PL’s Roger Rodoni’s Reelection Platform is Bigotry

Peace be with you

U.S. Concentration Camp Locations
Halliburton Confirms Concentration Camps Already Constructed

The Redwood Times, a SoHum weekly rag, printed a headline story Tuesday *(3-18-08) titled, “Rodoni calls impromptu meeting: The homeless and trash problems on the agenda.” It is an article about 2500 words or so long. It would take two to three times that amount of space to refute all the lies, contradictions, and stereo-typing it included. This spur of the moment “meeting” was so quick that only the Chief Administrative Officer, the Public Works Director, the Branch Director of Mental Health Branch, and representatives from the Health And Human Services Department, Environmental Health Department and Sheriff’s Department, were able to drop what they were doing and drive all the way from Eureka to Redway.

The articles starts out claiming “Rodoni began the meeting by talking about the problems the homeless cause on the streets, the river bars, and creeks of Southern Humboldt” The article goes on to present the case of an organized run-the-transients-out-of-town assault on the homeless. Business owners, cops, and Rodoni explained how SoHumers should target and profiled the homeless.

SoHum Sheriff Deputy Sam Williams perhaps the most bigoted homeless-hating pig to disgrace this County since Ranger Bob got busted for too many drunk drivings and demoted to “Bob the Bailiff.,” said “as a law enforcement officer it is not acceptable for us to walk down the street and say ‘Your kind isn’t welcome here. Get out.’ But the people of the community can make it known to them that they (the homeless) aren’t welcome here.”

Private mercenary Lt. Commander Mark Hazelton of the Eel River Conservation Camp Company claimed he would provide slave labor for $160 – $200 a DAY! At this weeks board of supes meeting one public speaker accidentally, but accurately, called the other slave labor company, which Rodoni supports, the “High Rock Concentration Camp.” Those big red CCC vans you see in your community are prisoners who get less then a dollar a day to cut down homeless camps. These prisoners, of which the 2005-06 Humboldt Grand Jury Report says “most of the inmates are serving a sentence for substance abuse or property related crimes,” are given axes and sent into your neighborhoods to work as Supervisors Rodoni and Smith’s slaves. Smith said Tuesday that the slaves “like working” for master Smith, though he never juxtaposed that against how they would feel supporting their families with the “in excess of $2,000,000 per year,”instead of making one private business owner rich.

The whole meeting was about how Rodoni and his bigoted cop buddy wish to blame the homeless for all the trash (ie cars, furniture, appliances etc.) in SoHum. The ideas of giving food, survival equipment, or shelter to the homeless were attacked as the source of some homeless scourge.

All you compassionate, caring, generous SoHummers watch out, a small group of Rodoni reactionaries are setting their sights on you. The solution for trash pick-up is no different for homeless then for the housed. Give the homeless a place to throw away their trash and go to the bathroom and the problem is solved. But it seems that spending large unaccounted sums of public money on police harassment is the best we can hope for from the supe who gets corporate graft from PL. The entire houseless population of California couldn’t do anywhere as much environmental damage to Humboldt County as Rodoni supporter Maxxam has.

love eternal

*the Redwood times happened to forget to post this lead story on their website.

** Anyone who gets a “camping” ticket in SoHum you can get hold of me at for info on lawyers. case law and legal defenses


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