Probation – the gift that keeps on taking.

Peace be with you

In todays Eureka Reporter reported the following articles: “Bicyclist Arrested on Drug Violation,” “Felon arrested for allegedly having loaded guns, drugs in car,” “three arrested at Eureka motel for drugs, and warrants,” and “Traffic stop finds man on parole, passenger with loaded gun and drugs.” In every one of these stories the justification given for the search was one of the persons were on probation or parole. Probation is a suckers bet. It is part of an system designed to make you jail fodder for years to come. The theory is that you will plea bargain and accept probation, and then the cops can have their way with you over and over again. It turns our legal system into slave masters that will keep you from ever getting your head above water.

My advice is to take your case to trial, sit out your time, leave a free person, and refuse to allow searches of your persons, houses, papers, and effects. The sooner the jails are packed beyond capacity the sooner the people will scream for reforms in our laws. The pot laws are causing so many problems in our community. Diesel spills, rental houses damaged, home invasion robberies, and thousands of innocent people being arrested on pot charges are the most complained about problems. If every one had the right to grow pot in their yards none of these problems would be happening.

There is a small group of conservatives waging war on pot smokers in Humboldt county. It’s time to put pressure on our elected officials. We need to re-divert this drug war money into education, homeless shelter, and drug rehabilitation services. Crushed under the weight of minimum wage economics the people have been effectively silenced. If you can’t find your voice now, you may never have another chance.

love eternal


5 Responses to “Probation – the gift that keeps on taking.”

  1. Rose Says:

    You do have the right to grow pot in your yard, tad. 99 plants. You don’t have a right to fill up a rental home with dirt and plant as many plants as you can fit – and 215 was never set up to legalize drug dealing.

    The people who are growing for huge illegal profits are going to ruin your pretty little dream, they are going to ruin it for everyone.

    And something else all those people you not above had in common was illegal drugs and weapons, and it wasn’t pot.

    C’mon, Man, put your sympathy to better use.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Rose

    I believe defending my constitution is BETTER USE. I don’t believe that the constitution was designed to be toilet paper for any feel good social plan. If people want to smoke pot then by law they have the right. However the government broke the constitution by making laws that are specifically left to the States and to the People. To further add insult to injury the forth amendment was foregone in the “war on drugs.” It is a matter of control. If harm was the reason “illegal drugs” are illegal then the drugs that are harming way more people then the “illegal” ones would also be outlawed. While a group of people bitch about Doctors like Ken Miller recommending medical marijuana, which never killed anyone, the majority of doctors prescribe thousands of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that kill 110,000 Americans a year.

    Your probably not a poor person so you don’t get caught up in the revolving door of bust-probation-busted again but with no jury. You probably don’t get stopped again and again because “your suspicious.” The war on drugs is a war on poor people, and people of color make up the majority of poor people. The war on drugs is just like the war on the mentally ill, its aimed at poor peoples.

    I have much more sympathy for a poor drug addict then I do for rich, rent raising, Arcata land”lords.” But the main point of my post is that “plea bargains,” which the well-to-do bitch about because “its soft on crime,” is really a trap to place poor people in a revolving door, bullshit, paradigm. I could go on for days about all the other social and constitutional problems caused by the “war on drugs,” but probation was the subject of this post.

    love eternal

  3. kayakotto Says:

    I have been clean from all substances for over 7 years and do not wish to embrace the current marijuana debate. I DO agree with with the epidemic rise in pharmaceutical abuse and addiction. As a certified chemical dependency counselor I can tell you that admissions to drug rehab facilities are skyrocketing with pharmaceuticals as primary and secondary substances of abuse. For anyone interested more information can be had at

  4. Waiting Insurgent Says:

    Tad- The Constitution doesn’t give YOU Rights, it restricts government in our confederation of States ONLY to the job of defending YOUR Personal Freedom, anything but that is communist slime with a banker master.

    These people mention rental homes, but most grows are on owned land that pays property tax (illegal), and self employment tax (illegal) and anyone who can do math knows self employment tax is higher than w2 tax table.

    The real plan of these bastards who are our “elected” is to come INSIDE the home to levy taxes, because that kitchen you put in yourself will help pay for the gas these beaurocrat trashbags need to drive around and do nothing but say they need more tax money.

    While everyone tightens their belt in a down economy these selfish slimeballs demand more. Know your enemy and prepare.

  5. kateascot Says:

    My husband spent 10 years in 4 penetentiaries in CA because he was involved in drug related crimes like theft and bad checks. After the first crimes he was not caught in other crimes other than violation of parole due to dirty urine tests. He died on his second day of release because of a heart attack due to needing triple bypass surgery not available to him in prison because he was “short time”. I learned to stay out of the system because of how my husband was treated, as if he were a commodity providing jobs to the state workforce. No care was given to him or his family situation. Sickening!!!

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