SoHum busts Homeless for Sleeping

Peace be with you.

A week ago last Monday (May 12) and Tuesday (May 13) the Humboldt County sheriff’s preformed homeless sweeps in SoHum. It made front page this week in both The Independent and Redwood Times. Unfortunately both papers are off line, but you can hear Godsey (police propaganda spokesperson) and a victim Brian here.

It seems that its the same type of special interest complaints that are at work in Eureka, Arcata, and that damn Code Enforcement platoon. The cops gave these people bus passes for a bus that doesn’t even run to Garberville, and then claimed they were kind and helpful on KMUD.

The cops take people’s survival gear, steal their pets, and only return it if the person “voluntarily” leaves town. Houseless people call this “getting run the fuck out of town,” because there is nothing voluntary about it. I don’t think it is legal, and I know it isn’t very human. Once they are forced to leave town then they become “transients” and get fucked again like the Endeavor which no longer feeds hungry people who can’t prove they’re from Arcata.

Brian: you or any of the houseless who got ticketed/arrested for “trespass/illegal camping” can get hold of me at: “”

love eternal


3 Responses to “SoHum busts Homeless for Sleeping”

  1. Tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    I am a leech on Humboldt County. I have chosen to be homeless, so that I can have purpose and write on the many blogs, my worthless rants about how government is bad, and why wont people help me and others like me who have decided to be homeless.

    I am not from Humboldt County, I moved here a few years ago so that I could get more assistance for my chosen life style.

    love eternal

  2. kateascot Says:

    Hey Tad just saw this and realize someone is out to get ya! I’ve seen it before. Amazing how people don’t think it’s American to move about in a “free” country or have freedom to pursue personal happiness. We need people like you in The Humboldt Nation. I’m tired of being told how to live, what to believe and the ugliness of bigotry. Thanks for speaking out! KA

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you kateascot

    There were 3 more, but I erased them and explained why here. Also the same “address” posted here under the name “Asner” here.

    love eternal

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