How can the feds "lift their shroud" when the Emperor wears no clothes?

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2007, the AP ran a story about the Federal Reserve issuing their twice a year report four times a year. The article was boring and stupid. I don’t recommend reading it. Instead I invite you to notice the misleading title most papers titled the article. For instance: “Bernanke is Removing Fed’s Shroud of Secrecy,” in the Louisville Courier-Journal; or “Fed Chairman Moves to Lift the Shroud of Secrecy,” the Cincinnati Enquirer; or “Fed Plans to Lift Shroud of Secrecy,” the Tacoma Tribune; or “Fed to Shed Some Secrecy,” the Chicago Tribune; etc. No where does the article state that secrets, like who are the stock holders of the privately owned and run Federal Reserve Bank, will be exposed. The fed’s, as we have been ingrained to call this banking venture, tell us through their spokesman that they will do what they’ve always done only more often. I point out the “newspeak” media ploy because if people knew “the secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank” even the republicans would revolt (one, Ron Paul, did).

The video “Ring of Power” is a low budget high content movie about New World Order bankers, their long rise to power, and how they took over the money of every nation. For those who like to read and don’t want all the extras about world rule, corporate dominance, and current leaders the book “Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” by Eustace Mullins is a real eye opener.

I also suggest reading a book called the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” but I must make a disclaimer. NOBODY KNOWS WHERE THIS BOOK CAME FROM OR WHO WROTE IT! The anti-zionists claim it was written by the forefathers of the modern day zionists. The pro-zionists claim it was written by some anti-semitic who hated all Jews, not just the zionists. Me, I need not be concerned with who wrote it or why, because like George Orwell’s “1984″ it’s pages parallel the reality I see around me.

We complain about the big corporations that rule the world, but fail to see that behind each of these monsters is a bank holding the note. They hold the note so they dictate the operations. And the good old US of A is mortgaged to the tune of $9,115,927,573,568.93 to these bankers who call the shots. We belong to them: our resources, our factories and our labor.

love eternal


One Response to “How can the feds "lift their shroud" when the Emperor wears no clothes?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    biome here
    the protocols of the learned elders of zion is most likely the minutes from incipient meeting of the first world zionist congress is Basle, Switzerland in 1897
    “The Congress took place in the concert hall of the Basel Municipal Casino on August 29, 1897. “


    the content of the manuscript speaks for itself.

    thanks for reading it, Tad

    peace be unto you
    strive for righteousness in God’s eyes.

    BIOME, ashland oregon

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