City of Arcata starve homeless for Stillman’s view

Peace be with you

view out Stillman’s 9th and H property

The Arcata [Sh]ity council has canceled the lease on the $460,000 Arcata Endeavor Services Center and the Eureka Times Standard speaks of “possible impact.” It makes one ask why these “hippy-dippy” progressives attack the poor so ruthlessly? The answer is simply that the Arcata City Council is a bunch of fascist neo-liberals. When I served as a member of the Arcata Emergency Shelter and Homeless Services Plan Task Force (AESHSPTF), emergency shelter and homeless services were ignored, and kicking the homeless out of Arcata became the sole focus due to intense business pressure. Alex “Leona Helmsly” Stillman, the biggest landlord on the Arcata plaza, and now Vice mayor led the fight, to shit on the down and out.

A quick background: The Arcata Endeavor was started in 1983, and was hosted by the Arcata Presbyterian Church. In 1997 the Endeavor obtained non-profit status, and worked with the City of Arcata to get two $35,000 “study,” and one $490,000 “construction” State Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). The “Arcata Service Center,” the Endeavor, was built in 1999 to “empower people as they work to remove barriers to success in their lives.” These “locally utilized taxes,” CDBGs, came with so many “requirements” that they hardly could be “implementing our own solution to a local problem.” And the worst requirement was that the beloved City of Arcata was to hold the lease on the property obtained for the poor.

The “idea” of removing the poor from the poor’s building first became public during the AESHSPTF meetings. Downtown merchants, landlords, and “Members of Arcata Downtown Main Street Program,” started complaining that the entirety of the problems that happen in “their downtown” happens because some take pity on the hungered. This “lobbying group” had COMPLEAT control of the AESHSPTF’s $37,500 consultants. Alex Stillman and her mainstreet boys managed to get push polls, media distortion, censorship, and the “idea” introduced that the CDBG homeless building should not have it’s one dollar a year lease renewed.

In order for Alex Stillman to get money through CDBGs to repair, improve and refaced her own buildings the City of Arcata had to throw a bone (the Endeavor) to the poor people they would be gentrifying. Now Stillman’s numerous plaza buildings have new foundations, roofs, and facades, so the illusion that she gives a shit about anybody but herself goes and the poor suffer.

Alex Stillman’s long public campaign to rid the downtown business interests of “transients” is well known. Stillman advocates that homeless attracted to the Endeavor cost her and her mainstreet boys money (i.e. INTEREST), and that the Endeavor must go (i.e. CONFLICT). Stillman, a city council member with clear conflict of interest, both created a quorum and voted on April 4, 2007 to throw the poor out. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye devour widow’s houses, and for a pretense make long prayer.”

love eternal


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