Police use "dope raid" to net illegal sleeping

Peace be with you

On July 25, 2007 Sheriff Deputies raided a piece of Humboldt County property looking for pot. They stuck guns in the faces of the residents, pepper sprayed their dogs, and ordered the people off their property so a search could conduct. No I’m not talking about the 1200 pot plant Vilica LLd bust. I’m talking about the Yee Haw bust where instead of finding the pot, the cops were so sure they’d find, they found “sleepers” instead. Now appearing as Nazish homeless haters the county is trying to throw these people to the street. The County of Humboldt should be encouraging people to open their homes, lands and buildings to help alleviate the homeless crisis; instead they’re encouraging police raids on those who do.

Monday the owner of the property and at least one of it’s tenants will be in Humboldt Superior Court to try to hang on to their place of living, or as we call it their home.

Sources inside Yee Haw say the Sheriffs acted like they were searching for marijuana, and of course we have the Vilica marijuana bust the same day with the same “code enforcement warrant.” Twelve Sheriffs with guns drawn served a county “code enforcement warrant” on the very day the owner of the land had an appointment with county code enforcement to inspect the land. It would appear on the surface as a paranoid county building inspector until you plug in the fact that they also served a “code enforcement warrant” looking for 1200 marijuana plants within a couple of hours of leaving Yee Haw.

First of all it is fucked up that we allow the county to kick these people off a place where it is legal for them to sleep. And second it is fucked up that they are doing it because of a pot bust gone bad.

love eternal


14 Responses to “Police use "dope raid" to net illegal sleeping”

  1. noel Says:

    The war on the poor has always been a safe alternative to busting criminals who, in many cases, run local governments and profit either directly or indirectly from assets seized and the diversion of law enforcement focus on their own corporate/government criminal activities.

    It also will run up their win/loss ratio to concentrate on busting defenseless people rather than real criminals with substantial enough assets to really fight back in court.

    Another motivation is the divide and conquer strategy of using people’s bigotry against them by facilitating it thus actually enlisting the aid of people you are ripping off to support you by siding with them against the objects of their irrational hatreds. Thus did Maxxam enlist the aid of it’s own employees who were being ripped off for their pensions and future livelihood in the fight against environmentalists.

  2. transient Says:

    Can the pepper-spraying of the dogs by the cops be prosecuted as animal cruelty?

    Not that i would expect any justice from the courts, especially since in this case the cops are treating humans as if they were unwanted pests, probably with the approval of the court.

    But maybe they don’t have the approval of the court. Maybe the police are acting as if they are an authority unto themselves, as opposed to being in the service of the people’s values, or even the courts that claim to represent the people’s values.

    Anyhow, it sounds like the cops inflicted what must have been a lot of pain on these dogs for no good reason, and that’s against the law.

  3. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you

    Yes, pulling people out of their homes with guns drawn, and pepper spraying family pets is all grounds for a “counter suit.” Its too early in this case to tell if that will be a reality or not.

    The hearing has been rescheduled for next Tuesday. The “tenant” and the “landlord” are two separate entities.

    love eternal

  4. theo therme Says:

    where is YeeHaw at? tell more about how that day went down….

  5. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you Theo

    YeeHaw is out towards Trinidad.

    The land owner had an appointment with the building inspectors. Instead, on the morning of the 26th 12 Sheriffs arrived with code enforcement. They removed everyone from the property at gun point and began what appeared to one observer watching them from hidden locations in the woods as a search for marijuana. They finished their search and then went to Vilica’s property and repeated what they did at YeeHaw and found 1200 plants. The same “code enforcement” type warrant was used at both locations.

    Latter the County filed building code violations over people sleeping in school buses, tents, and “gray water” being dumped on the ground and in the garden. I don’t know what more you want to know, but children were traumatized, a dog was peppered, sprayed, and people had guns stuck in their faces.

    No neighbors complained, the owner is allowing these people to stay out of kindness, and the “tenants” are happy with the arraignment.

    Now the County wants the “living” spaces brought up to code and at the same time no one to be allowed on the property.

    The claim is, and I don’t remember whether is was cops or code enforcement, that “they” were scared and needed that many cops. But the obvious “pot bust” at the Vilica property that same day tends to point to a warrant based on lies. The “looking for pot” plan failed and in order not to be held accountable the County conveniently found “code violations,” and are attempting to run those people back to the streets of Arcata.

    love eternal

  6. theo therme Says:

    is “YeeHaw” that place on Quarry Rd. that is sort of a commune?

