Doctors let Pot Smoking Organ Transplant Patient Die

Peace be with you

The L. A. Times ran an article telling how Timothy Garon died because University of Washington Medical Center’s transplant program refused him admission, because of his medical marijuana use. Here in California we call our medical marijuana law the “Compassionate Use Act.” Letting people die because of their “use” is not only non-compassionate, but is down right hardhearted.

People who need both medical attention and medical marijuana the most are being targeted for this deadly type of discrimination. The American Enterprise Institute (one of those conservative policy “think-tanks) published the report “Are We Losing the War on Drugs?” arguing that “criminal punishment of marijuana use does not appear to be justified.” Letting someone die of the very health problems that motivated them to pursue the legal medical marijuana they were rejected for using seem way the hell unjustified!

Reagan’s neo-“war on drugs” has slowly been turned into a war on marijuana. In New York city the marijuana arrests went form 5,100 in 1992 to over 50,000 in 2002, and 9 out of 10 of those busts were just possession. Marijuana arrests accounted for 80% of the over 4 million increase in drug arrests during the 1990’s. We spend $430 million annually on marijuana trafficking and $1.7 billion on marijuana possession arrests.

51% of all drug war money goes to bust pot smokers, the price is going down and the cops increased their budgets and their aggression levels.

Marijuana should be the absolute lowest police priority, and medical marijuana should be doubly so. Marijuana laws are enforced through what’s called “broken windows” policing. This means if you can’t afford to fix your window(ie you look like you smoke pot) they know; you’ll likely plea bargain; accept probation; piss in a cup on demand all because you puffed a nug. But if your 215 then you are of the more nazistic broken body policing, and In Timothy Garon’s case it seems the neo-“selection process” rejected Timothy for trying to ease the pain with the worlds oldest known medicine.

Law enforcers get rewarded for “enforcing laws.” Pot laws are easy to enforce because of coughing and its sweet aroma. Soon pot’s their whole game – It’s their statistics, their “probable cause,” their control, their pay check, and their excuse.

love eternal


4 Responses to “Doctors let Pot Smoking Organ Transplant Patient Die”

  1. Sue Carter Says:

    Many people in this country want to expand the death penalty to include drug dealers. This is really stupid. Drug dealers aren’t afraid to die. They’re already killin’ each other by the hundreds every day. Drive-bys, turf wars, gang killings. They’re not afraid to die. The death penalty means very little unless you use it on people who are afraid to die. Like the bankers who launder the drug money. Forget dealers. If you want to slow down the drug traffic, you have to start executing some of these white, middle class Republican bankers. And I don’t mean soft American execution like lethal injection. – George Carlin in Napalm and Silly Putty

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Sue

    I agree that death penalty for something that the drugs laws make inevitable seems hypocritical, but the whole “thou shalt not kill” and “string ’em up” oxymoronic neo-christian dogma is pretty damn hypocritical in of itself. Of the two conflicting privileged banker family slogans I personally partial to the “I shall not kill” mentality. The death penalty is one of many “tools” the banker families use to carry out their racist, eugenics, population control. Life in prison is a much worse penalty, cheaper then the death penalty, more humane, and maybe as a society we can learn to really rehabilitate and forgive.

    But your right those bankers and the CEO’s should have to spend the rest of their lives planting their own food.

    And one last thought: Everyone’s afraid to die. Some are just more afraid to live. The most hardened are hardened to mask the fear. The bankers fear us not believing in their paper.

    love eternal

  3. Slob Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Slob

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