Humboldt County Supes got a look at a New “Facilities Master Plan”

Peace be with you

Today at the weakly supes meeting we got a glimpse of the new “Facilities Master Plan.” It recommends the county get funding to spend $123,282,063 to upgrade, repair, and build new buildings. I really don’t give a fuck about the money, because I already know it will be given as graft to the supes and their corner-cutting cronies with this deal or some other one down the road. What I do give a shit about is the “recommendations” for more prison beds.

In the report under “County Jail, Functional Evaluation” (page 69 of pdf), the very first bullet is “the lack of sufficient bed capacity has routinely resulted in the county having to release sentenced individuals a total of five days earlier than would generally occur if a sufficient number of beds were available.”  Woopee ding shit, five whole days early. Most of those poor souls are in there for hurting NOBODY! They are poor people, getting poorer; who’s only crime was bothering the upper class. I say as a rule we should give them 10 days early release just because they were fucked with by a system which created fucking people as its leading industry.  Kinda sounds like “their trying to build a prison.”

Other bullets in this column are no gym for the guards, the mental health unit needs twice as much space, the “staff” dining room is undersized, and the jail doesn’t have enough weapons to respond to “civil emergencies.”

There are other things I dislike with the plan, but being slightly longer then a short novel I will hold off until I can decipher the damn thing.

Beware of smoke and mirrors with this one. Under “Common Elements to All Downtown Alternatives,” in section 6, it says, “the jail would be expanded by . . . vertically expanding the existing four-story section of jail to six stories.”

The “plan” was supposed to be written by some dude named Smith, but Smith died, and Loretta Nickolaus, county CAO said the plan was “not what the county had counted on.”  The County is always running on a shoestring budget, every department except mental health, and law enforcement’s budgets are shrinking, and the county wants a plan they can pick and choose which items they implement.  Plans with “jail expansion choices” are a BAD idea.

On a related note the supes unanimously accepted more DEA money for “marijuana eradication.”  Roger Rodoni’s common sense drug policy presence was missed today when Johanna Rodoni gleefully approved the funds used to target 215 patients.  Of course the item passed with out any opposition, unless of course you consider me opposition.

love eternal


4 Responses to “Humboldt County Supes got a look at a New “Facilities Master Plan””

  1. highboldtage Says:

    One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one
    ever comes to sit by it. Passersby see only a wisp of smoke
    rising from the chimney and continue on their way.
    – Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

    have a peaceful day,

  2. fig Says:


    10 JULY – 2008- THURS.

    KEEP on keeping on…….
    is very detailed and local-focused.

    The newspaper here in southern calif.
    is peddlin’ stuff like:
    the $5 gas is not so bad, look at $8, $9,$10, etc.
    prices in Europe and elsewhere.

    the newspaper here is also flogging like crazy:
    Iran is developing an atom bomb to drop on somebody….
    so America has to “stop” Iran, blah blah……

    the “mainstream” newspapers are very, very, very
    clever in duping, bamboozling the “masses.”

    WATCH OUT —- the reader has to be ever vigilant,
    otherwise very, very bad things can happen……

    there are 31 days IN JULY AND AUGUST.
    2008 ———————————

  3. Stephany Says:

    Not shocking to read the mental health unit needs more space; but generally speaking this county represents the sickest part of society : corruption at any cost, cover thy ass before it’s exposed.

  4. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Fig, don’t read the O.C. Register. They are a bunch of war mongering libertarians. They love prisons, and gated communities. Keeps the rable out.

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