calling bullshit then maybe that’s why after 35 plus years we still have illegal weed.

    You can feel free to be “impressed” with him or what ever. His statement about me feeling that “local government, grassroots media, other activists are all knaves and ‘Nazis,'” is only a true statement if you put the word “some” in front of it. But mostly its bullshit, and I would have to be able to counter any bullshit he makes up point by point.

    I am one of the most honest people you will ever meet where money is involved. I don’t got none and I don’t want none. I give incorrect change back in grocery stores, yet this brilliant sleuth calls me a grifter. He most certainly can’t prove it, because one can’t prove shit they make up. So he just throws it out there thinking he has raised his validity by lowering mine. A friend reminded me today of the “have you quit beating you wife?” question. Me being a grifter is a “brand new” claim by hoover, and left unanswered could slander my reputation. If he will go to all the trouble of lying here where nobody likes him, what makes you think he ever concerns himself with his lying elsewhere?

    I do have old/new grudges, because I see baby cain as a bigot. His claim to fame is taking people’s worst moments and highlighting them for the small town laugh at. He advocates (to Hoover this means lies) to build up hate for the homeless people, and he utilizes the resulting oppression to make money off their misery. I also dislike they way he lies for his “buddies” and lies against his “buddies” political enemies. Yes I have a grudge, but never have I seen him do anything so mean, so dangerous, and so hypocritical to date as his LA Time’s interview. And, I have been boycotting his lying rag since 2003. And then there was that time he ran articles by the likes of Bob Ornelas advocating “running me out of town,” but I figure Ornelas’ two page retirement spread dedicated almost exclusively to how much Hoover and Ornelas really hate tad kinda settled that particular grudge. If Bob ever shows that to his grand kids there only question will be “who’s tad?”.

    He is a yellow journalist! He yellowed the whole “marijuana grow house” bullshit he stirred up in Arcata. He yellowed himself when he sent letters to people’s landlords accusing them of being “commercial marijuana grows.” He yellowed himself when he brought the LA Times here to stir shit up nationally. He yellowed himself when he used the exception to prove the rule. If you haven’t seen the video baby cain shot with the LA Times, then you should. He accuses one person’s house of being a grow house. He knocks on the door, and the man that answers the door says he has his 215 growing in the garage, and even offers Hoover a look. Instead Hoover walks away like he’s proved his point.

    He was the reason feds started to occupy north Humboldt. It may even be a reason for the So Hum raid also. I do not want my community members to go to prison for pot, and Hoover would like nothing better. Therefore I choose to boycott Hoover’s Arcata Eye (pronounced lie), and invite everyone who thinks Hoover’s spin doctoring has caused enough grief in our community to join me.

    Thank you Kym for not supporting the Arcata Eye, you should really consider supporting the boycott. The TOPIX page with “BOYCOTT the ARCATA EYE” title has 14 pages now.

    Boycott the Arcata Eye!

    love eternal

  7. Kevin Hoover Says:


    “He yellowed himself when he sent letters to people’s landlords accusing them of being “commercial marijuana grows.”

    Also, Captain Honesty, anyone can read the letter I wrote to property owner for themselves and see that it doesn’t say anything of the sort. How silly of you to make such an easily disprovable claim. I’ve never understood why you do such self-defeating things, and yet you do them over and over.

    Tad, everyone – even your former allies – knows that you’ve been trying to get the working people of Arcata to pay for your existence for years, with every available gambit. It’s never worked, and you continually focus your rage on people like me who have to report your wacky misadventures.

    Here’s another thing. Don’t you know that when you sandwich your professions of “peace” and “love” with vitriol and poison, it’s sort of self-negating?

    I’ll give you one thing, though: unlike Heraldo and AnonRmous, you do yer hatin’ and name-calling with your name on it. That counts for something.

  8. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hoover

    1. Correction: Hoover didn’t write “commercial” this time while talking about Arcata’s patients rights. You did write this, didn’t you?:

    “I thought folks might want to know how it’s going with the “Dear Property Owner” letters to suspected grow house owners.” “Out of 39 letters<strong sent out to property owners, I’ve gotten reaction from about a dozen owners or renters.”

    2. Where the fuck did this come from Sigmund?:

    “I’ve never understood why you do such self-defeating things, and yet you do them over and over.”

