Will Humboldt County mass drug everyone?

Peace be with you.

Fluoxetine hydrochloride, also known as Prozac, contains mostly fluoride! Would you advocate drugging the entire population with Paxil or Prozac? Yet, “both drugs contain fluorine and chloride . . . [as] part of the ‘active’ ingredient.” Why are we not drinking safe fluoride free water? As medicines go, fluoride is forced medication in the biggest way. Even Scientologists can’t escape bathing in fluoride.

Humboldt County wants to fluoridate at the source. This is mass drugging at an enormous scale. Currently the towns of McKinleyville and Manila are free from this forced medication, but soon the neo-water will be doped. In Eureka and Arcata you must figure out how to get this poison out of your own water.

Some, like Ann Lindsay, really believe in this societal manipulation. Fluoridating everyone is extremely controversial to say the least and that in and of itself should prevent that kind of government intrusion. You can’t force me to take a medication against my will, and if avoidance of water is the only path you leave for me to pursue, IT IS FORCE!

If you’re worried about your kid’s teeth then reduce the sugar and phosphoric acid laced soda pops. If that is too much parenting for you don’t worry NAMI and NIMH want kids as young as 5 years old to be on SSRIs – so their fluoride is coming.

love eternal


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