Supes use code warrant moratorium as red herring for more invasive pot raids

Peace be with you

My computer has had a virus lately, so please forgive the lengthly absence.

As everyone knows that on April 8th 2008 the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors declared a moratorium on all code enforcement raids. By the next meeting on April 15th the Supes decided to change the moratorium to only prohibit new code enforcement warrants. What most people fail to realize is that as of Monday April 14th the District Attorney Paul Gallegos un-deputized the code enforcement “officers.” Which means that they can’t get warrants even if they were not under a moratorium. In other words the moratorium does absolutely nothing that wasn’t done by the DA anyway.

Why are the supes, who constantly support marijuana eradication grants, trying to make us believe they are doing shit about code enforcement abuse? Expect the same cops to brow-beat the citizens into giving consent to search their properties. And worse expect constant harassment of those already victimized by the heavy handed abuse of code enforcement.

love eternal


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