    You claim it is “self-defeating” why? Because I am boycotting your paper? Is it self-defeating? You are certainly not in my fucking best interest!


    Here’s another provable fact that “Tad, everyone – even your former allies – knows that you’ve been trying to get the working people of Arcata to pay for your existence for years, with every available gambit.”

    Hahahaha motherfucker that’s a lot of people, want to put your money where your mouth is? Every-fucking-one? Hahaha your on – prove it!


    “unlike Heraldo and AnonRmous, you do yer hatin’ and name-calling with your name on it.”

    Again prove they, or I for that matter, hate. Are you being too quick to project your insecurities onto others? Pity you? Yes. I despise your behavior quite often, and I stand against your bigotry, but hate – never. I wish you would quit lying about me, but still I will follow my heart and BOYCOTT the ARCATA EYE! You put children’s safety in jeopardy! People with full body-armor, military rifles, and terror tactics, endangered our neighbors, and threaten to endanger a whole lot more, thanks to your pul-it-zeg documentary the “fucking of Arcata part I.”

    I believe one of these days you’ll ponder these words I write about you and realize that yes there is only one life and perhaps peace is more fun than war. You could be a cool paper editor, but you choose not to be. Go figure?

    We all love you baby cain, we just don’t want to read your paper anymore. Go smoke a nug Kevin, because as Brian used to say “hey, maybe it will chill him out some.”

    love eternal

  9. Rose Says:

    Sorry, Tad. Peace be with you. But the people who choose to grow and sell dope are the ones who risk even their own kids’ lives. Literally. And, they risk taking away their kids’ parents, seeing their parents drug away and put in prison. They do this knowingly.

    You can’t blame that one on Kevin or the cops or the Feds. It’s a lifestyle choice that does this.

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Oh yea I forgot to ask what “available gambit[‘s]?” I am not a good chess player, but I believe what you are inferring is that I “sacrifice pawns” to gain “bigger piece.” What gain of “bigger piece” are you referring to? You may of gotten someone to admit to you they don’t like me anymore, but if they ever liked me, they would never affirm that lie.

    love eternal

  11. Kevin Hoover Says:

    My dear Mr. Tad,

    Should you ever get around to reading my interview with Mr. Burns rather than pounding out loving messages about motherfucker-this and motherfucker-that, you’ll see what was really said in that room.

    The less-hysterical folks – which is virtually everyone when compared to you – enjoyed my drawing out the deputy drug czar’s views, deplorable as they may be to people seeking peace in the cannabis crisis.

    Not that factual information matters much when one of your jeremiads is in progress. Oh well, at least it gives you an outlet and keeps you from yelling at people in restaurants.

  12. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Rose

    Oh that was so cold Rose. Tell me your not there yet. Pot = ak47 toting cops? What the difference between what we do in Iraq and Afghanistan and what happened to these citizens? We get mad when one sheriff with code enforcement put a gun on a woman with a baby, but we will let a whole group of federal goons hold guns m-16s to the heads of entire families?

    This is a bit beyond what I think of as acceptable “law enforcement.” And I sure as hell can blame all of them. Hoover pushed his agenda. He flamed it on national television, we then get raided over the entire county by a raid named “operation southern sweep.” Then out of all the papers in Humboldt county, it is he who gets to play goo-goo eyes with Scott Burns, over a Drug Task Force “Sweep” which didn’t even happen in Arcata.

    What happened to that family is exactly what Hoover set out to have happen them. Re-read Twain’s The War Prayer to see why I feel this way.

    Boycott the Arcata Eye, Rose.

    love eternal

  13. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Tad (aka The Last Honest Man),

    I’m insulted that you offer others wishes of peace, but not me. Snubbed by the Tadster!

    Again, anyone can read that their Operation Southern Sweep was the result of a year-long campaign. Further, if I’m so almighty influential, why did the 450 agents spend all their time in Southern Humboldt, with just one house in Arcata raided?

    Sometimes I think you aren’t being entirely straightforward with readers of the Plazoid. There, I’ve said it.

