Are you scared yet?

Peace be with you.

Work is now underway to put heightened security at our Humboldt county courthouse. The terrorists last attack was on the World Trade Organization (the world trade center) and the World Police headquarters (the pentagon), so surely if they attack again they will go after Humboldt Superior Courthouse. Though we have never had any serious problems at the courthouse, our supervisor’s claim that these intrusions into our life are over due and necessary. But if we were truthful we would see that terrorists are not the cause of this supervisory paranoia, oppression is.

Judges ignore the constitution and daily indoctrinate our citizens into the “legal justice system.” They know they are ruining people’s lives to such an extent that they fear retaliation. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that when you fuck with people’s lives so cruelly and continually that someone sooner or later is going to snap. That’s what the increased security is really for. It’s to guard our dictators from is disenfranchised masses.

I had a person tell me the other day that she had three bodyguards. I thought to myself, “I’ve never been that scared.” I’ve never felt the need to arm myself, or wear a bullet proof vest, or have armed guards watch over me. It doesn’t mean that nothing will every happen to me as I have had way more death threats than I wished. It just means that it is very rare. The odds of dying as a “problem” at the hands of our Problem Oriented Policing team is drastically more probable than getting attacked by terrorists (of course the Eureka Police Department does in fact fit the definition of terrorists).

We need to vote these tax and spend liars out of our government. They operate under the theories of the Hegelian dialect – also called problem/reaction/solution. They paint a picture of a “problem,” incite a “reaction,” and then force a “solution” upon the masses. To be poor is to be the problem. To divide the poor against one another is the reaction. And, to give millions of tax dollars to the rich is the solution.

Once I was taught that this was the land of the free, but a more honest teaching would be that this is the land of freedom for the rich and subordination of the poor. The micro society parallels the macro society. Just like big corporations tell everyone in the world what to do, think and be, the local corporations tell Humboldt county residents the same. It’s the same “new world order” that was responsible for the crusades, nazism, and the war on terror. If it wasn’t for the fact that the nazis were brought over after WWII and given our country (they formed the CIA, they were a third of our psychiatrists, and they were the Bush family) then I could say this is the new nazi Germany. But in all honestly I can only say that we are the old nazi Germany.

love eternal


3 Responses to “Are you scared yet?”

  1. Rose Says:

    the land of freedom for the rich and subordination of the poor I thought being poor was being free, Tad… free from all the obligations, free from the constraints of materialism, free from the oppression of the working class drones, free to choose when you want to get up and what you want to do…. you’d have to give all that up if you accepted the subjugation of working class stiffs. Which is better?

  2. hi rose Says:

    interesting comment rose.

    The meaning of “which is better?” is obvious, but the beginning is enigmatic, and seems to have a sarcastic and disparaging tone.

    If you really thought that “being poor was being free,” then you may have been confoundingly simple-minded, or perhaps you just haven’t paid any attention to the world around you.

    I think a more accurate statement would be that “No one is free, until everyone, including the poor, are free.”

    Your attempt at spiteful sarcasm, and the resulting failure of wit, are indicitive of your insincerity of purpose. You try to distract from the obviously stated truth of the discrepancy between the rich and the poor in this country, by writing as if you could look down your nose at tad and mock his realization of personal freedom.

    After getting past your humorless put-downs, we come across the question, “Which is better?” being poor or being a working stiff?

    Well, rose, lots of the working stiffs are also really poor, and many are homeless.

    Imagine, if you will, a large pot of boiling water. You can put 10 of the most ambitious, hardest-working crabs in the world in that pot, and there will still only be room for one or two at the top.

    Maybe you meant to ask, which is better? To spend your time pursuing money, or to use your time on earth for purposes more varied than simply pursuing money?

    A profound question indeed, rose.

    I would sure would love to think about it some more, but i have some very pressing business engagements that absolutely demand my attention, and the boss is pretty strict about us not thinking while at work, and of course, i’m always at work now, even at home, or just a cell-phone call away, no matter where i may be or what i may be doing…

    I was being sarcastic there for a moment.

    By the way, i am intrigued by your “watch paul” blog…maybe we aren’t so different after all…

  3. the PLAZOID Says:

    Peace be with you.

    Sorry Rose this piece didn’t mention the issue that really keeps us slaves – privatization of all the land. Corporations own 90% of all private land and get special use and control of 90% of all public land. The only land the poor can use to live off of is mortgaged at rates to prohibitive for $10,080 a year workers to afford.

    Yes I am freer than most. Health, happiness, and love is all we really want, and without the land which bore us, health is what they can force us to purchase. General Sheridan summed it up when he wrote about the original Americans, “We took away their country and their means of support, broke up their mode of living, their habits of life, introduced disease and decay among them. . .”

    love eternal

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