Vets go Crazy after Testing Pharmaceuticals

Peace be with you

From the Washington Times on June 16th:

“The government is testing drugs with severe side effects like psychosis and suicidal behavior on hundreds of military veterans, using small cash payments to attract patients into medical experiments that often target distressed soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, a Washington Times/ABC News investigation has found.”

love eternal


4 Responses to “Vets go Crazy after Testing Pharmaceuticals”

  1. fightback Says:

    Saturday, JUNE 21. 2008.

    a small yet important clue to the
    disintegration of American society: SEE ARTICLE BELOW.

    To think a chain can be run
    on “auto-pilot” by greedy
    corporate “executives.”

    EVERYTHING in society is run (WHEN PROPERLY DONE) by
    individuals who care and take
    pride in their work, NOT by computer,
    NOT by fiat, NOT by some unseen “robot”
    drugged up on “psychiatric drugs.”


    CVS is told to stop selling expired products
    [ CVS HEADQUARTERS is in Rhode Island, I believe]

    State Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown says items such as baby food and medications were found at stores past ‘sell by’ dates. The company says its policy is to remove expired merchandise.
    By Leslie Earnest, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    June 20, 2008
    California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown told CVS pharmacies Thursday to stop selling expired products, including baby food and over-the-counter medications, that he said investigators found recently in the chain’s stores in Southern California.

    Brown took the step after investigators found 48 expired products on the shelves of 26 CVS stores in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties in March, he said in a statement.

    In some cases, the “sell by” dates were covered with price tags or other store stickers, the statement said. The investigation was launched after complaints from consumers, it said.

    CVS said in a statement that its policy was to remove items before their expiration dates. The company said it was “working aggressively to ensure that our review and removal procedures are followed consistently in all of our stores.” The retailer said it would cooperate fully with the attorney general’s office.

    California doesn’t prohibit the sale of expired products, but federal law requires expiration dates on a variety of products. Brown contends that stocking expired items violates the state’s false advertising and unfair business practices laws because consumers expect products on store shelves to meet federal standards.

    “There’s a reason for these expiration dates,” Brown said in a telephone interview. “We just feel the proper way to conduct business is to have your products comply with federal law and be what they purport to be.”

    Recent probes by New York’s attorney general found that CVS stores in that state “engaged in similarly unlawful selling practices,” Brown’s statement said. CVS/pharmacy spokesman Mike DeAngelis said the company was “cooperating with the New York attorney general in that matter.”

    Brown’s office also said it had received reports that CVS/pharmacy wasn’t always properly protecting consumers’ confidential data. Brown has asked the retailer to comply with state laws on the collection, storage and disposal of medical and financial information, the statement said.

    CVS/pharmacy, a unit of CVS Caremark Corp. in Woonsocket, R.I., said it had firm policies at all of its 6,300 stores to protect patient privacy.

  2. noel Says:

    Minor error; the article is dated June 16th rather than July 16th.

    It is just plain wrong subject PTSD sufferers to additional stress what to speak of hiding potential consequences from them. PTSD is an anxiety disorder brought about under circumstances of extreme stress and exasperated by stress. That the administrators of the testing consider the worst possible outcomes, suicidal and homicidal ideation and actions to be “excess verbiage” while listing less extreme, and dangerous, side effects is not only against all logic but clearly betrays a conscious attempt to hide the truth from experiment subjects. That one of the reasons for minimizing such “verbiage” is said to be to focus on the important thing which is to get their signature on the dotted line of the consent form betrays an unconsciousness of ethical right and wrong.

    The military has always been a repository for those at the bottom of the economic ladder who are desperate enough and have few other options to join for such a dangerous job and such low pay and this has never been lost on those seeking large groups on which to do dangerous experiments for little or no remuneration. After being rendered disabled they can easily be seen to be an even more desperate lot. $30 a month?

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Thanks Noel, I don’t know how I could of believed this article was written three weeks from now.

    Those vets having a reaction to the test drugs could be misdiagnosed as “mentally ill,” and face being forced on even more debilitating “cures.”

    love eternal

  4. noel Says:

    “Those vets having a reaction to the test drugs could be misdiagnosed as “mentally ill,” and face being forced on even more debilitating “cures.”

    Not to mention the SOP of purposely misdiagnosing them as having problems other than those they developed in the service so that the government can release itself from liability; So they can deny help to veterans in need and save money.

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