Victim of Operation Southern [Humboldt] Sweep Speaks Out

Peace be with you

I probably haven’t said enough here about Operation Southern Sweep, but you can find plenty of my comments archived on the Humboldt Herald‘s blog spot (with probably about a thousand others).  Varina, “a local [So. Hum.] business owner since 1992,” wrote the following letter.

(Note: I am sorry that the Redwood Times does not have archiving at their on-line paper, because its probably the best “news paper” in the area, and I have to type the damn thing by hand. I feel it is worth my 12 words a minute typing to show you what these 450 federal goons were doing in our county.

‘Operation Southern Sweep’ a ludicrous spending of tax dollars

To the Editor:
“Without going into the glory details, a[t] this point, I feel the need to clarify a couple of details to the residents of So. Hum.

The citizens of this county, as well as the whole country, should be outraged at the ludicrous spending of tax dollars. The feds claim to have investigated the subdivisions in Whitehorn for two years. It seems as though if they had been watching closley they would know who might be “dangerous criminals.” Like you, I have know idea what my neighbors are doing or even who most of them are.

My family was awaken on the morning of June 24 to about ten federal agents banging on our door. They proceed to hold us at gunpoint while handcuffed on the floor. Our children, ages two and six, awoke terrified to their guns and their screaming and yelling. There was physical abuse on their part and the whole scene was out of a bad TV drama.

I am personally shocked that our community would buy into the propaganda and use feds’ buzzwords against their neighbors without even knowing who it is their talking about. The local media and finger pointers should hang their heads in shame for being so quick to jump on the bandwagon. I have faith that the truth shall unfold and those guilty of real criminal activity will pay however the greater powers see fit.

Watch for lighting!”

Shelter Cove

I guess I could go on about how in Northern Humboldt it was the media who both danced the war cry, and pandered to pigs, in the form of that gollumish Kevin Hoover of the Arcata [L]eye.

But, I wont, and remember for a more peaceful Arcata BOYCOTT the Arcata Eye.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Victim of Operation Southern [Humboldt] Sweep Speaks Out”

  1. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Tad, that sucks! It also sucks that some of us in the media weren’t more critical of the feds. Truth is that they spent more time and energy harassing you and your family and others due to this 2 year investigation than they did on the entire 9/11 investigation. I guess you and your neighbors are more dangerous to the Bush Crime Family than the Saudis that supposedly attacked us on 9/11/2001. I’m not sure Mr. Hoover had much to do with this though. The investigation began before the Eye spent that much time on dispensaries or grow houses. I could be wrong though.
    Hope your kids don’t hate people with badges and guns for the rest of their lives. Something like that can cause a lifetime of animosity toward the perpetrators. Not all feds and cops are bad or corrupt.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Tom

    Remember that operation southern sweep was a sweep of “Southern Humboldt.” They didn’t investigate squat in Arcata, they just added it to their adventure because of the publicity Hoover and his sucking produced.

    If the organization of “feds and cops” is bad them those who actively participate in the organizations are bad. No other way to look at it. Only those who slap their badges on the chief’s desk and say, “call me when you use peace officers again, ’cause I am not going to be a law enforcer any more,” are not bad.

    love eternal

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