A Paid Blog Disruptor?

Peace be with you

I pushed somebody’s buttons somewhere. Today a shit load of messages from someone poising as me appeared on this blog. This message appeared 4 time on 4 different posts:

TAD@shiftmail.com |

Peace be with you

I am a leech on Humboldt County. I have chosen to be homeless, so that I can have purpose and write on the many blogs, my worthless rants about how government is bad, and why wont people help me and others like me who have decided to be homeless.

I am not from Humboldt County, I moved here a few years ago so that I could get more assistance for my chosen life style.

love eternal

From SoHum busts Homeless for Sleeping, 2008/05/29 at 2:26 PM;

From , 2008/05/29 at 2:26 PM;

From Vets dying from antipsychotics used for PTSD, 2008/05/29 at 2:25 PM, and;

From Vets dying from antipsychotics used for PTSD, 2008/05/29 at 2:25 PM

Also from the “shiftmail” site we have our friend Asner:

New comment on your post #124 "Police use "dope raid"
 to net
 illegal sleeping"
Author : Asner (IP: ,
E-mail : TAD@shiftmail.com
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
I believe that from public records, this was for an inspection of the
 property that was granted after twice attempting to gain compliance by
 the landowner. The people living on the property would not assist with
 getting a message to the landowner to arrange for an appointment to
 visit and inspect the property. Hostile people who claimed to have no
 knowledge of the landowner met the Code enforcement person, and
 refused to
 assist in getting a message to the landowner.

The Code enforcement after getting a signed inspection warrant with the
 assistance of a few special service deputies, not the DTF served the
 warrant. They allowed people to stay or leave the area, as they were
 detaining anyone.  No one had gun pointed at him or her, no one was
 drug out of their house. They were not there looking for drugs, that
 a story made up by a person claiming to have hidden in the woods and
 making “mountain Lion” noises to scare off the code enforcement

I also learned from the public record, that this same landowner has
 three parcels in the Bald Hills area, where it appears that the
 Sheriff’s Department located 7 Marijuana Gardens with information
 that showed
 that it belonged to people living on the property in Trinidad. They
 located several stolen weapons at this other site.

From what I learned, the county has been attempting to gain compliance
 from this landowner for several years, without success.  It appears
 that the landowner is charging the people $250 or more per month to
 on his property.

From Police use “dope raid” to net illegal sleeping, 2008/05/29 at 1:57 PM

It seems obvious I’ve been, or am, a victim of attack. Why me? It might be that I stand against the gentrifiers. Or, it might be that I outed him/her/it last night as a professional disruptor working local blogs. Or it could just be Kevin Hoover. Trying to keep to my policy since I took over the Plazoid that I wont delete any posts even against me, I expose it here(plus I can think of half a dozen reasons why I would win a law suit). Try to find all the clues that this was written by a cop, ’cause you’ll be quizzed on it someday. But you can bet your ass that this mother fucker is flagged as spam from now on on this blog.

love eternal


2 Responses to “A Paid Blog Disruptor?”

  1. boymstlikely2 Says:

    Hang in there!


  2. noel Says:

    Hi Tad. Love and peace to you.

    This is hardly a new strategy and something you might be glad they are still doing since it is long past the point where swift boating and the rest of the infantile arsenal of the dupes of fascism has repulsed people at large. While the discredit they heap on themselves may not directly translate into credit given you, it certainly leaves you standing on the high ground.

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