News from Santa Cruz

Peace be with you

The Plaziod often receives updates from similar causes around the country. Here’s one I received from Robert Norse in Santa Cruz. It speaks for itself:

Thanks to videophotographer, writer, and commentator Tim Rumford for posting some updates on the (so far) successful struggle to reclaim public space in Santa Cruz stolen under Mayor Ryan Coonerty’s Parking Lot Panic Law.

For the latest indybay photos, petition and flier to go: link

An on-line petition can be found at: link

The Human Rights Organization meets today (Saturday February 9th) at the Firefly Cafe at 131 Front St. at 2 PM in Santa Cruz to discuss next Wednesday’s protest, on-going Accountability Watch for Mayor Coonerty around the Sleeping Ban, and the progress of the Sleeping Ban Lawsuit.

For more info call: (831) 425-4467; write Santa Cruz HRO PO Box 332 Santa Cruz, CA 95061; or go to on the net.

love eternal

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