What I want for Christmas

Peace be with you.

I want love to be the law of the land.
I want the hungry fed.
I want the unsheltered sheltered.
I want the working poor to live comfortably, without fears and want.
I want the jailed released.
I want the broking healed.
I want the trees to grow tall.
I want the rivers to run clean.
I want the birds to sing loud.
I want the animals to be bountiful.
I want the fish to swim thick.
I want the air to be fresh.
I want the soldier to be bored.
I want the peacemakers to keep the peace.
I want the lonely to feel loved.
I want the weak to feel strong.
I want the courage, wisdom and love to confront war with peace.
I want love to clear the fog from everyone’s eyes.

. . . and I want to drink this organic chocolate beer, eat these organic, fair-trade, dark chocolate chips, and reflect upon how I’m the “luckiest” mother-fucker in the world. May you be blessed as you have blessed me.

love eternal


3 Responses to “What I want for Christmas”

  1. transient heartson Says:

    cheers to that

  2. BumFights Says:

    How about “I want to get off my lazy ass, quit expecting others to indulge and support me, and get a job”

  3. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you “BumFights”

    Obviously that is a wish for your christmas wish list. I know you didn’t mean it for mine, because the only time you might have “supported” me (if you are older then your maturity level) was when I served my country. I neither liked that experience nor was I very well “supported.”

    If your “name” is any indication of your moral fiber and your remarks are proof of your intelligence then, even though it is past christmas, I will again ask love to clear the fog from your eyes.

    love eternal

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