Phillip Crandall copies Hitler’s Propaganda Ministry

Peace be with you

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister for propaganda and public education, claims Jews will destroy culture

I make it a practice to pull items from the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s agenda when they deal with the building of our county’s mental health drug eugenics program.  Yesterday I was a couple of minutes late.  Normally they give out awards, call time set agenda items, and generally do what ever they can to reduce the size of the audience before allowing me to address my concerns.  Sometimes this takes hours, but when they look over the crowd and don’t see me they hurry up and approve the consent calendar.  The consent calendar never gets discussed unless someone pulls an item for discussion.  Every week dozens of programs for the sheriff, probation, and mental health get approved, and you’ll never know it until its too late.

Well this week item D-12 skated through the approval process with nary a word of explanation.  I thought I should take a minute and tell you about item D-12.  Item D-12 is the authorization to hire one full time, $43,836 a year, “administrative analyst I/II.”  Though this was put on the agenda as a normal health department hire, it is paid for through mental health services act funds, thus really making it a mental health position.

Some people who are a party to, or in denial of the true motivation behind, Phillip Crandall’s rope ’em and dope ’em policies, try to explain away the record growth in government sponsored mental health oppression as necessary for the recovery of those who bother them.  This position however has absolutely nothing to do with treating so-called mentally ill, nor does it have anything to do with the administration of mental health services.  This new position is nothing more then Phillip Crandall’s mental health propaganda ministry.

The jobe requirements are:

Interface with Media and cultivate media relationships.
Participate in team to begin implementation of Integration of Health and Human Services Programs surrounding Children and Families.
Conduct presentations to public, special groups, students, and chamber.
Write and coordinate documents including annual reports, newsletters, award nominations, press releases, local television segments, and communication plans.
Act as an agency spokesperson and county and non-profit liaison.
Install and enforce media protocol and graphics uniformity.
Oversight of graphics products and printing of documents/reports.
Part of a team to craft annual budget strategy and message, then execute message.
Coordinate editorial board meetings, public meetings, events, education, workshops, and fund-raising.
Media consultant for agency staff and community.

The pharmaceutical industry backed initiative, prop 63, states that Mental Health Services Act funds can NOT be used for any other purpose but mental health services, so we know this is a mental health propagandist.  Crandall’s twisted Nazi type mental health eugenics plan is so disappointing to Humboldt County residents that Crandall must find a third party to spin his eugenics bullshit.  Just like Hitler needed Goebbels to spin the murder of 12 million people, Crandall needs his own Goebbels to spin the doping of one quarter of Humboldt County’s residents.

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