Is Psychiatry a Crime Against Humanity?

Peace be with you

Steinhof, Vienna, READ THIS!

That slimy little psychiatrist from Columbia University, who “ethnic cleans[ed]” over 100,000 Muslims and Croats, Radovan “the Butcher of Bosnia” Karadžić, finally got caught. If you want more info on the history of this matter here’s the crimes, but I don’t really want to say anymore then to point out the fact that Karadžić was, is and, probably will again be a psychiatrist.

Hitler had them, Pinochet had them, and Bush has them. Hitler’s genocide campaign started out with psychiatrists secretly killing mental patients, and falsifying death certificates.   They would take family members deemed “mentally ill” to “special treatment” centers and ship them off to be killed, then tell the family they died of some other cause.  Germans in the town of Hadamar complained of the stench of burning bodies. 

Psychiatry played the lead roll in every genocide campaign – every.  In fact if they had had the term psychiatry way back in the day then we would most likely say today, “psychiatry invented genocide.”  This engineered, Malthusian, Darwinist, Eugenics, genetic bullshit, is packaged all together by a so-called “science profession,” which can’t empirically prove anything, called psychiatry.  Every dictator uses psychiatry to silence dissent.

To today’s psychiatrists “special treatment” is the psychiatrists giving a pill that will sterilize, make people easy to control, kill people sooner rather then later, and leave no stench.  And just as the nazi psychiatrists diagnosed people as unworthy of life because of their race, today’s psychiatrist’s diagnoses is just as questionable, and statistically just as racist.

The psychiatrist Ernst Rudin, co-founder the German Eugenics Society, president of the worldwide Eugenics Federation, and head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity, created “empirical genetic prognosis” of mental disorders, which led directly to today’s “diagnostic and statistical manual” of mental disorders.

It’s nothing more than a T4 project, based on bullshit theories, enforced with guns.

love eternal

4 Responses to “Is Psychiatry a Crime Against Humanity?”

  1. Fig Says:

    25-JULY-2008, FRIDAY.
    tomorrow is Sat.



    There was a CALIFORNIA Supreme Court
    case brought by a female patient in the
    1970’s(not sure exactly the year or decade).
    A case which the INDIVIDUAL female plaintiff
    won, I understand.

    The case was about “Forced PSYCHIATRIC
    Drugging.” A female voluntarily checked into
    a “hospital” [I’m assuming a psychiatric ward —
    nowadays, deceptively called “BEHAVIORAL Health Unit or
    Behavioral Health Services”] psych. unit
    because she felt “depressed.”

    Then, apparently an “m.d.” decided to give her drugs,
    but the female patient did not want any drugs,
    but was forcibly drugged anyway…..

    Question: Do you know the name of this case ?


    p.s. In calif., the “polic power” that is
    used to place people forcibly into psych. units is
    referred to as “5150” Or more deceptively,
    AS a “3-day hold” or “72-hour HOLD.”

    it happened to me in May, 2003.

    a “forced psychiatric detention” leading
    to a “forced psychiatric drugging.”

    for those out there who say it can’t happen in
    America, tell that to those many, many persons
    with firsthand experience of this NAZI-like
    (dirty cop terrorist) tactic……

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Fig

    I don’t know. That was a long time ago. I can’t even find out what is happening with the “careful review” started by Dr. Utecht. I know many, many people who could tell horror stories of Sempervirens Psychiatric Health Facility – about being strapped down, threatened, coerced, and lied to in order to take the little yellow pill. If you have an allergic reaction to the pill, sometimes even if you successfully stop taking the pill, the damage stays with you for the rest of your life.

    love eternal

  3. kateascot Says:

    In Todays Health & Wellness magazine July/August 2004 issue an article written by Frederich flach, M.D., K.C.H.S. who practices psychiatry in New York writes that currently what we understand as mental illness often has a physical reason rather than a mental one, in other words sometimes people are actually deficient in nutritional components rather than needing drugs. He also suggests that what we know as depression is really the normal ebb and flow of life and does not necessarily warrant anti-depressants. Our society has created depression instead of understanding it as a loneliness created by our breakdown in society of respect and tolerance for individuals. We simply are not loving our families like they need to be loved. Kindness and compassion are needed, forget pharmaceuticals!

  4. john Says:

    bullshit theories enforced with guns, i love it

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