Urgent! Ontario Tent City Announces Two-Day March on County!

Peace be with you

—-Original Message—–
> From: Worldatpeace @hotmail.com [mailto:worldatpeace@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:56 PM
> Subject: Urgent! Sunday 7pm —Ontario Tent CityAnnouunces Two-Day March on
> County!
> Sunday Night in Ontario CA,at Ontario’s Tent City,you are invited to
> attend –or immediately call us to find out how you can endorse this
> emergency march –and show your support, at our Pacifist’s
> Organizer’s/Supporter’s Meeting.
> CALL TENT CITYNOW!!: David at (805) 284-6859 or (310) 403-6883
> NewHopeCity@gmail.com
> (see our directions to Ontario’stent city below this announcement)
> (Please forward invitation to attend, or support, our pacifist march –to
> only your most trusted colleagues)
> thanks!
> ————————————————-
> Over 200 of Ontario CA’sFormer Tent CityResidents To Be Given
> Final Kick-Out By City On Tuesday April 22!
> Your Help and Support for California’sHomeless is Needed Now!!!
> Join Or Support, our Colorful Two-Day March From Ontario CA:
> Starting Monday April 21st!
> The Homeless People of Ontario’s Tent Cityare Announcing A Humanitarian
> Plea to the Officials of San Bernardino County:
> ‘If You Can’t Affordably House Us; or Even Provide Emergency Shelters–Our
> Time is Now Up in Ontario–And We Need the County to Give Us Another Tent
> City Now!’
> In the midst of America’snationwide foreclosure crisis, and the exploding
> global food crisis, Ontario’s Tent Cityhomeless encampment has made
> worldwide headlines in the last 7 months since it exploded: from a half
> dozen homeless people to over 400 –and now, after months of controversy,
> the City of Ontariohas decreed that starting Tuesday, Earth Day, all
> ‘non-Ontarians’ now still there must completely vacate Tent City–or face a
> final wave of arrests.
> A score or more of the homeless people there now, and their community
> supporters, including poor women and children; and representing over 200
> homeless people who have been forced out of Ontario’sTent City, and the
> hundreds of thousands of homeless people, like them, without any shelterto
> sleep in throughout Californiaand millions on this planet –are launching a
> two-day homeless march on Monday, April 21st, to a still undisclosed Fontana
> CA location: to set up Southern California’sfirst environmentally and
> socially sustainable Tent City –and announce to the County of San
> Bernardino’
> ‘We Give the County Six Months:
> House Us; Give Us a Legal Place to Sleep –or Arrest Us Now!’
> Sunday night, 7pm, at the Ontario CA Tent City, there will be a
> organizers/supporters strategy meeting. You are invited to attend this
> meeting –for this historic, two-day, ‘Poor People’s March’–and to help
> launch this historic Six-Month Encampment to make Food, Clothing, Housing,
> Universal Single-Payer Medical Care, a Free Education, Equal Rights, and
> Justice for All –and an End to America’s Wasteful MilitarySpending, Now!
> ario+CA
> If you cannot attend, but want to get more info –we urge your endorsement
> and support –please call (805) 284-6859 or (310) 403-6883
> We expect thousands of homeless, and their supporters, will be with us for
> this
> Six-Month Siege!
> NewHopeCity@gmail.com

love eternal


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