Woolley Backs Geist’s Suspension of CEU Task Force

Peace be with you

At Friday’s, July 18, Humboldt County, Code Enforcement Unit, Task Force meeting Jill Geist, the self-appoint task force chair, attempted to stop the task force meetings of July 22, and August 1.  Her reasoning was she would be absent and she is just too damn important for anything to proceed without her.  Geist claimed not to remember an hour and a half discussion, at the June 27th TF meeting, about “needing more meetings,” even increasing to two a week.  The task force overwhelmingly felt the need to keep pushing and try to make progress during the next two weeks.

Lame duck supe, John Woolley, wants the board of supes to cancel the next two task force meetings.  Next Tuesday, July 22, Woolley will ask the supes to “suspend” CEU task force meetings until August 8, 2008.  The one page agenda Item reads:

“Without key Board members and staff in attendance, there is potential for misdirection of Task Force purpose and function. Therefore, in the interest of keeping the effort on track and to be able to provide guidance and important information; it is recommended to CEU Task Force suspend meeting until August 8, when the chair will be able to attend.”

It seems that just like the Homeless task force I was on, this task force is only supposed to find the findings that “key board members and staff” want it to find. Woolley is trying to usurp the task force’s ability to be an independent investigatory body.

It bothers me that the supes are playing a bullshit deck stacking game. The task force is nine members, two are supes – Geist and Rodoni, one Asst. County Administrator – Phil Smith-Hayes, three are from the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project – Liz Davidson, Bonnie Blackberry, and Wes Juliana, and three are “at-large” Representatives – Dan Taranto (Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corporation), Robert Vogt (Pacific Lumber), and Jack Bernstein (Fortuna Police).

Everyone knows that Geist, who is ultimately where the buck stops, believes she has Rodoni, Smith-Hayes, Vogt, and Bernstein as her voting block. Bernstein has an obvious conflict of interest. In the Declaration of D.A. Investigator John L. Desadier in Support of Inspection Warrant – Charles Garth, page 2, lines 2-5, Desadier declares:

“On July 09th, 2007 I was assigned to follow-up on several old case files alleging various violations of Humboldt County Codes on the subject property from the year 2000 to 2003. I reviewed the case of Charles Garth, Case #00CAU023 that was opened in 2000, and investigated by DA investigator Jack Bernstien.” Executed under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California. I declare the the foregoing is true and correct. Dated 7-18-07, John L. Desadier, D.A. Investigator

This task force is being conducted the same way Enron conducted their book keeping. Geist and her re-wild America democratic cronies are using this task force to push through an even bigger intrusion into your lives. Only mass support for the people’s representation of Dan Taranto, and the CLMP members can keep this task force from being derailed on Woolley’s “track.”

The supes set the CEU up, gave it it’s powers, and used it for illegal searches. They don’t want CEU to end, and they sure as hell don’t want to be held responsible. Hold them responsible Tuesday July 22, 2008, 9:30 am, in the supes’ chambers in the Humboldt County Court House, in Eureka.

love eternal


6 Responses to “Woolley Backs Geist’s Suspension of CEU Task Force”

  1. Rose Says:

    Are you crazy?!!?

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Rose

    If by “crazy” you mean “abnormal,” and by “abnormal” you mean “not a blind follower of what is called the norm,” then yes. Unfortunately Geist violated the brown act by giving a “task force report” last meeting, that was not only absent from the lawful agenda, but she did it without the support or foreknowledge of the task force, and the with apparent foreknowledge of the entire board.

    Truths are being discovered and Geist and Woolley are trying very hard to disrupt that process. Geist completely controls the task force. She is constantly answering witness’s questions for them. She waists a large percentage of the task force meeting time with anecdotal tales designed to create general theories out of exceptions and hypotheticals. It is obvious to anyone who has seen Geist’s control-freak that she is in hyper-control-freak mode while at the task force.

    What are the rules about removing Geist, Vogt, and Bernstein. Geist because she’s disruptive; Vogt because he can’t make the commitment by missing the next three weeks, and Bernstein because he was the cop who investigated one of the very “code enforcement” actions that prompted the task force in the first place.

    I guess you haven’t been paying attention Rose, but there has been a lot of revelations about a lot of people dropping the ball. There has been no oversight of Desadier from the county council who collected “funds” to manage him, nor the DA who gave him permission to be an armed cop, nor the “oversight committee.” Victims claim abuse, excessive force, and gestapo type tactics. It was ultimately the supes and the DA who are responsible in the escalation of the CEU’s militarization, and thus, the results there of. The only reasonable thing to do, it seems, is to recall them all and recall their replacements if amnesty is not forthcoming.

    love eternal

  3. FIG Says:

    MONDAY, JULY-21-2008.
    tomorrow is Tuesday…….

    the supes here in L.A. county:
    l.a. county board of supervisors, expert
    mass manipulators controls the spending
    of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. The usual
    group of self-satisfied, self-important, self-bloated
    “leaders.” Skills required for post:
    lying, falsifying, fabricating preferably
    with a who-me-lie type of face, demeanor.


    ‘Side Effects’ humanizes antidepressant debate

    Updated | Comment | Recommend E-mail | Save | Print |
    Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial by Alison Bass;
    Algonquin Books, 260 pages, $24.95.

    Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial
    by Alison Bass; Algonquin Books, 260 pages, $24.95.

