Eureka Cops Violated Procedures while Beating Martin Cotton to Death

Peace be with you

On Thursday, August 9th, 2007 Martin Cotton was beat to death by Eureka police department.  On March 27, 2008 Humboldt County DA, Paul Gallegos claimed there wasinsufficient evidence to determine when Cotton sustained the injuries to his head or who caused those injuries.”  Today the Humboldt Grand Jury disagreed strongly with the DA’s protection of killer cops.

The annual Grand Jury, on pages 38-41, found there was a conflict of interest on the “critical response team” investagating Martin’s death, the “video that proved” Martin injured himself was of poor quality, the EPD didn’t follow its own proceedures, and that the FBI or California should investagate Martins death.

The report states:  “Witnesses describe closed-fist punches to Cotton’s head and forceful kicking to Cotton’s kidney area and lower back.  It was related both the punches and kicks were numerous, full force, purposeful, and not misplaced by suspect movement.  Some witnesses believed the officers used excessive force and some believed they used the force necessary to make the arrest.  It should be noted that police training indicates that forceful strikes to the head, lower back, and/or kidney area do not follow accept police procedure for the type of incident.”

The EPD officers, its chief Garr “POP’em” Nielsen, and the quisling DA Paul Gallegos should all be charged with obstruction of justice.  I think life sentences would be too lenient of sentence for covering up murder.

love eternal


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