Der Geist von Hitler zurückgekommen!

Peace be with you

Here’s the promised video of Ms Geist’s attempt to use government control of speech prior to said speech happening. The morning session:

The Afternoon session:

love eternal


7 Responses to “Der Geist von Hitler zurückgekommen!”

  1. Noel Adamson Says:

    I think conflating “conflict of interest” with “personal attack” reflects a pretty low level of functionality on Ms. Geist’s part. Dismissive people should never be elected representatives; it is an obvious contradiction.

  2. Courtnie Says:

    Wow. I saw no personal attacks made. I think what you did was point out the people behind the oppression of Humboldt County. The people signing the things that are negatively affecting the population. Which you have 100% the right to do. Ms. Geist needs to do some research….

    “Generally, a personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when examining another person’s claims or comments. It is considered a personal attack when a person starts referencing a supposed flaw or weakness in an individual’s personality, beliefs, lifestyle, convictions or principles, and use it as a debate tactic or as a means of avoiding discussion of the relevance or truthfulness the person’s statement.” From Wikipedia… so I this is a pretty general definition…

    Based on that definition, you pointed out their wrongful actions, not a flaw in their lifestyle, personality, etc…. Therefore, it could not possibly have been a personal attack.

    On another note, I am sorry there is so much friction between the speakers and the people who are supposed to be protecting your rights. Karma will come to them one day, until then, continue on. Change will come.

  3. transient Says:

    Geist brilliantly cuts you off as you explain the mechanism of the fraud being perpetrated on the People of humboldt county, then accuses you of not “directing your comments directly to the agenda item,” and then, as you explain how the MHSA etc applies to the agenda item – which, if i understand correctly, is giving the People’s money to finance the implementation of this fraudulent plan – she cuts you off AGAIN to accuse you of “attacking people personally.”

    As I watch the video, i am heartened to see you follow through even after the interruptions to explain the basic structure of the fraud, how it leads to human rights abuses, and even list a few examples of actual objects with documented price-tags that we can point to and ask “what the fuck?”

    And then what a monologue she delivers in round. I am surprised that you were allowed a rebuttal at the end of round 2! But it was right on,

    It’s very cool that you can post video on the blog.

  4. transient Says:

    It seems that the link to the fraudulent plan from the old Plazoid post is no longer working.

    Do you have a current link to the plan so that anybody who wants to can look at the plan and do the math?

    Also, can you update whats going on with the mental-health-fraud whistleblower story from the Eureka Reporter, 8/20/2007 (“Bureau Probes Fraud Claims”)?

    from that article: “”Utecht said a diagnosis of substance abuse alone would not permit reimbursement for the time clients spent in the county’s psychiatric inpatient facility, Sempervirens.

    He claims “hundreds of thousands of dollars billed this way” over a period of four years, dating back to when he was a temporary “rent-a-doc” with the county.

    ‘If it’s a polysubstance diagnosis, the county doesn’t get paid for SV,’ Utecht said in an interview. ‘They need psychiatrists to change it to “psychiatric” to get paid.’ ”

    Have any of the supes directly responded to the fraudulent math or the whistleblower-doctor?

  5. transient Says:

    link to tad’s original article exposing fraud in the MHSA plan:

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    The Utecht claims have been buried, and nobody will say where the investigation is at.

    The supes just nod their heads and vote whatever Crandall tells them to. Their theory is the less they say the sooner it goes away. I might point out that that is why Geist tries to disrupt my public comment.

    The link to the plan keeps getting moved around so the citizens of Humboldt County will remain ignorant of their fraud. Because the fraud means killing people then it is of their highest priority to keep it on the QT. The current link, which doesn’t seem to work is:

    Don’t expect any help from the State or National governments, who are the ones reviving this Nazi program. With 30,000 out of 140,000 people targeted to be doped, the claim that 80% of the homeless are wingnuts, and now 150 kids a month out of 900 eligible, there is no way the “authorities” don’t know what is going on. One can only assume that just like the Humboldt supes, the genocide program has the full support of the fuhrer.

    love eternal

  7. transient Says:

    i wonder if Utecht settled out of court…

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