    By Steve Weinberg, Special for USA TODAY

    Whether powerful medicines[drugs] marketed by pharmaceutical companies do
    more harm than good is one of the trickiest controversies in a
    world filled with ????? scientific ???? data.
    Side Effects, by investigative journalist Alison Bass, grapples with
    the controversy over drugs used to treat depression, with a focus on Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft.

    No matter how vigorously the pharmaceutical manufacturers defend their products,
    one conclusion is inescapable: Some people who ????ingest????
    antidepressants[my notation: psychiatric drugs] become suicidal.
    Is the percentage of suicides ????? small enough ???? to justify the continued
    marketing of the drugs? If the answer is yes, how should the
    warnings to medical professionals and patients be worded?

    To many readers of this review, Bass’ book might sound like old news. After all, reports of antidepressants’ successes and failures have been circulating for more than a decade. Bass’ book, however, humanizes the controversy in a way that makes the statistical arguments come alive.

    As somebody who has never swallowed an antidepressant, I now grasp the debate far better than previously. I am unlikely to forget Bass’ heroes, villains and victims anytime soon.

    Bass began her reporting in 1995, while at The Boston Globe. Side Effects exposes, among other practices, medical researchers skewing results on behalf of pharmaceutical companies that pay for the studies; pharmaceutical companies marketing medicines without adequately disclosing adverse impacts; and government agencies unable or unwilling
    to adequately protect consumers, who sometimes die or kill others as a result.

    Gathering information from an impressive variety of documents and human sources, Bass wisely personalizes the controversy through an array of protagonists.

    Chief among them are a New York assistant attorney general named Rose Firestein, who used the courts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable; a medical researcher named Martin Teicher, who published information about the dangers of antidepressants, especially when administered to preteens and teenagers; and a parent named Cheryl Brooks, whose daughter Tonya almost became a death statistic while taking Paxil as a teenager.
    Juggling multiple main characters while writing a narrative is tricky.

    Bass occasionally loses her way as she shifts among characters, using flashbacks and flash-forwards rather than strict chronology. That can become especially confusing as Firestein’s personal life (including the deterioration of her eyesight) enters the narrative. Although Firestein’s personal travails are interesting and clearly weigh on her work life, the details interfere with the litigation narrative.

    That is more a quibble with craft than an indictment of the narrative, however. Because of Bass’ research and storytelling skills, a book exists that is both a ???? public-policy primer ??????
    and a compelling account of how seeming miracle cures are sometimes death sentences.
    Steve Weinberg is author of Taking on the Trust: The Epic Battle of Ida Tarbell and John D. Rockefeller.



    Swiss drug giant Roche offers $44B for U.S.-based Genentech
    Updated | Comment | Recommend E-mail | Save | Print |

    By Alexander G. Higgins, Associated Press Writer

    GENEVA — Drugmaking giant Roche (RHHBY) on Monday offered $43.7 billion to take over the remaining shares of Genentech (DNA).

    Roche, which already owns 55.9% of the San Francisco-based drug maker, said it was offering $89 per share, 8.8% above the closing price Friday and 19% above the price a month ago.
    “The combined entity will be the seventh largest U.S. pharmaceuticals company in terms of market share,” Roche said in a statement from its Basel, Switzerland, headquarters. “It will generate more than $15 billion in annual revenues.” ……………………………………

  4. Anonymous Says:

    As far as antidepressents some are causing non Hodgkins lymphoma but only a certain kind. Was announced in a medical news journal a couple of days ago. I think the type is tricyclic (whatever those are) as I do not know my antidepressants. Wonder if the County is using those??

  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Tricyclics are old types of anti-depressants. They have many side effects. The County is an experimental CalMAP county, so they probably would not prescribe older inexpensive drugs until they had tried the more expensive ones high up the “algorithm” chart. It is probably a pretty mild anti-depressant if you can get cancer before it kills you.

    love eternal

  6. FIG Says:

    TUE: 22 JULY-2008, tomorrow is Wed.,

    OH, what a sad, sad state of affairs….
    …..insurance excuse…..is a pretty good one…I must admit…

    might work with people who will roll over and die, if
    someone asks you to………………


    Bathroom emergency turns into P.R. nightmare for O.C. business
    Rocky How could the owner of a place that sells toffee truffle mints, caramel apples and fudge-dipped strawberries be the recipient of death threats? That’s part of the fallout facing the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchisee in Huntington Beach after employees refused a 5-year-old girl with diarrhea permission to use the store restroom, reports the OC Register. The girl ended up soiling her clothes.

    Word about the incident last Thursday spread quickly after the girl’s mother contacted the Internet site The Consumerist, which posted an item about the girl’s ordeal. That post triggered an apology from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s corporate office and, apparently, death threats against Bonnie Overturf, the franchisee who operates the chocolate store in the Bella Terra Mall:
    Overturf, who said she apologized to the mother earlier, contacted police once death threats began and her home address was posted on an unknown Website. People also threatened to throw feces at her home, she said.
    Overturf said that it could be dangerous for customers to walk through their hallway, which is lined with supplies, to their back bathroom. “Even if insurance wasn’t an issue, there is the possibility of theft and people getting hurt,” Overturf, a mother of three, said Wednesday.

    The girl’s mother, who would not reveal her name, said Overturf has not apologized. She also turned down an offer of free Rocky Mountain products from the company’s chief operating officer.

    — Jesus Sanchez

    Photo: Mark Boster
    3:29 PM, June 25, 2008 | Permalink | Comments (4) |

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