Journal claims its Nobody’s Fault Hans Peters died

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The North Coast Journal, Humboldt County’s entertainment rag, ran a fluff piece this week promoting the “mental health industry.” The article, which was written by the HSU Journalism Department’s Investigative Reporting class, was about a young Yurok man, Hans Peters, who for most of his life, was failed by the “system” again and again, and who ended his life by hanging himself while locked up in the Humboldt County jail.

The Investigative Reporting class never asked what does the unsupervised use of pharmaceuticals that carry a black box suicide warning have to do with jail suicides. In fact the article never talks about the “medication” that Hans was ordered to take except to say that just prior to his suicide he “had stopped taking his court-ordered medications.” Hans was the victim of the over zealous “rope ’em and dope ’em ” policy of our experimental California Medication Algorithm Program, and HSU Journalism Department completely ignored these facts and titled their article “Nobdy’s fault.”

The article fails to tell the story of Hans’ on and off history of being put on meds and thrown to the streets. Though the article’s title implies that Hans’ death was “nobody’s fault,” you will notice of a lot of evidence that it was our police state system that killed Hans. As a child his mother’s justified fear of our gestapo Child Welfare Services prevented him getting counseling. In jail and at the open door clinic Hans was giving drugs and then kicked to the street to fend for himself.

Hans spent from November 2005 until his death on August 29, 2007 in jail and mental institutions. Wendy Stout, a Porterville Development Center intensive services specialist, claimed “being in jail had made Hans Peters crazy.” It seems obvious that the combination of extremely long incarceration, and Humboldt County’s drug only Mental Health system are at fault in Hans’ death. How then can the “investigative reporters” fail to make the connection? Did they forget about us being an experimental CalMAP county? Did they forget that we have the highest per capita suicide rate in the state? Did they forget the person who killed himself in the parking lot of the Mental Health department?

I don’t believe they forgot I believe that they are promoting Crandall’s plan to drug 30,000 Humboldt County residents. They used the term “evidence-based treatments.” Evidence-based means that a bunch of pharmaceutical corporation paid doctors voted drugging people should be a national program. It contradicts the evidence, and is based on shortening the lives of those classified as unworthy.

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One Response to “Journal claims its Nobody’s Fault Hans Peters died”

  1. fightback Says:

    “Mental Health Industry” should be reworded,
    “Psychiatric Drug Regimen” INDUSTRY.

    “behavioral health unit” ————>
    , another term often used to bamboozle
    people, the vast majority of whom, have no idea of the complete
    corruption of the m.d.s and the pharma. companies
    peddlin’ “wmd” type psychiatric drugs.
    THE DOLLAR addiction can be more
    corrosive than any hard drug.

    Just look at the behavior of modern-day
    m.d.s and company “executives.”

    America is in serious, serious, serious trouble. !!!!!!!!!!

    Sat. MAY 24. 2008.

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