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The nation’s key eugenic organizations funded by the Rockefeller, Harriman and Carnegie families included the American Eugenics Society (AES), and its sister organization, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) established in 1947, the Cold Springs Harbor Experimental Station for the Study of Evolution, the Eugenic Record Office, and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. They promoted eugenic counseling, selective mating and artificial insemination as “positive” means of breeding superior human stock and compulsory sterilization and euthanasia as forms of “negative” eugenics to weed out “inferior” or “unfit” human stock. Link

A Mau-Mau gang, (note the home-made rifle held by the man on the far right)

I received the following e-mail and thought I should pass it on. Rollin Richmond, the president of HSU has a history of destroying ethnic studies departments every where he goes. Richmond, an apartheidist run out of Kenya by the Mau Mau rebellion, has a doctorate of “genetics” (AKA eugenics) from the Rockefeller University (formally the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research). Manolo is a selfless friend to many of us in Humboldt County. I too agree that politics or more precisely Manolo’s disagreement with Richmond’s political agenda is the reason this excellent professor now finds his tenure in jeopardy. Please read:

Please show up on Monday at the HSU Library for our friend and comrade, Manolo.
Don’t know where I’d be without him… –Verbena


Dr. Manuel “Manolo” Callahan is being threatened with denial of reappointment to a sixth year in the Ethnic Studies program at HSU. If denied reappointment to a sixth year, he will not have the opportunity to apply for tenure and will no longer have the opportunity to teach at HSU. This will affect him professionally wherever he may go in the future.

This threat is immensely unfair and shows that Manolo’s work is undervalued by the university. Furthermore, a denial of his sixth year and of tenure would be nothing less than a political attack.

Manolo is revered by his students, progressive community members, and many radical colleagues, as he goes well beyond fulfilling his responsibilities as professor.

We believe that due to his political work, inherent in the engaging, creative and challenging ways he teaches Ethnic Studies, Manolo is being racially and politically profiled. Manolo consistently provides support, insight, and empowerment to students of color and other marginalized community. He is a source of significant resources and inspiration, playing an important role as mentor, strategist, and comrade. He is active and inspiring both on campus and in the larger community, facilitating seminars and events for a wide range of groups to learn, connect, share, and actualize our collective strengths.

His political and community engagement on and off campus transcend “classroom teaching” reinforcing local, state, national, and transnational struggles for dignity. While HSU espouses “community service” Manolo’s community activities – because they at times critique the role of HSU in perpetuating physical as well as symbolic violence – has been unjustly treated by some of his colleagues and administrators at HSU as a threat. Because of this, the HSU administration tries to undermine Manolo’s authority as a scholar on race.

We will not remain silent about this bureaucratic attack that threatens Manolo’s future and the critical work he does in our communities.

The attack on Manolo has been building for five years as he has been the target of his colleagues’ reactionary politics.

To express our support for Manolo, on Monday, May 12th, we will submit our formal letter of recommendation to Bob Snyder, Provost of Academic Affairs, who holds the ultimate decision making power in the reappointment process. This letter will be the voice of many. It will evaluate Manolo’s performance as teacher, scholar, and community member and clearly show our support for his 6th year and for his tenure.

This letter is only as powerful as the hands who sign and deliver it. We ask you to join us in the delivery of this recommendation.

This step is critical. We do not trust Bob Snyder and the committees below him to act in our best interests while making this decision. Indeed, we believe the decision-making bodies of the university are waging a concerted and dishonest effort to attack Manolo’s tenure track position and career. We want to amplify our desire to ensure his presence at HSU long after many of us leave, so that he is available to generations of future students. Manuel Callahan deserves nothing less than being granted tenure next year and we want to see that he is reappointed to a sixth year in the Ethnic Studies Program.

In the spirit of supporting Ethnic Studies, a discipline that was born in student struggle, we urge you to demonstrate your support for Manolo, Professor Manuel Callahan, who is committed to challenging injustice in our communities.

Show up Monday May 12 at 10am outside HSU library.

There you can sign a letter written by students and community members that evaluates his contributions and personally deliver it.


  1. Miguel Dormigez Says:

    Africans, although thought to be illitrates by the Europeans, had knowledge of how to make a gun hence they made home-made-guns.

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