  14. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Kevin

    What you are confused when I say Burns is an evil motherfucker? You have the idea I think anything you were handed was something he didn’t want to hand you? He is not just evil, he is not even an evil fucker, he’s an evil motherfucker. got it? Perhaps your a prude? There’s blogs for your type too. Here we tell the truth and we tell like we see it. “Virtually everyone” what the fucks that mean? You asked everyone? You asked a “virtual everyone?” What “peace in the cannabis crisis?” What nonfactual information, and/or factual evidence I have or have not produced?

    This is classic disinformation. You throw out a bunch of bullshit, expect people to believe it because you said so, you got a couple of anecdotal stories, and you paraphrase me out of context. You know it is not true, but you hope that by demeaning me readers will frown upon me and accept your take as the true one. Some will, I’ll give you that; but an intelligent reader can read for themselves why I believe a Boycott the Arcata Eye! campaign is warranted, necessary, and long overdue.


    love eternal

  15. Kevin Hoover Says:


    Thanks for washing your hat.


  16. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I have offered you peace many times brother, you just choose to spit on it. As long as you deny the whole of our community to be a mouthpiece of a few, then it is you who is at war. I am just pointing it the fuck out.

    “A year long investigation?” Why because the cops said so? Come the fuck off it, you can’t believe the cops? They’re “undercover” for crying out loud, they get paid to lie. It was in your “interview” that we learned that now they will be talking about Arcata at the very upper levels of the US government. It was your “interview” that we learned our dispensaries are in jeopardy. And it was your clown ass dancing on fox news from coast to coast.

    Just like the Sheriff’s got $20,000 for their “help,” you get to regurgitate Burns’ party line to those you condemned, just a few weeks before.


    love eternal

  17. fig Says:

    SUNDAY, JULY-27-2008,

    an interesting back-and-forth,
    i’m leaning towards,

    found this on the website a.e or if you’d like, “a. (li)e.”
    David Lawlor: Kevin Hoover’s unethical marijuana reporting – July 2, 2008
    Hoover is not doing the community of Arcata any service with his inflammatory, biased and unethical reporting. His journalistic credibility and integrity are questionable at best. Perhaps some sort of independent audit or examination by the SPJ or another concerned entity (Humboldt State journalism students maybe?) would shed some light on Hoover’s reporting and hold him accountable for his unethical behavior.

    PART 2:

    New Media
    – Scammers exploit online trust factor
    – Scrabulous isn’t playing fair, says Scrabble maker
    – Microsoft sees play as a profit center
    – Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, Hail to the Chimp
    – ‘Watchmen’ video game will prequel film
    – Internet citizen posses investigate some sellers
    – Appeals court affirms that online content law is unconstitutional
    – Apple stock tumbles despite jump in earnings
    – A user-friendly video game industry?
    – Searching online for a home: Many websites, varying insights
    ____________________________ THE END………………..

  18. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you fig

    Actually the “” thing evolved from a zine that proceeded it. It was visioned to be the truth on the streets of Arcata to deflect the bullshit ran by Kevin LHoover, in the Arcata LEye, It turned into a blog when the city of Arcata had a task force to find solutions to “emergency housing and homeless services.” The bigotry that was shown towards homeless, both by certain busyness supporting task force members, and the LEye created the need to speak truth to power, and of course documentation. So the blog spot was created. I wasn’t a foculizer of either the zine or the early blog (but, I was a contributor to both). I’m like a lighthouse tender until the next shift arrives. The term “plazoid,” as far as I know, was a term (wordoid) that Hoover invented to degrade homeless people. Today it is stands for homeless who stand against that very type of oppression.

    love eternal

  19. Jim Jones Says:

    Kevin, you are a piece of shit and you know it. What comes around goes around. You will get what you deserve. While waiting why don’t you hire a real editor, correct all the misspellings and typos in your shitty “paper”. If that’s what you really call it. Someone should do this world a favor and curb hoover. Then when hes sucking people off there would be no chance of bites. The Arcata Lie, what a piece of shit. Your whole life’s work is shit! Complete shit, filled with typos and unnecessary gossip. Good job hoover (cock sucker) your life is complete failure.

    Kevin Hoover sucks, Kevin Hoover likes balls

  20. Ben Says:

    The Arcata Eye is full of typos and grammatical errors.
    I guess “KevPod” is too busy composing couplets to notice.

    These guys don’t notice:

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