New Evidence in Who Really Makes Our Mental Health plan?

Peace be with you

Republican Senator Charles Grassley, of Iowa  is “demanding” the American Psychiatrist Association (APA) “give an accounting of their finances” according to today’s NY Times.  The Times quoted Grassley as saying “I have come to understand that money from the pharmaceutical industry can shape the practices of nonprofit organizations that purport to be independent in their viewpoints and actions.”

The article pointed out that psychiatrists only average a mere $198,653 a year.  The State of Vermont reported that “in the 2007 fiscal year, drug makers gave more money to psychiatrists than to doctors in any other specialty.”  “Psychiatrists who received at least $5,000 from makers of newer-generation antipsychotic drugs appear to have written three times as many prescriptions to children for the drugs as psychiatrists who received less money or none.” And, “studies have shown that researchers who are paid by a company are more likely to report positive findings when evaluating that company’s drugs.”

Of the several cases Grassley referred to, Dr. Melissa P. DelBello from the University of Cincinnati claimed she only got $100,000 “outside income” between 2003-2007, yet AstraZeneca said “it paid her more than $238,000” during the same period;  Dr. Joseph Biederman, and Dr. Timothy E. Wilens from the Harvard Medical School, claimed they earned about 1.6 million each in the last 7 years, in consulting fees from pharmaceutical corporations, while Dr. Thomas Spencer, also from Harvard, reported earning $1,000,000;  The APA’s president-elect, Dr. Alan F. Schatzberg of Stanford, owns $4,800,000 in drug development company stock.

The Nazis of Germany would have never gotten away with killing 12,000,000 people if it hadn’t been for the psychiatrists making up causes of death and signing the death certificates.  So many Nazi psychiatrists were brought to the United States after WWII during “Operation Paper Clip” that one out of three US psychiatrists were ex-nazis.  Phillip Crandall and his rapidly growing “mental health” gestapo shows the same documenters the Nazis showed just prior to the Holocaust.  If we wouldn’t let 30,000 of our fellow Humboldt County residents go to a gas chamber, why do we feel its OK to put them on drugs that accomplish the same ends, by the same profession.

love eternal

11 Responses to “New Evidence in Who Really Makes Our Mental Health plan?”

  1. FIG Says:

    JULY 12, 2008.

    PEOPLE DON’T CARE !!!!!!!
    —— a soulless nation going down the sewer fast.
    ——– maybe instead of human beings, dogs were
    involved, “AMERICANS” might do something.
    even then, it’s highly doubtful…………….

    America is in serious trouble.

    forced Psychiatric drugging is indeed a FRIGHTENING
    thing. A bullet it seems is more expensive than a
    chemical-induced lobotomy……. aka psychiatric drugging.

    I have to keep asking this, just to keep my sanity.

    2008 — JULY 12, SAT………………………………..

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you fig

    Some people do care. I care, that’s why I put this information out there for all to see. The problem is that most people don’t believe in the power that lies inside of each one of them individually. What I call the “but what can one person do?” syndrome. If each and every one of us would speak out the results would be an interesting motivation of the people.

    Trying to figure out why Germans went along with Nazism, Stanley Milgram did a bunch of experiments around people blindly following “authority.” He had the subject think he was electrically shocking another subject, who was really an actor, when he/she answered a question wrong. Milgram found that people would go to the maximum jolt when told to by the “administrator” 65% of the time. The actors even screamed and begged to end the experiment. But what we are concerned with is that, he also learned the when both zapper and zappee were in the same room the max only got achieved 45% of the time, and when the zappee was right next to the zapper only 20% went to the max. more. . .

    What that tells me is that the closer we are to one another prior to the zapping the better we as a whole will be during the zap. Only by dehumanizing someone can another feel comfortable enough to do them harm. Harm is not the way out of this violence.

    This isn’t North Korea, but it isn’t America any more either. The world is waking up, this means the multi-nationals that seized America are scared their time is short. They are drugging, policing, and killing to prevent decent caused by the drugging, policing and killing. It seems hypocrisy would prevent them from calling anyone else crazy.

    love eternal

  3. FIG Says:


    FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2008

    What If US Collapses? Soviet Collapse Lessons
    Every American Needs To Know
    SAT —- JULY 12, 2008 ————-

  4. silvisrivers Says:

    Tad ….

    Can you rephrase this – I cannot understand it :

    “They are drugging, policing, and killing to prevent decent caused by the drugging, policing and killing. It seems hypocrisy would prevent them from calling anyone else crazy”


    Take Care


  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you silvisrivers

    Sorry I guess I use spell check as a crutch. It should read “dissent,” but enough dissent these days might be decent. If that doesn’t make it clearer I’ll do a whole post on “drugging, policing, and killing to prevent dissent caused by the drugging, policing and killing.” Thanks for the heads up.

    love eternal

  6. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for the information on mental health plans, Tod. That’s a very interesting video.

    We recently wrote an article on at Brain Blogger. Mental health is something too easily overlooked when it comes to prisons. However, mental health has a link with reoffending criminals. So should more be done?

