More Odd Ends

Peace be with you

Here are a few items that, though not from Humboldt County, will effect us eventually if they haven’t already.

This first one is a link sent to us from those championing the living wage for Eureka’s workers.  It is early indications of how the courts in Canada view the toxic effects of anti-psychotic use.  From “Lilly Loses Appeal to Limit Damages in Canadian Suit.”

This next one is from the New York Post about Esmin Green’s collapse, death, and abandonment on the floor of the waiting room of New York’s Kings County Mental Hospital.  Surveillance video shows Esmin fell to the floor, where she was left lying for over an hour, in which she died.  The article is entitled “Patient Ignored to Death; Kings County Hospital Outrage.”

This last one is just a reminder of why I think antipsychotics forced primarily on the poor are eugenics drugs.  Unlike older forced sterilization policies, the Auschwitz in a pill we have today  doesn’t ever discuss the sexual dysfunctional properties of the antipsychotic drugs.  This study shows that antipsychotics actually preforms better as a form of birth control then they do at stopping craziness and depression.  You may be OK with the almost certainty of developing deadly diabeties.  You may even be willing to risk the good chance of sudden heart failure.  The 25 years you will die prematurely might even be a stupid risk your willing to take.  But are you really willing to chance (as high as 80% in some groups) not being able to fuck ever again?  No wonder they forget to tell you about this, what they term a “dose-related discomfort.”

love eternal

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