SWATting citizens ends, but POPping them will continue

Peace be with you.

Garr Nielsen the bigoted police chief of Eureka announced today that the police death squad called SWAT will “stand down.” Garr feels that six, fully bodied armored, machine gun toting, hitmen are not enough for those situations where landlords need their homeless befriending tenets murdered. Garr must now rely on his POP team to do the dirty work of beating citizens to death by hand.

In Tuesday’s Times-Slanderer’s propaganda piece “my word,” Garr called upon all good nazis to turn in their neighbors. He stressed the point that property ownership by poor people is blight and should not be tolerated. Calling homeless people that neo-n-word “transient,” Garr expressed concern about people sleeping in our community. We need to take cars away from the poor and make it impossible to harbor homeless because of some unspecified “criminal behavior” bred by homeless.

Garr didn’t point out that Humboldt County judge Christopher Wilson ruled “the court finds on the night in question there was not enough bed space available; it [sleeping] was not a willful violation . . . defendant is found not guilty by the court.” Nor did he mention Humboldt County judge Bruce Watson’s ruling that a defendant that “was not . . . causing any of the environmental and other harm the ordinance [sleeping] seeks to prevent” was not guilty. Garr didn’t even mention Humboldt County judge Marilyn Miles’ written quote from In re Eichorn “Necessity does not negate any element of the crime, BUT represents a public policy decision not to punish such an individual despite proof of the crime.” No, he just threw out class slurs like “transients” to somehow justify his loyalties to the KKK ideology of his illegal machine gun toting Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Papa POP in his “my word” claimed he would use his Garr badge to get a permanent slave labor/jail work crew assigned to the City of Eureka. This makes sense seeing how he left a Washington state Sheriff’s department which was run not by a law enforcer but a correction officer. Never even obtaining the position of undersheriff in his last job Garr can guess on how to use the slaves labor he and his murderous gang-bangers at the EPD enslave. Aren’t chain-gangs the way his fellow bigoted nightriders still to this day keep their “undesirables” from being an “eyesore” to the rich, white masters in the south?

In Wednesday’s “my word” one of Garr’s quislings explained how you could turn in your neighbors as a drug house. Rebecca Kimble explained that “drug houses” could be “identified” by the fact that they have friends. Though Ms Kimble lists nine bullets on how to tell if the neighbor you don’t like could be labeled a “drug house,” only one actually points towards “drug houseness,” or criminality. Only the “[illegal drug] transaction” if witnessed would constitute “probable cause,” yet Ms. Kimbles alludes to friends, gifts, music and children all as signs of an invitation for “further crime.”

Ms Kimble advocates not just turn in your neighbor, but keeping logs, getting them evicted, and suing them in court. Ms Kimble wrote that you could get $7,500 for suing them, but didn’t tell you how much it will cost you when you lose the suit and have to pay for your neighbor’s lawyers and possibly a counter suit for invasion of privacy. I couldn’t honestly tell you how much it will cost you, but I know it will be fucking expensive. Hell just having me walk up to your door to serve you with counter suit papers will cost you $100, and the process server is the cheapest person in the whole court gambit. Depositions, lawyers, court reporters, transcripts and professional witnesses all make hundreds of dollars per hour.

These law enforcement people and their minions only tell you their twisted version of freedom and liberty, because they never get stuck paying the tab. It’s you stupid people who listen to Hitler, Stalin, or Nielsen, that end up paying directly for their fascism. It is us the majority though who must pay by having the increased crime, drug use, deaths and all the individual problems that this type of police-state/crypto-eugenics brings with it into what was once safe, friendly small town America.

The 1935-36 attempted fascist coup of the United States by the likes of House of Morgan was defeated, but traitors like Prescott Bush continued their support of fascism and eventually it’s evil seed started choking out the wheat. A quote from FDR I found while reviewing the facts of this attempted coup by corporate interests seems very applicable today:

“In 1776 we sought freedom from the tyranny of a political autocracy–from the eighteenth-century royalists who held special privileges from the crown. It was to perpetuate their privilege that they governed without the consent of the governed; that they denied the right to free assembly and free speech; that they restricted the worship of God; that they put the average man’s property and the average man’s life in pawn to mercenaries of dynastic power; that they regimented people. And so it was to win freedom from the tyranny of political autocracy that the American Revolution was fought….”

love eternal

2 Responses to “SWATting citizens ends, but POPping them will continue”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well you made a couple good points. It might be better to stick to facts. Just a thought.

    peace be with you

  2. L. W. Heartson (transient) Says:

    excellent essay!

    good job of getting the facts out there that some folks in government would rather just ignore…specifically the court rulings that clearly prohibit the criminalization of shelterlessness.

    keep up the good work.

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