Humboldt County One Step Closer to Genociding Your Love Ones

Peace be with you

Members of an Einsatzkommando (mobile killing squad) before shooting a Jewish youth. The boy’s murdered family lies in front of him; the men to the left are ethnic Germans aiding the squad. Slarow, Soviet Union, July 4, 1941. (from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

This was the tragic fulfillment of a program of intolerance and arrogance. Vengeance is not our goal, nor do we seek merely a just retribution. We ask this court to affirm by international penal action, man’s right to live in peace and dignity, regardless of his race or creed. The case we present is a plea of humanity to law.

We shall establish beyond the realm of doubt, facts which before the dark decade of the Third Reich, would have seemed incredible. The record will show that the slaughter committed by these defendants was dictated not by military necessity, but by the supreme perversion of thought — the Nazi theory of the master race.

We shall show that these deeds of men in uniform, were the methodical execution of long range planning to destroy ethnic, national, political, and religious groups which stood condemned in the Nazi mind. Genocide — the extermination of whole categories of human beings, was the foremost instrument of the Nazi doctrine.

Sir Hartley Shawcross, the British prosecutor at the International Trials, pointed out that the right of humanitarian intervention on behalf of the rights of man, trampled upon by a state in a manner shocking the sense of mankind, has long been considered to form part of the Law of Nations.

German law professors too, declared this in their writings. The jurisdictional power of every state extends to the punishment of offenses against the Law of Nations, “by whomsoever and wheresoever committed.” It is, therefore, wholly fitting for this court to hear these charges of international crime and to adjudge them in the name of civilization.

Excerpt from Ben Ferencz’s, prosecutor of the Nasiz Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing units) trials in which all Nazi suspects were found guilty, opening statement.

What a day the Mental Health Policing Machine had Tuesday at the Humboldt county board of Supes meeting. First they “proclaimed” May “mental health month” and gave this back-patting, propagandized award to Karolyn Stein, “RN,” Branch Director of the Mental Health “branch” of Health and Human Services:This propaganda “proclamation” is better viewed at the HCBS web site. I will let this self-aggrandizing, deceitful, bullshit speak for itself (at least until I can find enough time to debunking the numerous bald-face lies it “proclaims”).

Next they proclaimed it “nurses week.” Which is great, but it was quickly segued into “psychiatric nurses week.” Part of the “aren’t nurses great proclamation” said:

“Whereas, Psychiatric nurses are on the front line in the DHHS Psychiatric Emergency Services unit and see an average of 1500 people every year. About 500 people are cared for in Sempervirens every year and one psychiatric nurse in the jail visits an average of 1200 inmates annually”

Let’s see an average of 1500 equals an average of 1200 plus about 500? I never did get Crandall’s neo-math.

This generic “whereas” bullshit has gone too far. You can pick any bullshit you want to propagandize, make up a bunch of “facts,” throw in one or two truths here and there, and then proclaim it national bullshit month. Throw in a few on-the-clock attendees and everybody is all feel-goody while the paradigm shift is applied.

The finial coup de grace can when the board of Supes gave Phillip Crandall two “psychiatric nurses” to staff his mobile drugging unit (MDU). The goons I spoke of are now ready to start prowling our county streets looking for people they can “5150” on demand.

Once only doctors were allowed to give people drugs, but with the lack of support for forcing drugs on innocent people new laws made it possible for non-doctors to dope unsuspecting poor people.

It goes something like this: The busyness owner doesn’t think you belong in “their” town, they call the MDU, and a couple of cops hold you down while a certified “psychiatric nurse” shoots a hypodermic of Haldol in your ass. You go to court and find out they want to dope you for life. You argue convincingly that you are not crazy, nor have you ever been crazy. But, yes there is always a but, but the judge believes the “psychiatric nurse’s” explanation that the meds, which take several weeks to work, preformed a miracle on your ass, and you should be forced on them indefinitely.

The MDU is here, the goons are hired, and alls their waiting on is an excuse.

love eternal


3 Responses to “Humboldt County One Step Closer to Genociding Your Love Ones”

  1. fightback Says:

    “5150” is a “police power” straight out
    of the Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea.
    Mother Teresa could be turned into a child molester
    with this “police power”: “5150” aka
    “Forced Psychiatric Detention” easily leading
    to a “forced Psychiatric Drugging”
    Watch out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It happened to me,
    my only question: Is this America or North Korea?
    MAY 14, WED. 2008.

  2. Fight the Power Says:

    Get your guns ready – the war is about to begin!

  3. Yuppie Avenger Says:

    Homeless people are NOT loved and homeless people should be dealt with. We could take a play from Hitler’s playbook, he knew how to run a genocide. As did Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and George Bush Jr.
    How about this, we could tell the homeless that Hawaii has agreed to take them in. We put them on a boat, and halfway between Hawaii and the California coast the crew abandones ship and the ship can then be remotely blown up.

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