Is Code Enforcement a “Rogue Unit?”

Peace be with you

It turns out that the Humboldt County Code Enforcement Unit might have sunsetted in 1995. According to a memo dated June 10, 2008, to CLMP CEU Task Force, Kate Crockett Juliana lays out the charge that CEU has been a disbanded unit since 1995, and operating as a “Rogue Unit.” Kate also argues that “penalties may apply to the County if it is found to have been party to unlawful takings from citizens.”

The memo claimed that at the August 30, 1994 Board of Supes meeting the Code Enforcement Unit was created. It was to be reauthorized in a year, the unit was to provide annual reports, the unit was to ONLY act on complaints from citizens, and it was an infraction unit.

Kate states this “analysis” depends upon the authorizing documents, and they are older then the internet archives and can’t be viewed ’til Monday. But, if it is true it would change everything. It could be a permit give away.

Ms Kate Crockett Juliana suggests “that the operations of the Unit be suspended until such time as the past requirements of its duties be fulfilled and the Unit is returned to its intended purpose of abating minor nuisance issues and other infractions of the civil code.”

And on a related note Desadier has joined “Ranger” Bob in the bailiff unit.

love eternal


4 Responses to “Is Code Enforcement a “Rogue Unit?””

  1. Rose Says:

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    Love Eternal,

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace Rose

    Thanks I hope this is clearer.

    Rogue: A fierce and dangerious elephant separated from the herd.


  3. Rose Says:

    Yeah. That just wasn’t on the page I found. 🙂

    Interesting post, Tad.

  4. fightback Says:

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