Eureka Police Department claims Tasers are Safe. Bullshit!

Peace be with you

“A deer dance, invitation to peace
war staring you in the face, dressed in black
with a helmet, fierce
trained and appropriate for the malcontents
for the disproportioned malcontents.
The little boy smiled, it’ll all be well
The little boy smiled, it’ll all be well
Pushing little children
with their fully automatics
they like to push the weak around”

System of a Down

You know how the Eureka Reporter puts a picture under the main headline that has nothing to do with the main headline, but leads one to suspect things that aren’t really there? Todays headline was: “$1 SETTLEMENTS OFFERED” over a picture about EPD’s new taser lust. This reminded me of the pepper spray victory and the following YouTube videos.

EPD Chief “POP-’em” Nielsen claims “You would use the Taser before the baton.” Isn’t a baton a pain compliance weapon? Cops don’t use batons for self defense they use them to move and corral people. Both Criminally Negligent Homicide suspect, and taser guru, Tony Zanotti and Chief “POP-’em” assure us tasers have no known medical problems. Zanotti even compares his henchmen’s taser use with medical doctors use of a defibrillator like there’s some equality in professionalism between a cop trying to kill someone and a doctor trying to save someone. The Reporter didn’t need to look far to find an injury though, Robert Owens, a Vietnam vet who got tasered in Crescent City for “just standing there,” claims “[his] heart was fine before [the tazering] happened.” Too bad POP-’em and his posse couldn’t debate taser safety with the over 150 people killed by tasers.

The UN calls tasers torture, and I agree. I remember when the Arcata Police tasered a drunk to make him get up! Then there’s the person who got tasered on the plaza which resulted in a “we didn’t do anything wrong but we changed our policy” declaration from Randy Mendosa of the ADP. And of course we mustn’t forget David Cleveland who, after being tasered by sheriffs at the Garberville station, died at Humboldt County jail.

Should we trust Eureka’s cowboy cops with pain compliance weapons they falsely believe “ain’t gonna hurt ya?” Fuck no! Judging from the way they beat Martin Cotton to death with their fists and batons makes me sure that we are in for a lot of recreational zapping. Giving cattle prods to the SS is a tried and true method to bring more deaths by EPD on the horizon.

love eternal


14 Responses to “Eureka Police Department claims Tasers are Safe. Bullshit!”

  1. noel Says:

    They make it up as they go along and then feel it must be right because they are “the authorities” and, of course, “the good guys”.

    My understanding is that tasers are intended as an alternative to firearms, a marginal excuse for their use in my opinion, but time and again we see these videos where officers are using them as a pain compliance device or in anger if their fragile authoritarian bubble is challenged.

  2. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace Noel,

    I can’t even watch those videos again. I don’t care how right they feel, those are some really really sick people. Those are only the ones who get caught on video, and cops hate video.

    It’s no wonder that Martin got bludgeoned to death. Not one of those cops on film ever for one second acted as if they were doing something inhuman (sic). Go to YouTube and search “tasers cops.”

    love eternal

  3. theotherme Says:

    “They make it up as they go along”

    wise words……

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think I’d rather be tazered that hit with a baton (club).

    Don’t you think it’s a good idea to have the less lethal or less than lethal options ?

  5. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you 5:34

    No, not when the amount of police violence increases in city after city employments tasers to prevent shootings. see more videos.

    love eternal

  6. the PLAZOID Says:


    sorry let’s try again with this link for more videos


  7. the PLAZOID Says:


    Sorry I forgot the = but here it is.


  8. heartson Says:

    Interesting comment from “anonymous,” above, who would prefer to be tasered for doing nothing wrong than being clubbed for it. Good luck with that, “anonymous.”

  9. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace Heartson

    The guy on this video says take the “ass whooping don’t take that taser.” Someone who should know.

    love eternal

  10. Steven Says:

    Tasering is becoming popular worldwide. Police stations around this nations are going into taser orgies.

    To anon, “Less than lethal options” are not explored for any type of humanitarian reason. Actually the taser itself isn’t the problem so much as the protocol for using weapons, which has changed from “life or death situation” to “zap em if they give you any lip.”

    If tasers don’t scare you, look into the soundwave guns, the microwave guns that burn your skin, the LED cannons that cause blindness and seizures. Look into the Air Force chief saying we should test these weapons on our own public before using them overseas.

    There are cases of people in wheelchairs and going into diabetic comas being tasered. I’ve seen it used on people who refuse to show their identification. That violates everything our country supposedly holds sacred.

    To those of you paying a little more attention, it also demonstrates that the police are transitioning from an investigation and crime-fighting function to a population control function. It hints that the future of police work will be mostly dealing with rioters, protesters, and dissidents. They’re bringing the economy down pretty rapidly if you’ve been watching the news.

    It blows me away that the Federal Reserve can bail out the big banks to the tune of tens of billions of dollars and bargain basement interest rates for their mistakes, money which is multiplied and earning interest many times over by the magic of fractional reserve, yet ask your average Humboldt County resident why we’re going into a recession and they’ll tell you it’s because the minimum wage went up. We’re being flushed down the toilet here.

  11. Steven Says:

    I know it’s yuppie but I have to post it. This will make you lose your lunch. 50,000 volts should make for a loud mp3 player.

    Pimp my Taser

  12. Anonymous Says:

    get a life Plazoid, post something acurate

    and oh yes

    love eternal

  13. cyr4su@y Says:

    Modoc sherrif responded to a move out order and Ronald Duane Doggett was tazered in his own home resulting in his death. then they brought him back to life to be tazed to death two more times in jail. He did survive and was later taken to Napa State hospital and put back on his Meds that he had been on for 20 years..

  14. cyr4su@y Says:


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