Cop Recruiter states; "If they [recruits] have some shady stuff in their background, they can call me,"

“Not everyone is cut out to be a corrections officer.”

Peace be with you.

I don’t know what else could be said about this Eureka Reporter photo and quote then “bullshit.” Look at that “corrections officer!” He hasn’t seen his toes for years. College of the Redwoods’ contribution to the police state seems to be lowering it’s standards dramatically.

That photo makes me certain that CR’s standards are pretty damn low. If they will fudge weight standards by a couple hundred pounds, did they fudge mental stability standards when they trained ALL those Eureka Police Officers who gunned down Eureka residents?

I wonder how many children ask their school guidance councilor for information on a job where they could capture, at gun point, those they disliked and keep them captive in cages? I think I would worry about that child – just like I worry about those who would seek this kind of employment.

love eternal


4 Responses to “Cop Recruiter states; "If they [recruits] have some shady stuff in their background, they can call me,"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It takes training and character to be a good officer. This man has those. Sorry you are so picky about physical qualities. I will refrain from commenting about yours, since you cannot see mine.

  2. heartson Says:

    I wonder about “anonymous”‘s comment…what kind of “character” does the overseer in the picture have? Does the anonymous commentor know the pictured individual personally, or are we to assume that since he wears a uniform that he must be of “good character”?

    That kind of attitude, the “blind obedience to authority” model of understanding, is inherantly problematic in that the individual surrenders his/her ability to critically analyze the world around us in favor of being told what to do and what to think by whoever seizes power by whatever means. This is dangerous both on the individual level and the societal level, as is evidenced by our out-of-control rate of imprisonment and criminalization of victimless “crimes” in this country, and of course the most recent attacks on what liberties the priveleged few had left by way of the patriot acts and thoughtcrime acts.

    I don’t think that the weight of the pictured overseer is really the issue. The issue is about what kind of person are we allowing to have complete control over the lives and well-being of other people? Is the pictured overseer of “good character” just because he would rather keep people in a cage for a living rather than for cannabis for people who consciously choose to consume it? Is he then of “better character” and given the right to imprison and abuse people who made the other choice?

    By the way, the link to the eureka distorter article doesn’t work.

  3. the plazoid Says:

    Peace be with you.

    I think I have fixed the problem w/link. Sorry I was so jazzed getting a photo up I don’t know if I checked it.

    anonymous, sorry about the link missing. It is clearer if you read the article. It is not a question of this particular guard’s character, it’s a question of standards. If they lower one standard what other standards have they lowered?

    Six people have been shot or beat to death by the EPD. Those officers involved overwhelminlgy trained by CR and it’s questionable standards.

    The article claims: “The minimum requirements for a Humboldt County position are a valid driver’s license, U.S. citizenship, 18 years of age and a high school degree or passage of the GED test.”

    then the recruiter says: “If they have some shady stuff in their background, they can call me”

    A functional society eliminates prison gaurds not scrape the bottom of the barrel for them.

    love eternal

  4. Steven Says:

    What I love about all of this psychological testing with the police and the military is that everybody just assumes that these tests are given to weed out the violent, the bloodthirsty, the psychopathic, the authoritarian abuser.

    Has it ever occurred to anybody but me that these tests are used to choose for these personality types? Especially your SWAT or special forces types. And social workers. Once they are hired, they are definitely trained to see the public as the enemy.

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