  7. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you theo

    I’m a rider not a driver, so I can’t say for sure that’s the road. They live right next to a quarry, so seem logical. Well anytime homeless get together to fend for themselves it’s either called a commune or an illegal camp. It sort of oscillates between between illegal camp and a commune.

    They succesufully fended off an injunction to throw them off the property today in court. It was great to see the presure off them even if it is just for a brief moment. It’s like Hitler and the Gypsies.

    love eternal

  8. theo therme Says:

    is the landowner Hitler? who owns that place, an out-of-the-area landlord? and what building had 1200 plants in it? i know that trailers and small cabins litter the property, but ive never seen a building that could hold 50 grow lights….

  9. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you

    That’s the whole point- there were no plants. The dope cops hoped there were plants, but that wasn’t happening there. The landlord is local, the tenants are homeless or would be homeless if thrown off the land. They grow vegetables.

    love eternal

  10. theo therme Says:

    who called the county for the inspection? the owner?

    and what does this have to do with the villica deal? just the fact that they happened on the same day?

  11. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you theo

    I figure I can boil down your questions to two: “who called for the inspection?,” and “What does this have to do with vilica?”

    The first question: The inspection was arraigned between the county and the owner. I am pretty sure the county is the one who wanted it. However they did not come to “inspect,” but to serve a warrant. There is a difference between a building inspector coming to your house and 12 sheriffs serving a warrant.

    The second question: The people who got forced off the property at gun point felt it was a marijuana raid rather then a “building inspection.” Two people refused to leave and witnessed sheriffs, not the building inspectors, search the property. Another tenant who was so disturbed by the heavy handed abuse from the sheriffs followed some of the sheriffs while they searched the entire piece of property (ie the woods). All of this led us to believe that the county coming on to yeehaw was a pretext for an illegal pot search.

    When Heraldo started writing about Josh Hedlund we realized that the warrants were both “building inspections,” both served on the same day, and both apparently looking for pot. At yeehaw however they didn’t find any pot and then the county attempted to throw everyone off the property to disguise their sneaky marijuana policies.

    Hope that helps.

    love eternal

  12. theo therme Says:

    thanks for the info……

  13. Asner Says:

    I believe that from public records, this was for an inspection of the property that was granted after twice attempting to gain compliance by the landowner. The people living on the property would not assist with getting a message to the landowner to arrange for an appointment to visit and inspect the property. Hostile people who claimed to have no knowledge of the landowner met the Code enforcement person, and refused to assist in getting a message to the landowner.

    The Code enforcement after getting a signed inspection warrant with the assistance of a few special service deputies, not the DTF served the warrant. They allowed people to stay or leave the area, as they were not detaining anyone. No one had gun pointed at him or her, no one was drug out of their house. They were not there looking for drugs, that was a story made up by a person claiming to have hidden in the woods and making “mountain Lion” noises to scare off the code enforcement inspectors.

    I also learned from the public record, that this same landowner has three parcels in the Bald Hills area, where it appears that the Sheriff’s Department located 7 Marijuana Gardens with information that showed that it belonged to people living on the property in Trinidad. They also located several stolen weapons at this other site.

    From what I learned, the county has been attempting to gain compliance from this landowner for several years, without success. It appears that the landowner is charging the people $250 or more per month to live on his property.

  14. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Asner

    “It appears” you’re a cop or something similar. Well you make a lot of “it appears” and such. But, thanks I really should go check the “public records” again. (note to readers: because Asner is a cop or something he/she/it has to include “in public records” in case I subpoena his fucking e-mail records some day).

    I believe you will agree that the “records” you are referring to are ones generated under Desieder and sheriffs. You cops wont honestly report when other officers beat someone to death in front of you. Why the hell should I believe you when you said, “[n]o one had gun pointed at . . . her?

    They are poor people trying to live. As far as I know nobody paid rent, They grew a large amount of their own food, and most were homeless before they were allowed to stay there.

    They knew the had no cause for a warrant for pot! If they were looking for pot, then that proves my point – it was a bullshit warrant. It is illegal to swear out a false warrant, but you know that. Because the warrant was a shame, and no pot was found, all the weight of the bureaucratic enforcement was put on the shoulders of a few ex-Arcata homeless trying to get some peace.

    love eternal

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