    We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


  7. silvisrivers Says:

    Your easily forgiven Tad …Thanks for the correction …..Milgram’s stuff shocked the authorities but the subtleties of conformity inside the medical model view of mental illness is rarely discussed enough …I’ve seen a lot of MH caused by institutions and their refusal to give people human therapy that allows them to unravel properly … Tragic – very tragic …

    Peace ..


    Silvis Rivers Artist

  8. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Kelly

    “We would like to read your comments on our article.”

    No you don’t! I agree on the broad needs, but no way do I believe that more of the same is going to give us anything, but more of the same.

    First, let’s be real about what is called “mentally ill.” Depression? Jail – Depression, Depression – Jail, duh. Oh yea now it’s called bi-polar, and they give you drugs for it. Alcoholism? It used to be called drunk. They had jail time, but prison time?, with drugs to boot? The DSM IVr has over 350 “mental illnesses.” Everyone is “mentally ill” according to that book. Since it is paid for by the top of the male, white, food chain all those people of color are considered crazy to them. “Mental illness” is way over diagnosed in the “community” as it is, but nowhere more so then in the jail system.

    We put people in jail for the most minor of shit. If someone wants to do something that hurts only themselves, it is a direct effect of the lousy school system which is going broke as the jail get rich. They throw a human being in jail; give them drugs; the drugs make them go crazy; they let them go; the Human does a “crazy crime;” back to jail; more drugs; keep them longer on a “mental health” pretense; giving them larger doses, for a longer; severely addicting them,and more brain damage; kick ’em free again and wait for the results of the craziness again. It’s only profitable to the drug manufactures, prison corporations, and the prison guard union if it is a revolving door. It is a designed revolving door, and the “mental health” department is doing all they can to keep it growing.

    Your article uses the “industry’s” own words. “Best practice” means a few psychiatrists, with drug company money in their back pocket, voting on what will benefit the “mental health” industry.

    We are always increasing our “mental health” costs in jail, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. Today, more people are allowed to “diagnose mental illness.” We got more and more expensive nut pills. The “mental health” budget went from nothing to over 25% here in Humboldt. But shit’s just getting worse!

    As far as your source, it seems very neo-liberalism to me. Neo-liberalism has never had that trickle down effect it promised, and people of the “lower income class” know our numbers are growing as the neo-liberal multinational corporations get away with real crimes. It’s a one trick pony. Your freedom is they way their “best practice” team tells you it is, or they will reprogram you. Drugging people as a means to prematurely end their lives, to eradicate their ability to reproduce, to propagandize them as “success,” and to use them as fodder for the police state system, is way hard-right – like Hitler hard-right.

    But, I do agree with the people’s right to food, shelter, health care, education, land and jobes. I agree with working to reduce the harm to those already broke. It was the billions spent on “mental health” drugs that got them to this state, yet not one fucking penny is ever spent to get them off. Stop queuing up the next generation. Hell, stop selling their future.

    Privatizing only creates the “search for consumers.” Jails should not be allowed to profit by keeping them full. It’s a bullshit policy to say, “if you create more criminals you get more profits.” The privatized prison system has turned into the slave trade and the chemical lobotomy lab for even more profit. We have over 2.3 million people in prison in the USofA. That’s 1 out of every one hundred people. Human misery is not the thing to base an economy on.

    Healthy food, sunshine, exercise, self recognition, a “mental health drug” recovery program are the answers to reducing the “mental health” dilemma. We as the “western society” believe the so many parts per million of this poison or that poison is “OK levels,” but we get many of those poisons simultaneously, and at their maximum. These poisons, in our food, in our water, and in our air are effecting the way we think. Additives and pollution is worst in the products and the environments the poor can afford to buy.

    I know you really didn’t want my opinion, but I get enough reading traffic here that it’s good to explain the slight of hand. Forgive me my poor writing skills, but I am just tad reporting what I see going on around me. We’re an “experimental mental health county” here in Humboldt, so seeing the millions in funds, the suicides, and the number forecast to be drugged, I am 100% certain I’m seeing wolves in sheep’s clothing, and lots of false profits too.

    Thanks for the interest.

    love eternal

  9. Stephany Says:

    give me a break kelly!

    you sent me the same comment!! stop attempting to gain readership via bullshit.

    peace–as the plaza guy/gal says. get over yourself

  10. Stephany Says:

    Oh ‘tad’ so you are in Humboldt? who resides in your back pocket?

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Stephany

    Yes I am in Humboldt (the northern part).

    Nobody resides in my back pocket. I started advocating for equal rights for homeless people in Arcata. Soon I witnessed this story and quickly I realized that “mental health” and homeless harassment went hand in hand. Phillip Crandall the head of our county’s Health and Human Services Department, claims in our county mental health plan that 80% of Humboldt’s homeless need “mental health” services. But what I saw was the homeless being sucked up off the streets, given anti-psychotics, and dumped back on the streets. They would go “off their meds,” get in trouble and be put through a intense drugging and dumped on the streets again.

    I watched this county spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every week on more mental health services, and the number people with obvious mental problems keeps growing. These policies are doing nothing but harm here, and from what I read they do the same every where. I pretty much stand alone against this injustice. Many people support what I do, but they mostly have first hand knowledge of the mental health system, and are scared to speak out. So my pockets are usually empty, but my heart is over-flowing.

    love eternal

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